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A Strange Discovery About The Moon

As you know, the earth atmosphere consists of 5 layers, the outermost layer starts from the top of the thermosphere and extends to about 10,000 km above the earth surface. Now we know that clouds form....


The Secret Behind Georgia Guidestones

In the previous two articles, which were kind of a prerequisite for this article, we saw how the end of this age and the beginning of the new age known as "New Earth" as well as the end of the 25,920-....


Decoding the exact time of the end of the word

This article deciphers the western side of the Hendaye cross through the signs of the zodiac, tarot cards and Funcanelli book, and determines the end of this age and the entry into the age of Aquarius....

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Decoding of the strangest and rarest symbol of Chelisam

History has witnessed many times the coming and going of great people who were beyond their time, but in this article you will meet a person everyone remembers only his arrival. You will get acquainte....


Sleeping on these four nights will hurt your body

There are four major nights of the year when changes occur on Earth, and being aware of these changes and making good use of this opportunity will help you in particular to reach a higher level of con....

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The most important space events in 2021

Is there life beyond the earth? This is really possible, although we do not yet have strong evidence, but astronomers believe that life exists somewhere beyond Earth and are always looking for intelli....

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New Earth - change of vibration and frequency of the Earth

The earth is changing its vibration and frequency and is ready to enter a new dimension. Countless dimensions have always surrounded us. But we can not see them because as the vibrations increase, the....


The moon is not what you think

The moon and its possible influence on human behaviour has been a subject of mystery for ancestors and myths for hundreds of years. Some ancient cultures even considered the moon to be the abode of g....