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Negarestan garden museum

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In this post we looking at a must beautiful and historical museum in iran which called Negarestan garden museum.

Tehran is always a good choice for tourists due to its beautiful nature and historical attractions. So today we want to talk about Tehran"s most beautiful garden namely the Negarestan garden museum In every corner of the garden there are ponds and waterfalls and very special artworks. The collection includes: art galleries, restaurants, cafes and lush outdoor spaces where you can spend a dream day.

A garden and a building that has a world of ancient history and beauty. As soon as you arrive, that is where you need to get the entrance ticket, you will be enthralled by the polygon dock and the round and cut geranium and of course the unique green space. This garden is of great historical value and one of the most beautiful art galleries can be found in Tehran and in this museum, which includes the works of Professor Kamal al-Molk and his students housed in the museum. The Negarestan Museum Garden is one of the oldest monuments in Tehran that was built as a summer residence on the order of Ali Shah Qajar in the year 1807. This museum has two mansions called the Delgosha and the Hall of Poets.   There are rooms with wooden doors and two large halls on either side of the central building. The garden has 4 rooms, four halls, a library with four halls and 2 m. The halls are built with mirrors, golden motifs and precious chalets.

Since the various paintings of Fath Ali Shah and his courtiers can be found in various garden buildings, this garden became known as the Negarestan.   During the reign of Muzaffar al-Din Shah, the first school of post-graduate school of craftsmanship was built at Kamal-ol-Molk and in 1307, the Iranian Minister of Culture assigned the Gardens of Negaristan to the permanent place of higher education. The Kamal al-Molk Museum hosts more than 130 paintings by him and his students, and most of the work you see here is about single-subject and inanimate subjects. Monir Hall Farmanfarmayan is the first museum hall and named after an Iranian female artist

Farmanfarmayan is the only artist who has used the combination of mirrors, geometric shapes and motifs and backstage paintings to create modern and varied works over the past 40 years. His work has been exhibited at world-renowned art centers such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum, and Guggenham Museum in New York, but you don"t have to spend your time to see these works. Just visit the permanent hall of the Monir Farmanfarman in the Museum Garden. And be amazed to see so much beauty. Negarestan Museum Garden is one of Tehran"s most popular tourist attractions. This beautiful and lush garden with remarkable architecture and historical dating has become one of the most attractive and popular places for Iranian and foreign tourists.

Positive Negarestan museum Tips This collection has unique photography subjects at every season of the year, with a café and restaurant inside; very convenient access to public transport

Working hours: Garden area: from 1 to 2 pm. Café & Restaurant: From 5 to 8 pm. Entry ticket price: 1 USD. Museum Collection Ticket Price: 2 USD. Note: It should be noted that Mondays are a collection of garden museums, but visitors can visit the greenery and landscaped gardens of the Gardens, Cafes and Restaurants.

Address: Shariatmaddar Rafi St., Daneshsara St., Baharestan Square, Tehran

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