The Lost Civilization of Man

Decoding of the strangest and rarest symbol of Chelisam

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History has witnessed many times the coming and going of great people who were beyond their time, but in this article you will meet a person everyone remembers only his arrival. You will get acquainted with an ancient structure that tells about the future. We also decipher a mystery with tarot cards and old paintings and finally show you the future ahead.

Have you ever noticed the image on the back of US two dollar bill?

Below is an image of the Declaration of Independence, adopted on July 4, 1776, which explains why the thirteen colonies at war with Great Britain considered themselves thirteen independent nations, no longer under British rule. And with this declaration, these new states took the first collective step to form the United States of America.

In fact, the original painting of this important day was drawn by John Trumbull in 1817. And US two dollar bill designed in 1976. But what is important to us now is one of the audience in this room. Of course, he is not seen in John Trumbull's painting, but he can be seen on the two dollar bill designed in 1976 and also on the old US 100 dollar bill designed in 1863. In fact, history has repeatedly witnessed the coming and going of great people who were beyond their time. Those who in some way had a great impact not only in the history of their country but also in the world.  Leonardo da Vinci, Edison, Albert Einstein, Plato, Tesla are just examples of these people who came and went at some point in time. But among this, there is a person whom everyone remembers only his arrival. This person is one of the most key people in history because he was seen in the most sensitive moments in different parts of the world throughout history. Although he has introduced himself with different names, he has introduced himself with one name for at least the last 300 years. He is none other than Comte de Saint-Germain, who has been seen many times throughout history and had a great impact on the course of world history, especially in the last 3 centuries. 


Let's go back to 1743, when a 45-year-old man enters the court of Louis XV. Countess D Adhemar, who was the historian of the French court at that time, describes her presence at the French court as follows:

"It was the year 1743. It was rumored that a stranger, who was very rich by the splendour of his jewels, had just arrived at Versailles. where has he come from? This is something that no one could understand. His strength and wisdom were evident from the first minute of talking to him. He had a soft and graceful body, delicate hands, small feet. His hair was black, his eyes were soft and penetrating. He was about forty to forty-five years old."

In fact, all contemporaries of Saint Germain confirm the Countess' statement, and more importantly, all contemporaries described him as a 45-year-old person. Isabel Cooper Oakley, the theosophist and prominent British author, spent several years of her life studying about St. Germain. Finally in 1911, she wrote a book called The Secret of Kings, which includes writings related to him and also the testimony of people who were somehow related to St. Germain. And what is confusing is that everyone describes him as around 45 years old. In a part of the book of kings, she mentions the conversation of Countess GeorgeV, with St. Germain, who had met him fifty years earlier on a trip to Venice with her husband, and now, after fifty years, met him again in British Royal Palace.

"Would you be so kind as to tell me whether your father was in Venice in 1710," says the Countess to Saint-Germain. "No Madame," answered St. Germain unconcernedly, "my father died long before that time." But I myself lived in Venice at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. At that time I had the honour to pay you court then, and you were very kind and praised a few of my songs that we sing together.So according to this conversation, he was 45 years old in 1710. But how old was he really? 50? 100? 200? 20,000? 



According to his contemporaries, Saint-Germain spoke many languages, including French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, and Persian, and spoke so fluently that he was considered a native. But where was he really from? France? Iran? Portugal? India? Atlantis? In fact, this was never revealed and remained a mystery. He became known as an all-rounder, playing not only the violin, but a variety of other instruments, including the harpsichord, reports the Musical Times. According to his contemporaries, he knew history so well that he seemed to have participated in the events he spoke about. Perhaps the strangest of them is talking about the wedding in Cana, the time of Christ's crucifixion and the first Council of Nicaea in 325. Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV's mistress, assistant and adviser, wrote that St. Germain had traveled all over the world and that the king listened with enthusiasm to his stories about his travels to Asia, Africa, America and about the courts of Russia, Turkey and Austria. In fact, Louis XV valued St. Germain's mastery in alchemy so much that after leaving Persian empire in 1742, he took him directly to France, and in 1748 he built a laboratory and a set of rooms in the royal castle of Chateau de Chambord assigned to St. Germain. According to contemporaries, Saint Germain alchemy sessions were nothing but miracles

In fact, between 1737 and 1742, he did alchemy and scientific research on stones, especially diamonds, in the court of Nader Shah (Persian Empire). According to his contemporaries, he was able to turn the original metal into gold, and according to historical records, we know that Nader Shah stopped collecting taxes for 3 years, that is, until the last year of St. Germain's presence at the Iranian court. Although this may be due to the property acquired from the Indian exchequer. In fact, this period was exactly when Nader Shah was supposed to attack the Ottoman Empire, but he suddenly decided to attack the Mongol empire, which resulted in the attack on northern India and then Delhi and the conquest of India, and he returned home with a mysterious diamond called Koh-i-Noor. A diamond that has not yet been created like it in the world. And no source of its production is known. And after that, King Nader sent his troops to the Ottoman empire

But in addition to his service in the courts of Persia and France, we see him in the courts of Great Britain, Germany, Austria and even organising a coup in Russia. In her memoirs, the Countess d’Adhémar mentioned that Saint-Germain warned Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette about the impending French Revolution. According to his contemporaries, he was skilled in healing and using medicinal plants. Some of his contemporaries who closely followed his life believed that the medicines he invented, along with his habit of eating simple foods, strengthened the count's health and prolonged his life. In fact, this is a very important point about him because all those who have been in contact with him agree that they have never seen him eat anything other than vegetables and grains



He goes to Germany in the 1780s and lives in the court of Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel and deals with alchemy and the production of a special cloth.

But his life seems to end here, for according to Prince Charles he died at his residence on February 27, 1784, and his death was recorded in the church register of St. Nicholas, Eckernford, and he was buried in the same church on March 2. Burial charges were entered in the church accounting office the next day. But did Prince Charles himself see his death and burial? He was also seen many times in the 19th century, perhaps the most important of which is his meeting with Annie Besant in 1896. Annie was a women's rights activist and a British philanthropist who, with the guidance of St. Germain, was able to bring employment, better living conditions, and proper education to the poor at the end of the 19th century. In the 1930s,St. Germain met Guy Ballard and his wife, Edna, and they founded an organisation called "I Am" for Spiritual Education in Chicago. In fact, the term "I Am" refers to the ancient Sanskrit mantra (So Ham). which means "I am who I am." Of course, don't forget that when Moses asked God on the mountain, who are you? He replied, I am who I am. Here St. Germain taught many teachings through the I AM organisation, perhaps one of the most important and well-known of them being the Order of the Violet Flame. His purpose of these teachings is to help people to enter the new age, which is Aquarius. 

You have no doubt realised that the world is about to enter the Age of Aquarius. Astronomers believe that the astronomical age is a product of the gradual rotation of the earth. Or to be more precise, it is the movement of the equinoxes at a speed of 50 seconds of arc per year. And this means that it takes 72 years for the equinoctials to move one degree against the fixed stars. In this way, one complete cycle of the zodiac takes 25,920 years. So, it takes 2160 years for the vernal equinox to move from one zodiac constellation to the next. And since we are now in the constellation of Pisces, we enter Aquarius. Here "I am" organisation , as well as the Neo-Sufi Society, believe that there are seven rays, or seven metaphysical principles that govern both individual souls and the unfolding of each 2160-year astronomical age. And the next astrological age, the Age of Aquarius, will be ruled by the seventh ray (Violet), and St. Germain is called the "Cosmic Master of the Age of Aquarius" because of the teachings he gave decades ago to prepare for this change. 


In fact, the Theosophical Society with Helena P. Blavatsky is known. Helena Blavatsky is someone who went to a temple in India in search of wisdom. There she met a group of spiritual adepts, or as she called them, "masters of ancient wisdom," who sent her to Tibet, where they taught her to gain a deeper understanding of the combination of religion, philosophy, and basic science. Did you get that? This part of her life is exactly similar to the part of Steve Jobs' life. In the article (The Secret of Steve Jobs' Success), we saw that Steve dropped out of college, then went to a temple in India to meet a yogi, from there he went to the Himalayas to follow Mahavatar Babaji, who is said to be nearly 2,000 years old. And when he came back, he founded "The MacIntosh Company" that is today's Apple. But after meeting St. Germain, Helena Blavatsky writes about him in the Theosophical Dictionary: "Comte St. Germain was certainly the greatest Orientalist Europe has seen in the past centuries." Yes, you heard right, St. Germain was also seen at the end of the 20th century, that is, when he suddenly went to the foundation of the Theosophical Society to help Master (Muria), Master (Kotomi) and Helena Blavatsky.

But no doubt, what makes him mysterious is that his name appears among the founders of Freemasonry in 1717. Even in 1785 he was chosen as a representative of Freemasons for a convention. And what makes him even more mysterious is that we see his name as the leader of a worldwide fraternal organisation called the Rosicrucian, which claims to possess the esoteric wisdom and secrets of existence that have been taught to them since ancient times. Well, in fact, maybe you will understand the importance of this when we spelling the name of this organisation. Rosicrucian is a Greek word that is composed of two parts, Rosi and Crucian, which means Rose Cross. And if you have read my previous article called "Decoding the Greatest Secret in History", I said that the rose cross is a sign of early Christians who have the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or in other words, the Holy Grail. 



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Let's go back again. In the year 1600, the Rosicrucian Society installed a mysterious column with a height of 365 cm, on top of which there is a cross, in the backyard of a church in Hendaye in the south of France.

For centuries this cross was only revered as a sacred symbol until in the 1920s an unknown person named Fulcanelli wrote a mysterious book. In a part of this book, he mysteriously refers to the end of this age by referring to this cross. And he writes in another part like this:

Whatever its age, the Hendaye cross shows by the decoration of its pedestal that it is the strangest monument of primitive millenarism, the rarest symbolical translation of chiliasm, which I have ever met.

This column has four sides at the pedestal. An eight-pointed star is carved on the eastern side. The side of a fabled moon is on the north side. On the western side is a raging sun, whose rays are alternate different, and there are also four six-pointed stars on the same side. And a strange oval shape, installed on the south side with a cross in the middle and four alpha letters on each side of the cross. Actually, these letters are like a kind of puzzle that you have to fill, and of course these letters are written in such a way, that they are also symbols of Freemasonry. In the western part of the cross, there is an inscription in Greek, which translates into English as "Hail, o cross, the only hope." But in the eastern part of the cross, there are the letters I, N, R, I, which appear to be the famous letters that were written on the cross when Christ was crucified. That is, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews. But if you read these letters according to the instructions in the book and the inscriptions in Latin, it means: 

“Igne Natura Renovatur Integra.” wich means "With fire, nature becomes completely new."



At the same time, i.e. around 1600 AD, cards called Tarot appeared. These cards seemed quite fun until after 2 centuries, in the late 1700s, jean-baptiste alliette published the original guide to using those cards. Now let's take a look at these cards.

If you look at the number 17 of the tarot card, you will find the same feathered star under which a woman is pouring water. Card number 18, just like the pillar, is the side of a mythical moon. Card number 19 is the face of a sun, which is exactly like the column of its rays, one of which is different, and instead of four six-pointed stars, there are four sunflowers. And card number 20 is the day of judgment. In a video called "The Sons of Mithras", we saw that the Vatican banned one of John's writings, called (Appocryphon of John) which were the words of Christ himself to him, and accepted the other one as part of the Bible, of which Revelation is a part. So now let's take a look at Revelation chapter 20.

1. And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. 2. He seized the dragon and chained it. And further he says that fire will rain from the sky and will burn the army of evil.

And in the next chapter, chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation, we read:

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.

And the last tarot card, the card no 21, is called "The world." In this card you see the same strange rhombus. And 3 animals and one human, which are the same as the four alphas on the pillar. And in the middle of the rhombus, a cloth is wrapped around the angel, which is exactly like the Kundalini snake. If we take these beings on the zodiac, we will see that they are exactly the same as the constellations. Taurus, Leo , Aquarius, and Aquila.

Note that from 1930 onwards, the International Astronomical Union replaced Scorpio with Aquila, but if you look closely at the constellation, you will see that the Aquila is right next to Scorpio. Finally, they say that we are about to enter a new age, which is called the Age of Aquarius. But this shift has coincided with the end of the 25920-year cycle. The cloth around the angel starts from the cow and goes towards Aquarius, and we saw in the video (the earth is changing) that half of it was exactly the last ice age and when Mithras came to earth and killed the cow. Sacrifice is a symbol for the zodiac. (With fire, nature is completely renewed). Fire is a symbol for the bridge between mortals and gods. This bridge is vibration and frequency that is changing. That is, this age is done by changing the vibration and frequency of the earth, as a result of which the people who cannot resonate with that frequency cannot associate with the gods, that is, the positive people who can resonate with that frequency. The dragon is a symbol for power seekers and bullies, or in other words, those who seek the material world. And finally, "the fire that rains" is the photon belt. 


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