The Lost Civilization of Man

The worlds most mysterious lake that transforms animals into mummies


Lake Natron is a salt and alkaline lake located in Arusha province in northern Tanzania which transform animals into the mummy

Lake Natron is a salt and alkaline lake located in Arusha province in northern Tanzania. The lake is located near the Kenyan border and in the Gregory Plateau, the branch of the East African Plateau. Its water depth is usually about 2 meters and its length and width vary with the water surface. But the maximum lake is 2 km long and 5 km wide.

The waters of this lake are one of the most uninhabitable places on earth. Although human settlements have historically been formed alongside water and lakes throughout history, a glance at the lakes history reveals that no human has intended to live in the area.   The reason for this lakes redness is the living creatures and salt-loving algae that live in the lakes water. Due to its high temperature, the evaporation rate of the lake is high and therefore the salt concentration is high.

Although Lake Natron is uninhabitable and its water temperature is up to about 40 ° C and strongly alkaline, some endangered species of flamingos feed around the lake.   The alkalinity of the lake can reach up to 12 degrees.

The Ol Doinyo volcano is located near the lake.   This volcano erupts differently from other volcanoes. The dark ash of this volcano flows like water and enters the lake. The reason for the changes in Lake Natron is the volcanic activity and its entry into the lake water. The water in the lake is the material used by the ancient Egyptians to mummify their bodies.

As mentioned, the possibility of living near Lake Natron is very low, and many birds and animals die due to extreme alkalinity and water temperatures. However, high concentrations of salt water in the lake, as well as existing ash and sodium carbonate, make the animals bodies not easily decomposed and resemble mummified sculptures. A well-known photographer named Nick Brandt has chosen some of the dead animals for this lake to photograph.   He put these animals back on the branches of trees as if they were dying at the same time, and they quickly became dry and sculptured.

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