The Lost Civilization of Man

Mystery of the Third Temple


Someone on a mountain in France meets those who came from sky. They call themselves the creators of the earth and human beings and give the mission a message for humans. According to them, the third temple should be built in Jerusalem by year 2035.

The God of Israel commanded to the people of Israel, to make a tent, which called Mishigan, when they was wandering in the wilderness. That tent was the site of contact and presence of the God of Israel with them. In this tent was the Ark of the covenant, and in fact the God's connection with the people of Israel was by the Ark of the covenant. The Israelites carried this tent from place to place while moving.

David was the son of Jesse, of the children of Judah, of the tribe of the children of Israel, who were born in Bethlehem. David, according to the God of Israel, was supposed to build a temple for him in Jerusalem, but it was built by David's son Solomon, which is called the Temple of Solomon. David, by the command to the God of Israel, was supposed to build a temple for him in Jerusalem, but it was built by David's son Solomon, which is called the Temple of Solomon. In the fourth year of his reign, Solomon began to build the temple. The construction of the temple was done not only by humans but also by the Jinns ruled by Solomon, until it was completed in the eleventh year of Solomon's reign. The temple had an inner chamber called Quds al-Aqdas, with the Ark of the covenant and ten commandments. Thirty years after the completion of the temple, King Shishak of Egypt attacked Solomon's son, Rahba'am and looted the property inside the temple.

Then Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem in 422 BC, during the reign of Seddiqa the Sultan, destroying the temple. And he took the Jews captive to Babylon. However, in the second book of Baruch, it is stated that it was not Nebuchadnezzar who destroyed the temple at the time of the attack on Jerusalem.   Rather, God sent the angels and crumbled the walls of the city and hid its belongings in the Ark of the covenant. According to the Jews, the Western Wall is one of the last remnants of the Solomon Temple.

The Jews were still held captive in Babylon until the time of Cyrus the king of Persia. In the first year of his reign, Cyrus ordered the invasion of Babylon, and after the conquest of Babylon he liberated the people of Israel to return to Jerusalem and He declared to all his empire, and wrote that: This is the word of Cyrus king of Persia, that God hath given unto me all the kingdoms of the earth. He has commanded me to build a house for him in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. - Ezra Book, 2: 1-8. So the second temple was built in the year 516 BC by the order of Cyrus and with the financial resources of Persian Empire at the site of the first temple. According to Cyrus, the temple was rebuilt again by God's command.It is important to know - in the Jewish sacred book of years before the reign of Cyrus - Cyrus was mentioned as the Savior of the people of Israel and God's chosen one.

Titus conquered Jerusalem in the year 70 AD, and destroyed the second temple to punish the Jews. Jerusalem became the birthplace of the new Christianity in the first century AD, and many Jews and Greeks began to convert to Christianity. Jerusalem's Old City After the destruction of the Second Temple, in the year 70 AD was buried 40 to 70 meters deep under the clumps of soil and rock due to extensive destruction, and today only a small part of that Old City is left. The Solomon Temple, built on the Moriah Hill, was at the highest point of the city. Prior to the arrival of the Muslim army in Jerusalem, at the site of the Second Temple, which was destroyed in the year 68 AD, there was a church built by Justine, the Holy Roman Emperor. The church was named Virgin Mary. In the year 636 AD, it was equal to 15 AH, when the second Caliphate conquered the city and the church was conquered by the Muslims.

in 74 AH The Church of the Holy Virgin was transformed into a mosque by Abdul Malik bin Marwan. Of course, it was completed during the rule of his son Walid bin Abdul Malik in 86 AH. It is noteworthy that this is the first time that this place was called the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Over the years, the Islamic rulers have repaired the mosque, and its architecture has gradually become more like modern-day mosques. So, The mosque, which is of great importance today, was built exactly where the previous two temples were. Temples, each was built by God's command, by Solomon the son of David and Cyrus the Great. According to the history; the most important reason for the mosque to be of importance to Muslims; This is the place where the Prophet of Islam ascended to heaven. According to the Muslim Bible: Gabriel, Michael, and Esrafil brought a Horse for him in Mecca, for a trip to the heaven. Then they flew with horse from the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca to Jerusalem, then ascended from Jerusalem to the Seventh Heaven, then returning from the journey, in Jerusalem landed, and again with horse, followed the route of Mecca. That all happened in the middle of a night. But as we said, according to historical documents, the construction of the mosque began in the year 74 AH and ended in the 86 AH. Since the origin of Islamic history is the migration of the Prophet of Islam from Mecca to Medina. And since he died in the year 11 AH. And even the founder of the al-Qassi mosque, Abdul Malik bin Marwan, was born in the year (26 AH), 15 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. It can be concluded that the mosque Al-Aqsa had not yet been built at the time of Prophet Muhammad and that the mosque was built 75 years after his death, ie the year 86 AH. But why should the Prophet of Islam travel from this place to Paradise?

Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon, was a sports journalist for the automotive magazine, Autopop At the age of 27, on the morning of December 13, 1973, she had an exciting meeting with an extraterrestrial in a volcanic area called "Puy de Sancy" in France. This extraterrestrial creature gives him a detailed and detailed explanation of the origin of human creation and information on how humanity's future is organized. According to her, during an meeting, an extraterrestrial came out of a UFO. He says the alien asked him to convey a message to the people of the earth. Extraterrestrials from another planet, with 25,000 years of scientific advancement, have created all life on Earth through DNA manipulation, he says. He also says that these extraterrestrial beings were originally called Elohim or "those who came from the sky." According to him, about 40 prophets in the history of the earth were sent by Alohim, but their messages were distorted by humans.

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