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Chemtrails - Fact or Hoax


What is happening to the sky? Those vast expanses of blue are now filled with cotton clouds. What if I told you that the blue sky you grew up with is now a rare thing. Have you ever noticed yet? Just look up? The sky that you see today is made up of foggy clouds. Do you want to know what s going on up there?

The issue started in March 2000. Where the puffy plumes of fat left over from airplanes, caught the attention of a well-known MWW radio reporter named Brandt, who lived in a small village called Parsons-field. Because instead of spreading out like normal contrails, these cross columns became wider and started to merge. During 45 minutes, he and his wife detected 30 similar cases in a sky that was usually devoid of air traffic, and what made him more curious was that the response of air traffic control officials to his repeated calls was that there were only nine commercial flights and Only one of the flights should have been visible from the area where Brandt was present. On that night, he talked about it in his radio podcast, and this caused the people of the region to turn their heads upwards. Since then, so many cases have been added that in 2001, the Associated Press officially prepared a report about a trail of condensed water from airplanes, or contrails, and officially used the word "chemtrail" for these cases. That is, a visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft that contains chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation. It was after this time that various theories were proposed, perhaps the most important of which is climate manipulation by governments. Theories: 1 These are chemicals to control the minds of humans. 2. It is due to climate change control 3. These are messages from aliens. 4. Climate manipulation by governments

But it didn't take long for the US government to react and call all these stories hoaxes, saying that they were nothing more than a trail of condensed water from a high-altitude aircraft seen as white streaks in the sky. And the government does not have any military goals in this regard. But this is while the United States Air Force had carried out a military cloud fertilization project called Operation Papaye in the Vietnam War to disrupt North Vietnam's military supplies by softening road surfaces and creating landslides. And again, on June 17, 1996, a study commissioned by the US Air Force Chief of Staff entitled “Owning The Weather in 2025” described how "Air Force experts" put chemicals behind high-flying aircraft to disperse in a process called "aerial darkness”. So what do you think? Is this a hoax? if yes So listen to this: Donald Trump tweeted: My first executive order will end chemtrails across America. His tweet was deleted after an hour. However, although the governments and even the media consider Chamtrile a hoax, the evidence shows otherwise. For example, these cannot be condensed water from the aircraft tail, because the formation of condensation tracks requires a temperature lower than minus 24 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 70%, and the higher the humidity, the longer the condensation tracks will be and the duration of the condensation tracks will be longer. . But it has happened many times that two or more planes have been observed at the same time and in a certain area, one of which has a short traces left behind which disappears fast, and the other has a long traces left behind. video below is an example i filmed myself.

But let's go two years before what happened to Brandt. In the spring of 1998, residents of Ontario, Canada experienced headaches, chronic joint pain, dizziness, sudden extreme fatigue, acute asthma attacks, and "flu-like" symptoms without fever after a rainstorm, and the number of referrals was so high that provincial health officials ordered issued extensive tests. After a short time they discovered that the concentration of aluminum particles in the rain was seven times higher than the limit allowed by Canadian health safety regulations. And this is while the citizens reported the sighting of similar planes a few days ago. It wasn't long before a team from the Harvard School of Public Health was involved. After investigation, this team determined that these particles with a diameter of less than 10 microns, which is one tenth of the thickness of a human hair, are a serious threat to public health. But on April 21, 2001, The New York Times warned: "These microscopic nodules can penetrate the smallest parts of the lungs and easily enter the bloodstream, and are strongly associated with disease and early death, especially in people who already have breathing health problems."

But it didn't take long before the sighting of the chemtrails was reported in at least 12 other countries including Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden. And it didn't take long for global protests, especially in Canada and the United States, not only among ordinary people but also celebrities, and this led to the fact that on October 2, 2001, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the Space Protection Act on behalf of the people. He called for the removal of "strange weapons" from space. Among the weapons that should be banned, the name of chemtrails stood out. Since then, almost nothing has been heard about it until 2008 when the Council on Foreign Relations discussed reversing global warming by geoengineering. According to this project, particles are spread in the sky which causes the sun's radiation to reverse towards itself, and as a result, the earth's heat should be reduced by 20%. But what is important is that an important point was also mentioned that day. "The significant risk of this project for human health around the world." And this is while in the same year, China claimed that "by manipulating the weather, we will experience the Olympics with pleasant weather."

According to Dr. Angstrom H. Troubadour, chief chemtrail engineer during the Obama presidency: “Geoengineering with chemtrails is the only way that will prevent catastrophic climate change. "Yes, it is expensive for health, for the government and for the environment, but it is better than the destruction of farms and complete starvation." Now the question is, is this chemtrail the same as the global warming control project? Or is there another purpose behind this? If none, then why do these destroy the rain-making clouds or why do they turn the blue sky into a cloudy white sky? Actually, this is not what I said. This is what Scott Stevens said. He is an award winning meteorologist and was the weather forecaster on Live TV. In late 1998, he noticed a change in the weather pattern. He says: My job was to predict the weather conditions, but I was predicting an agenda in the TV program. Finally, he decides to study more and share his observations with people. And this leads him to left his job. Finally, he tells the people that this is not literally a theory, but a fact.

Now the question is, does this affect human health? Let's take a look at the discoveries made a few months ago by scientists at the University of Copenhagen. During research, scientists were able to prove the existence of hydrotrioxides - that is, highly reactive chemical compounds containing three oxygen atoms and one hydrogen atom connected to each other - in the atmosphere. According to Professor Henrik Grum Kjærgaard: These compounds are unique in their structure. And since they are highly oxidizing, they are likely to have many effects, not the least of which are respiratory and heart disease, and contribute to global warming. Although there is no mention of chemical trail in this report, is it possible that it has something to do with chemtrails?

Just take a quick look at the statistics to see that the rate of asthma, autism and even Alzheimer's is increasing day by day even among young people. If you take a look at the website of geoengineering watchers, that is, those who study on chemtrails, you can see many pictures of these planes, even pictures of the inside of the planes that pump chemicals have been published. But there you come across an article that says: Earth engineering affects you, your environment and your loved ones. And they officially consider Chametril to be the main cause of this effect. So is this a botched operation to control global warming or is it an operation to manipulate the climate for profit, war, or something else? Anyway, many studies have been done all over the world, and you can read the instructions on the geoengineering watchers website and follow their recommendations to reduce the impact of these materials. Apart from this, according to a study conducted at Tehran Medical University, there are certain vitamins, supplements and plants that can block these heavy metals in the human body.

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