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Decoding the greatest mystery of history

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Have you ever wondered why it says on American one dollar "In God we trust " and below it is written “one”. And on the left you can see the Great Pyramid of Khufu. in fact, the answer seems very easy, but is it possible that there is a connection between "In God we trust" and "one" and the "Great Pyramid of Khufu" ? in this article we decoding the most greatest mystery on the history

I am the alpha and omega, I am the first and the last, I am the beginning and the end. Revelation 22-13

Have you ever wondered why it says on American one dollar "In God we trust " and below it is written “one”. And on the left you can see the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Well, in fact, the answer seems very easy, but is it possible that there is a connection between "In God we trust" and "one" and the "Great Pyramid of Khufu" ? What you need to know is that the history we know is a lie that has been used for centuries by those who suppress the truth as a weapon. But the signs and truths are always been right in front of your eyes like a code, and to understand them you just have to stay away from the frequencies that are dictated to you in order to see everything differently and understand the truths.

According to Jene Wolf . "We believe we invent symbols. But the truth is that they invented us.”

This statement is really contemplative. There are 33 different religious and traditional symbols all over the earth equal to the age of Jesus Christ, which have their roots in antiquity. Have you ever wondered what they mean? Actually these are just pieces of a puzzle. What you may not know is that when astronauts were first able to look directly at the center of the galaxy from outside Earth, and cosmic energy reached their eyes, they began to see various symbols. Symbols that have existed on Earth for thousands of years. Let's go back about two thousand years and decipher the greatest mystery of history with the help of symbols and Leonardo da Vinci.

The story begins when an angel named Gabriel told the Blessed Virgin Mary that she would soon become pregnant. This is while Gabriel had informed 88-year-old Elizabeth that she was pregnant a few months ago. A few months later, Elizabeth gives birth to her child in a cave called Benedictus. His name is given to John and later he is known as John the Baptist. And after her, the Blessed Virgin Mary gives birth to her child in a cave. According to Joseph, who was engaged to the Blessed Virgin Mary at the time: He and the Virgin Mary were on their way to Bethlehem, where the pain of childbirth came to the Virgin Mary near the city. Joseph leaves her alone in a cave and goes after the midwife. When it returns, a cloud covers the sky above the cave and a strong light covers the entire space of the cave. He rushes into the cave but sees nothing because of the bright light. When the light goes out, Joseph finds the Blessed Virgin Mary holding Jesus in her arms. But 12 days later, "Three Wise Men" also known as "three magi" are arrive without any modern technology and any address. According to themselves, just by following a shining star from the east, they reach the cave outside the city of Bethlehem, exactly the place where Christ was born, and this While all the emperor's soldiers were looking for the newborns of the city to killing them. After paying their respects, they present gifts (gold, frankincense and myrrh) which are come from Ancient Persian religion of Love known as Mithraism in roman empire to the baby. Mary and Joseph are then told to leave the city as soon as possible because the emperor is looking for Jesus. Then they leave the cave and return to their homeland. According to the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 2: 13-23). Soon after meeting the Magi, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus, because King Herod would seek the child to kill him. Did you notice that the angel waited 12 days to warn Joseph? And this is while 3 magi returned to their homeland from Egypt after giving gifts. That Joseph saw the angel in a dream is what Matthew said. Matthew was a literate tax collector who also had the ability to write in Greek. That is, the person who first met Jesus 30 years after his birth and then became one of his companions. Here is a question. Is it not possible that it was the "Three Wise Men" who took Jesus and his family with them to Egypt? After entering Egypt, they settled in a cave in present-day Cairo, which in the Apostolic Age became a large church called "Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church". But guess what was the first important event after the arrival of the Holy Family in Egypt? Meet the baby Jesus with John the Baptist, who was born a few months earlier by 88-year-old Elizabeth. He beheaded at the age of 30 by Herod, the Roman king in Palestine.

Ancient and religious texts state that an angel named Uriel took the baby "John" to Egypt. And apparently Da Vinci painted the event with his unique art. But when he thought more, he painted the same picture again, but with a slight difference. A mysterious painting called "The Virgin of the Rocks" image above. The baby Jesus is honouring the John while sitting next to the mother, and the John is sitting next to the Uriel, blessing Jesus. And Uriel, points to Jesus while looking to you. It's as if she wants you to pay attention to something. They are sitting by a well behind the Nile. Both Mary and Uriel are careful that children do not fall into the well. What do you think Da Vinci is referring to in this painting? Is there a secret code in this painting that needs to be decrypted?

"Adoration of the Magi" by Leonardo Da Vinci may seem to depict only Maggie's meeting with the Christ, but if you see more closely you will realise that there is a completely irrelevant to the subject in the background. (watch video above). Dark sky, war and chaos. Why did Da Vinci paint such a thing in the background? We know that the subject of this painting revolves around these three. So no doubt that there is a connection between the 3 wise men and the background events. The fact is that these three wise men have been seen over and over again throughout history. Jesus even took "Peter, James, and John" with him to the mountain, where Elijah and Moses appeared to him. Now, from the point of view of these 3 men, they were 3 men on top of the mountain. You can see an example of this, when 3 men meet Ibrahim. They control the forces in nature to destroy the city of Sodom. That is, the city of Sodom is destroyed only by controlling the wind and lightning. Although you may think this is just a myth, Leonardo da Vinci, the genius of the renaissance era, met mysterious people during his lifetime, which can be seen in his writings. And Da Vinci, a Florentine military engineer, used supernatural strength to defeat the Ottoman army. It was the force of nature. That is, he forced the Ottoman army to surrender and retreat by controlling the wind and lightning. If you study history, you will see that the Ottoman army invaded the Italian city of Otranto in Apulia and its citadel in 1481 with 128 ships and 20,000 soldiers, and after 15 days succeeded in destroying the city walls and capturing the city. More than 800 people were beheaded after the capture of the city. But they were killed for unknown reasons, surrendered and fled. Do not you think that these important issues are less visible? Now we come to the time of Christ's crucifixion. What is written is that not only did all the disciples of Christ give up everything to escape the consequences of associating with Him, but so did the apostles, except John, who was with Saint Mary and Mary Magdalene until the last moment. But in a small city like ancient Jerusalem, where everyone knows each other, and at that historic moment when no one dared to approach Jesus for fear of the Roman soldiers, you come across an interesting subject. Mark 14-51 and 52 state:

“The young man, who was wearing nothing but linen, followed Jesus. When he was caught, he ran away naked and left his clothes”

We find this story right after the account of Jesus' arrest in the Gospel of Mark, and it is one of the most incomprehensible narratives in the whole Bible. Scholars have described the narrative as bizarre, confusing and enigmatic. Who was the young man, and more importantly, why did Mark post this information about him? No doubt you have seen images of astronauts in the space. On the moon, for example, who need oxygen and special clothing to survive. Although the moon is close by. Or to survive under the sea. Because this physical body belongs to this material world and is only made for here and works here, except in a place quite similar to here. Tibetan Yogi, for example, speak of a place called Shambhala, which is in the thirteenth dimension, and believe that it can not be reached because modern humans do not have access to higher frequencies of light and are not harmonious. But some of these yogi have the ability to do this, as you saw in the video called " the ancient extraterrestrials" . Where a yogi named Lama Torpes sat in a corner to go to Shambhala and then her physical body got smaller and smaller over the course of a week until it dissolved in the light. Because his physical body does not benefit him in the thirteenth dimension. But Renaissance's genius Leonardo da Vinci leads you to a great mystery. No doubt many of you are familiar with the Vitruvian man. Da Vinci's masterpiece that shows a man's body in a circle and square, and many believe this masterpiece shows the divine connection between the physical body and the universe. There is also a mirror manuscript above and below the painting that appears to be a description of the painting. But according to researchers, Da Vinci often used this method to hide ideas, or something important. Well, if he describes the following painting with these writings, then there is no reason to use this method. So isn't it possible that there is a secret code in these manuscript? Well, let's look at the painting. If you are one of those people who are interested in astronomy, a certain image will undoubtedly come to your mind at first glance. (Look at image belowe)

Yes the ratio of the diameter and distance of the earth to the center of the moon. Going a little further, we find that the proportions of the Great Pyramid in Giza correspond to a triangle consisting of the diameter of the earth and the distance to the center of the moon. The Earth's equatorial circumference is 40.075 km and the Earth's polar diameter is about 12714 km and also the Earth's polar radius is about 6357 km and the Earth's rotation rate is about 460 meters per second. Now the length of each side of the Great Pyramid of Khufu at the base is 230 meters and its height is 147 meters. And if you look at the pyramid from the northeast or southwest angle, you will have a length of 460 meters, which is the sum of the two sides of the pyramid, which is exactly equal to the speed of the earth per second. The sun always rises from the northeast corner of the pyramid and sets from the southwest angle, which means that the sunlight always shines on two sides of the pyramid, which divides the pyramid into two parts, just like the earth, where the sunlight is always on one side. Now if you multiply the seconds of a day by 460 meters, what you get is 39744000 meters, which is 39744 kilometres, and this is almost equal to the Earth's equator environment. And if you multiply the height of the pyramid by the seconds of a day, you get the diameter of the earth. Now if we draw two lines from his navel to the sides, and draw a line to the corner of the square, the angles we get at the navel are exactly the same as the lateral slope of the Great Pyramid. Da Vinci has divided the man in the picture into 14 different parts. And in the description section, it is written, reduce the man's height by 1/14. And again he points to the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Because Osiris was killed by Seth and dismembered into 14 parts, and his tomb is located in the underground tunnel of the Pyramid of Khufu. Yes as you realized, this painting mysteriously refers to the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

But why should Da Vinci refer to the Pyramid of Khufu in such a famous painting? How did he get this information about this pyramid?

Well, in fact, there is no mention of his presence in Egypt in history, but if you read Da Vinci's famous book, The Codex Atlanticus, you will see that he not only traveled to Egypt, but also for some reason explored the Great Pyramid of Giza. In his book about his presence in Cairo, Da Vinci mentions a place called the Great Mount Taurus. Taurus in astronomy refers to the constellation of Taurus, which contains the stars of the seven sisters, and is adjacent to the constellation Orion, which also contains the Orion's Belt. But where is Mount Taurus that Da Vinci referred to, and why is it important to Da Vinci? In fact, our geographers and researchers believe that this place is not real and is just Da Vinci's imagination. But if you go to the local Egyptologists, they will tell you that the Great Mount Taurus is the original name of the Giza Plateau in ancient Egypt, which was later renamed Giza, meaning exactly where the Great Pyramids of Giza are located. On page 248 of the Codex Atlanticus, Da Vinci wrote in his own handwriting: "The great Mount Taurus to the West. These peaks are of such a height that they seem to touch the sky, and in all the world there is no part of the earth, higher than its summit, and the rays of the sun always fall upon it on its East side, four hours before day-time, and being of the whitest stone". But if you separate the word Taurus and change the place of the words. Then you will have the word RusTau. It will be more interesting if you know that Rustau is the original name of the Pyramid of Khufu. But do you know what Rustau means? Rustau in English means Rose Cross. And if you do not know about the Rose Cross, this word refers directly to Jesus of Nazareth and the early Christians.

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In fact, the early Christians who accompanied Mary Magdalene used the symbol (above), to mark places of worship, tombs, and houses to distinguish friends from enemies. You can see an example of this coding. And after the proclamation of Christianity in the Roman Empire, the symbol of the Rose Cross changed to the symbol you see now. In fact, the Roman Empire was the place where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. Then they destroyed every single one of the 12 apostles whom Jesus had chosen to spread his teachings to the world, and they banned their writings. The Roman Empire was also a place where, until the third century AD, Christians were thrown in front of predators in the great arena of the city to be entertained for the Romans. But one night in the third century AD, Constantine slept. When he woke up in the morning, he said that from now only Christianity. In fact, modern-day people know Jesus of Nazareth from the Roman Empire, not the Eastern tradition of where he lived, and the sayings of 12 apostels, whom Jesus choses to spread his teachings. Perhaps it is not bad to know that someone who reaches the seventh degree of Freemasonry will be awarded the symbol of the Rose Cross. This cross states three things: the oneness, the real self person, and the ultimate defeat, the extinction of evil by Christ. If you remember the seventy-fifth minute of the Freemasonry Secrets video, we mentioned an important code. Amos 5: 8 which said: "seek him that maketh the Pleiades and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning." In all the temples of Mithra, we see the seven sisters in the cape of Mithra. These stars and the constellation Orion are located just above the Pyramids of Giza. And we saw that the dots inside the sphere in the hands of the Salvator Mundi pointed to the three stars Rigel, Betelgeuse and Sirius, which are located exactly above the Great Pyramid, and more importantly, they are exactly the same angles as the painting of Vitruvius. And if we go from the stars of the Seven Sisters to the Orion belt and then to Sirius and continue it straight, we will reach a point on the earth from where the sun rises on the first day of the winter solstice, the birth of Mithras as well as Jesus Christ, and exactly from Sirius means this angle passes. Now the ancient Mithraic religion says that there is an eighth gate that opens at this time. But does the Bible refer to Mithras in Amos? And if so, what connection could there be between him and the Great Pyramid of Khufu? We saw with what precision and delicacy the Great Pyramid of Khufu was built and how it refers to Christ. And do not forget that we saw in the video the sons of Mithras 3 boys that both of them are one person.

No doubt you are familiar with the Last supper Mural by Leonardo Da Vinci, which is located in the hall of the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent in Milan. Many like Dan Brown believe that the person sitting to the right side of Jesus is none other than Mary Magdalene. However, we said in the article "the hidden secrets of last supper mural" that he is the John the apostle, not Mary Magdalene. However, pay attention to the empty space between Christ and the John. Strangely Christ pulled himself to the left and John to the right. It is as if Da Vinci is referring to a specific subject here. It can be clearly understood that this space is exactly the inverted angle of a pyramid, which ironically has exactly the same angle as the slope of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Let's take a look at this pyramid. The pyramid consists of a descending passageway, an ascending passageway, subterranean chamber, escape shaft, the Queen's chamber, the Grand Gallery and the King's chamber. Now there are questions. Was not this pyramid built as the tomb of Pharaoh of Egypt? If yes. So why are no pharaohs buried in this pyramid? There is an empty tomb in king's chamber. This room is exactly the room behind Christ and his companions in Da Vinci's Last Supper mural. And this is while Christ was mentioned as the king of the Jews. But the last piece of the puzzle is completed with this finding of archaeologists. Archaeologists have unearthed the letters alpha and omega in a corner of the tomb in the king's chamber.

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