The Lost Civilization of Man

True nature of Ancient Aliens, UFOs and modern Aliens

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Our world has witnessed strange events from the distant past, many of which remain unsolved for us even with the modern technology we have. One, and perhaps most important, is the evidence from the ancients that indicates an unnatural event on Earth. Why the most important cities of antiquity are buried under the ground. From Persepolis to Rome; Pompeii and many other cases for which we still do not have the answers to these questions.

These lines are a group of very large geoglyphs formed by depressions or shallow cuts in the soil of the Nazca desert in southern Peru. The total length of the lines is more than 1300 km (808 miles) and covers an area of about 50 square kilometres. The lines are usually 10 to 15 cm deep. And they date back to about 500 BC, which is said to have been made by pre-inca. These lines are just one of many that obscure the nature of their existence. Although there are hypotheses such as being made by extraterrestrials or to send signal to the extraterrestrials or bring rain. By studying the life of the ancients and the antiquities, you will undoubtedly encounter more strange cases. Why the columns of Persepolis are 18.5 meters high? Why srirangam Temple in India is soaring. Why Noah's grave is 9 meters long. Why the ancient Persian poet has described Rustam as a giant. No horse could bear Rustam's body except a horse, Rakhsh. Does this indicate that giant humans once lived on Earth? In Sanskrit, The Buddha is described as about 9 meters tall. And on the other hand, this is how you see his temple. Or in the book of Enoch we see that Enoch describes his grandson, Noah, at birth as a giant and of course luminous. And Noah's tomb is also a credit to Enoch's word. And of course we know that Noah built the ark alone; So it is really possible that he is something like what we call giant.

Biology rejects any argument that a species of us once had a giant body. So who are these giants? Enoch sees these giants as the result of fallen angels sleeping with humans. But in ancient Sumerian mythology, a subject is mentioned that may be related to this subject. 7 ancient inscriptions that speak of creatures named Anunnaki. According to these inscriptions, a planet called Nibiru approaches the Earth once every 36,000 years, and these creatures came to Earth from this planet. According to Zakaria Sachin, they created humans by genetic manipulation. According to scientific results, humans are more than millions of years old on earth. So this statement of Sachin is rejected. But it can be thought that they created the giants by genetic manipulation. Because our science says that if the human body produces too much Herman, human growth will increase. For Robert Wadlow, who is about 2.75 tall. We know that the existence of the planet Nibiru was never proven. But in the seventh tablet of Gilgamesh, a subject is mentioned which is surprising. Gilgamesh says that to talk to God, he was taken to a rock in the heart of a mountain from which God's voice came. A study of ancient events shows that mountains played an important role in all the stories about the presence of aliens on Earth.

North of Iran. Damavand. A volcanic mountain whose peak is always covered with snow and soars through the clouds. According to Persian and Indian legends, this mountain is the center of the world and the place of residence of people saved from the Ice Age and the place of presence and life of the god Mithra. About 35,000 years ago, volcanic activity led to the cracking and collapse of a rock, and a large cave with a 40-meter-wide and 12-meter-high entrance hidden behind a rock first appeared. But discoveries from the remains of ancient humans such as teeth and bones in this cave called Rudafshan confirm these myths. And of course in this cave there is an ancient temple of the goddess Anahita. But the issue does not end here. Jesus Christ disappeared at the age of 12. Where he was, is a mystery. But 18 years later, at the age of 30, he arrived in Jerusalem in a caravan from the land of the Persians and Mount Damavand, and went straight to John the Baptist.

But Mithra seems to have not been the only one to appear in a cave, as the largest Hindu shrine is a cave in the heart of the Himalayas called Amarnath, where worshipers travel thousands of miles each year to reach the shrine. Hindus believe that this large cave is the place where the god Shiva appeared about 5000 years ago, and it was here that he revealed the secret of immortality and creation of the world to his wife Parvati. Inside the cave is a very giant statue of Buddha. And people believe that this cave is a place to connect with other creatures from another world. The followers of Nirvana in Buddhism believe that the place of residence of these gods is in a land called Shambhala, which is located somewhere inside the Himalayas. It is said that the people of this land have high knowledge and technology. However, some legends say that the entrance to Shambhala is hidden inside a remote and abandoned monastery in Tibet and is guarded by people known as Shambhala guards. Buddhist scholars have a very simple explanation for the fact that Shambhala was never found. They believe that Shambhala is at the edge of physical reality, as a bridge that connects this world to a world beyond. But Sadhu was a holy man in Hinduism. Hindus who follow him also believe that caves are a way of spiritual communication with other beings. But is it possible that these beliefs are true and we are unaware of them? By studying caves and mountains, we will reach more important topics.

February 11, 1858 Massabielle Cave. One and a half kilometres from the city of Lourdes, France . When 14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous was gathering firewood with her sister and a friend at the mouth of the Masabil Cave, a luminous woman appears to them, who introduces herself as Immaculate Conception, and asks them to build a church there. Cova da Iria Fatima; Portugal. This luminous woman reappears on October 13, 1930, near a cave with three shepherd children. The woman asks them to meet again at the same point to tell them 3 important secrets. You can watch the full story by clicking on the link above, but now what matters is the location of the meeting. She reappeared in Cova da Iria outside the village of Aljustrel near Fatima, Portugal, next to a cave. In southern Germany, border between Germany and Austria is a mountain and cave called Untesberg, which has occupied the minds of dozens of geologists and researchers. This mountain has long been associated with ghosts, exotic animals, lost civilizations; The failure of time and creatures is known as dwarfs. According to one report, objects similar to what we now call UFO have gone from the cave to the sky. But no doubt, the most important event of this cave is the incident of 1987. In 1987, three people entered the mountain and three months later found themselves in the middle of the Red Sea in a ship near Egypt, despite their sudden presence on the ship; It shocked them and everyone. The events of Mount Untesberg are certainly no ordinary occurrence in our modern age. Although the riddles of this mountain and cave were never solved, physics confirms that when you go inside the cave, the physical law we know changes somewhat due to the decrease in gravity. Enoch is the one who never died and is said to have ascended to heaven. He ascended to the sky right on top of a mountain and inside a cave called Cave of Spirits. Now such a person introduces another mountain, called Herman on the Syrian-Lebanese border as an unnatural place, where angels called Watcher led by an angel named Samyaza landed. In fact, the book of Enoch mentions that angels descend from the top of this mountain. It can be imagined that the angels descended to the top of the mountain and came down from the mountain. Or is it possible that they came from somewhere in the heart of this mountain? In the seventh tablet of Gilgamesh's epic about this mountain, it is stated that; The earth split open in circles around Mount Hermon. And of course Mount Herman is the place where Jesus Christ with 3 apostles met the prophet Moses and Elijah. Undoubtedly, you realised that we are unaware of the true nature of the mountains and caves. If not; We still know more important places. Mount Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula; Mount Moriah in Israel; And Mount Jabal al-Noor on the Arabian Peninsula. Undoubtedly, you are familiar with Jabal Al-Noor Mountain. There is a cave on top of this mountain where the Prophet of Islam always went. He even stayed inside the cave for 40 days and nights. And he was in this cave when he met an angel named Gabriel. A little beyond Mount Hermon, south of the Sinai Desert, there is another mountain called Sina. In 1 Kings chapter 19 it is stated that the prophet Elijah met God in a cave on top of Mount Sinai. And this mountain is the place where Moses met God 500 years ago and received the 10 commandments. The Bible says: The mountain shook and was filled with smoke and black clouds. And then a fire broke out on the summit. And the interesting thing is that at the top of this mountain there is a cave known as Moses Cave. Because Moses was on the top of the mountain for 40 days to receive the 10 commandments and he waited inside the cave for 40 days. But Mount Moriah in Israel; It is the place where God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on this mountain when suddenly a lamb appeared. The king Solomon built his temple on top of this mountain, the place that God had shown to his father David. Undoubtedly, you know a lot about the king Solomon, perhaps the most important of which was his control over the devils. In his will, he names 72 devils and mentions that he imprisoned them in bottles under the temple. And of course it is clear that there was a well under the temple. And finally, the place where Jesus Christ was crucified was a hill called Golgotha, part of this mountain, Mount Moriah. But the important issue of this mountain is the existence of a cave which is known as the cave of Spirits. The entrance to the cave was from inside the Temple of Solomon, but today it is located just below the dome of the rock. Another important issue is that the three religions of Judaism; Christianity and Islam consider this cave sacred and therefore researchers are never allowed to study and explore this cave. But this place is sacred to Muslims because the Prophet of Islam ascended to heaven exactly from this point. And it is sacred to the Jews because this is exactly the place where Abraham brought Isaac to sacrifice. And of course, according to the Jewish Bible, this cave and stone is exactly the center of the world. And Christians consider this place sacred because it is a place where an angel announced the birth of John the Baptist. As you can see, the presence of people from above the earth on earth has always been associated with mountains and caves. People like God himself, Angels, and even demons. The best conclusion that can now be drawn from these studies is that caves are a way of connecting with another world.

10 km southeast of Jerusalem there is a church called the Nativity of Christ, which is more than 1700 years old. Despite the wars; Earthquakes and fires The church is still standing. In the corner of this church there is a cave entrance, which is marked inside the cave with a star. This point is the birthplace of Jesus Christ. But not only was the birthplace of Christ a cave; Even his tomb was inside a cave. And some Muslims even believe that a saviour will emerge from inside a well called the Holy Crypt in southwestern Samarra. So if Hindu belief is close to the truth, what is the point of seeing so many UFOs by ordinary people? A simple study shows that the UFO, as we know it, first appeared in paintings during the Renaissance, just when creative ideas were flourishing. The ancient people described going to the sky of Enoch or the Prophet of Islam with a horse and a donkey because a flying saucer had never been seen. But to better understand the nature of UFOs and what they are and where they come from, we must first become more familiar with the world around us.

The diameter of the sun is 1.39 million kilometres. That is 109 times larger than the Earth. The diameter of the moon is 3474 km. And Earth with a diameter of 12742 km. The distance from the earth to the sun is 148.18 million kilometres Earth distance to the moon 384,400 km And the distance from the moon to the sun is about 148 million kilometres. When a solar eclipse occurs; When one looks at the sky, it seems that the diameters of the moon and the sun are exactly equal. Yes, this is only because of the diameters and distances. But this was just an example to better understand the order that governs this universe. Which, of course, did not come into being by itself. Undoubtedly, you know that we humans can only survive and live on earth. Except on a planet that looks exactly like Earth. Even small differences in the temperature of the planet affect our lives, let alone oxygen and other things. And no doubt you know that no Earth-like planet has ever been discovered in our solar system. But scientists have found Earth-like planet outside the solar system at distances of 50, 100, even 200 light-years, which Alpha Centauri is the closest. And they are supposed to have living conditions, and maybe life there is going on right now. So with these interpretations, if they exist, they should be like us humans. If one wants to send a radio message from one of these planets to Earth, if we consider the distance of only 50 light years, it would be 473 trillion kilometres. And since the speed of a radio wave is 299,337 kilometers per second, that is, 258 billion kilometres per day, which means that it will take 50 years for a radio message to reach Earth. Now imagine a spaceship going this route. According to NASA, the speed of our most advanced spacecraft is 40,000 kilometres per hour, which means 960,000 kilometers per day. And that means we do not reach them at all. Now imagine that they are advanced enough to travel at a speed of 258 billion kilometres per day. In that case, it would take 50 years for them to reach Earth. And of course you can not move faster because the speed of light is 258 billion kilometres per day. But if they come at the same speed after 50 years of travel, this is what they will get. Yes, the Earth's atmosphere does not allow aliens to enter. But let us imagine that they are more advanced and to be able to study the atmosphere and the inhabitants of the earth from a distance of 50 light years and discover the solution to enter the earth. According to scientists, in this case, there is no external existence. Because of the same things we fear for our own survival: It’s destruction as a result of a nuclear disaster or any other discovery that may have unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences. Genetic risk. Overproduction of information. Limiting a person's brain capacity, which can lead to overspecialisation, therefore carries risks of brain degeneration. The crisis created by the creation of artificial intelligent beings. As you can see, physics denies the presence of these UFOs on Earth. So is this all a Hollywood sequence? Undoubtedly not. Because we asked the followers to let us know if they had any experience with UFOs. And fortunately, we received a lot of videos which was filmed by themselves. The wormhole issue is also excluded because it is not possible to enter the wormhole at all. And the only thing that remains is that there is no connection between the UFOs seen and the extraterrestrials. Yes, what you see as a UFO in the sky is nothing but the technology of the future. And this means the fifth industrial revolution. The UFO will be the greatest human invention after the Internet. As a result, the world will be very complex, at least 10 times the current society. And you will see that English can no longer express the world and must be combined with hieroglyphs to accurately express this complex world.

Yes, what you see as UFO in the skies is nothing but man-made. Let’s first examine Buddhist beliefs more closely. Because there is undoubtedly a big difference between the extraterrestrials we know and the extraterrestrials that the ancients met. And of course it is a common theme among all ancient cultures, which we also believe in. A place or city that is the cradle of civilization, science, technology and beauty and it is somehow disappear. And of course the difference in description and name of this place can not hide the fact that all these myths are about a particular place. And the ancients believed that there was a way to enter this city. The mythical city of Atlantis, which is a Greek name and was described by Plato, was never found. The legendary city of Shambhala, a Chinese-Tibetan name, is referred to by the people of Central Asia as exactly like the dream Atlantis. The Agartha civilization was first mentioned by the nineteenth-century French occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves de Alvider, who describes the location of this legendary city beneath the Himalayas. And of course the Buddhist community believes in this place and considers it an agharti. Or the legendary city of the macuxi tribe in South America, which is said to be deep underground. Or the Aryan race, which is deep in Antarctica and was first mentioned by Admiral Richard E. Bird. Ancient Egyptian writings refer to a subject that the Egyptian pharaohs are said to have associated with the city or the underworld. And all these cities are referred to as kingdoms. As you can see, all of these were similar, only with different names. But it is interesting that all these cultures know the entrance of these places from inside the caves. It is even said in the writings of the ancient Egyptians that the Egyptian pharaohs had access to the underworld through secret tunnels in the pyramids. But can you believe these myths are true? Well, just look at the evidence with the intellect of a modern human being and then you will see that there is not a city but cities. And that's actually pointing to different portals to enter different dimensions. Let's take a look at the ancient Aztecs and Egyptians. Researchers and archaeologists have found that the Aztec and Giza pyramids were designed to harness and direct energy to a specific area. You will see the three great Aztec pyramids in Teotihuacán, which mysteriously resemble a computer circuit with two large processor chips. And of course scientists found that mica was used to build these pyramids. And we know that mica is used in the electrical industry and in capacitors that are ideal for high frequencies and radio frequencies. And as you can see, these three pyramids are exactly aligned with the Pyramids of Giza and the Pyramids of China. LZH scientists and the international research group at Russia's ITMO University found that the Great Pyramid of Giza received electromagnetic energy; Absorb and concentrate in the interior rooms and under the pyramid. The research is published in the journal Applied Physics. And you must know that sunlight is the same as electromagnetic energy and the pyramids absorb this energy directly from the sun. Wasn't it interesting? This pyramid absorbs electromagnetic energy; It passes through the existing rooms and focuses exactly on the part at the end of the pyramid. but why? In fact, Giza was known in ancient times as Rostau, meaning "opening of the passages", and this is the name of the region from the entrance to the underworld of ancient Egypt, known as Duat. Now put the pieces together. Duat means entrance to the underworld. The pharaohs were connected to the underworld. A building that absorbs energy and directs it to a particular point. Is it not possible that this concentration of electromagnetic energy in this part is to open a gate to the underworld or another world? Or to send one person directly to another dimension. Yes, it is. Especially if you know that the Pyramid of Khufu was built in the language of the universe. Pi. Golden Ratio. Or that the pyramid is made of 365 cubic stones, which is exactly equal to the rotation of the earth around the sun. And of course, if you get the geographical coordinates of the pyramid, you see numbers that are exactly the same as the speed of light numbers. So the hypothesis that this pyramid was built to send one person to another dimension or location is stronger.

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According to Freddy Silva, throughout history, we have slowly lost touch with the earth, but in ancient times our ancestors identified certain places that are considered unusual in terms of energy, which in these areas can be found a temple. Places that free you from the law of Earth physics. Because from the beginning all beings have misunderstood the truth and accepted the false, so secret knowledge was created. And if you ask, "Who has the real knowledge? " The answer is: "The great masters of the snowy mountains." Undoubtedly, there is a connection between the nature of this property of pyramids and caves. If you watched the third eye video, we explained that the human frequency changes in different states. The highest of which is 1000 Hz. Yes, this is the state that connects man to the heavens. Well, there is an important point here that not only justifies Enoch going to heaven, but also justifies the entry of angels, demons, or jinn into our world. In the ancient religion of Mithras and Buddhism, a subject is mentioned that says that only one master has science of exit and needs 1000 kW of energy to exit. If you do not know what it means to exit? According to Buddhists, it means going to Shambhala and others believe to go to another dimension. If you read the rules of membership in the Freemasonry Lodge, you will see that believing in God, regardless of a religion, is the first condition. I think the answer is here. The highest state of energy in man is when he is thinking about God and giving thanks. When people come together and do this at the same time, a lot of energy is produced in the place. At this time a master has more power to connect to the minerals. But the master still can not exit because to exit, master need 1000 kW of energy. That is, 241768111 people think to their god at the same time, that it is difficult to gather these people. But yes, there are places that make it easy to create this energy. The Great Pyramid of Egypt. Pyramid of the Sun, and caves. This is one of the reasons why all the temples of Mithra are in the cave or underground.

But as I said before, Tibetan nuns, better known as Shambhala guards, not only believe in Shambhala, but also know how to reach the city. On December 11, 2015, a nun named Lama Topzer began practicing a form of meditation in Sida County to go to Shambhala. According to Tibetan nuns, this exercise is to go back 10,000 years to Shambhala and allow one to enter another dimension. The interesting part is that the body disappears in 7 days. There are pictures from 7 days of Lama Tobser meditation that show her body starting to shrink and shrink until it disappears. According to the nuns, his body was dissolved in light.

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