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Deja Vu - Is Deja Vu a reason for the simulated world? Read the results of our studies

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Have you ever been to a place for the first time, but it is completely familiar to you? Have you ever seen a stranger, but as if you have known him/her all your life? This is a phenomenon known as deja vu and occurs in a seemingly novel situation. In this article, we will examine Deja Vu from the perspective of science and belief.

You go to a place you have never been; But you feel completely familiar with it. You stare into the eyes of a stranger and feel that you have known her throughout your life. But you do not remember anything. A strange but familiar feeling pervades your whole being. This is a phenomenon known as deja vu and occurs in a seemingly novel situation. That is, in a place where it is not possible at all to have ever been there. Deja Vu is a French name, meaning “already seen”, coined in 1876 by the French philosopher and researcher Émile Boirac. He became interested in this phenomenon because for dozens it was considered a supernatural event. Like the eye of providence, Mediumship, even kidnappings by aliens, parallel worlds and more. Although many scientists believe that Deja Vu is a memory disorder, there seems to be a more important fact. Our studies show that all people have experienced Deja Vu. But scientists say, that only 80% of us are actually experiencing it.

The only question that is on your mind right now is what is the real reason for Deja Vu? Is it possible that we died once, and are now back to life again? Yes, most people see Deja Vu as a sign of a similar experience in their previous life. However, scientists have a different view that is divided into two categories. The first group are psychologists and the second group are physicists who are closely related to atoms, Quarks and the nature of the universe.

Psychologists propose three important theories for the occurrence of Deja Vu. First, deja vu occurs when the brain confuses short-term memory, that is, what is happening, with long-term memory. That creates confusion. For example, when you encounter a scene that is very similar to a real memory. That means, Similar to where you have been before, and this is where you experience Deja Vu. The second theory is that deja vu is caused by a neurological abnormality related to improper electrical discharge in the brain. In short, the brain experiences an electrical malfunction - similar to what happens during epileptic seizures. And the third theory is the complete non-transfer of a scene from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, so when you go back to this place it is familiar to you but you will not remember.

But physicists propose two important principles for Deja Vu. Which the parallel worlds are one of them. According to this theory, our parallel version exists in 2 or more worlds at the same time. We are waves, vibrating waves designed with a function of properties, and these waves vibrate and then separate over time. When two worlds are on the same level, they are cohesive, and you can, or in other words, these waves can travel between the two worlds. But as evolution begins, the two worlds separate. They start vibrating at different frequencies. So they can no longer have any connection with each other. Think of a radio. There are dozens of radio frequencies in your room. But your radio can only receive one radio frequency. Because frequencies operate at different wavelengths and vibrations that are not coordinated. In the same way, we humans are made up of atoms, our atoms vibrate, but they no longer vibrate in consonant with other worlds because we are separated from them. But as sometimes happens, two radio frequencies merge for a moment so you get an incomprehensible sound. It is also possible for the frequencies of two parallel worlds to temporarily collide, and the reason we perceive these situations as something we have experienced in the past is that our parallel version - in another world has experienced. This condition is called deja vu.

But the most important thing is that Deja Vu is one of the most important reasons to prove the matrix and our simulated world. Many believe that Deja Vu is a glimpse into a more specific artificial reality, a brief glimpse into a giant computer simulation. So in fact what we are experiencing is nothing but what we have "already" seen, just in a previous simulation. And that statement has gained momentum since philosopher Nick Bostrom published his paper called "Do We Live in a Computer Simulation?" Because it is as if there is a more complex truth. The best way to understand this is to experience it for yourself. The next time Deja Vu happened to you, change the situation quickly. For example, change direction and run. And the result you see will amaze you. For the first time, an experience similar to locking the body in sleep will occur. You can not make any changes at this time. Why? Because this moment is the moment of uploading the next change in your simulation life, which is why what your subconscious mind receives and sends to your conscious mind already exists. And you will easily feel the matrix this way.

Let me explain better. What we call the real moment is the perceptions of our conscious mind. And we know that what happens in the real moment is first edited by the subconscious mind and then sent to the conscious mind. And the time interval from sending from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind is 6 seconds. And that means what you know as a moment actually happened 6 seconds ago. Imagine running fast towards a wall and after running for 10 seconds, you hit the wall and faint. Because both the subconscious and the conscious mind are anaesthetised at the same time, it leads to "transitional memory loss." Once you wake up, what you will remember is only the first 4 seconds of running and you will not remember what happened to you. Yes, according to these studies, Deja Vu alone proves the matrix.

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