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Christ or Antichrist? This is the reality of Halloween

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He comes. There is no escape. Tonight we remove the veil between this world and the next. And then it turns into hell everywhere. Scary light from dummy lanterns with pumpkin or black cat eyes staring at you. People have been scaring each other since Halloween, but where does this come from? Revealing the secrets of Halloween means declaring war. Decades ago. So lock the doors, turn down the lights and do not be afraid because we will discover the true story. The children knock on your door and threaten to come back and you give them chocolate. but why? Why do we engrave a scary face on a pumpkin and light a candle inside it? The truth is that we like to scare ourselves to the point of death. but why? This is the true story of Halloween.

In the distant past, the Celts held a festival every year on November 1 called the Feast of the Dead, which marked the time when the dead returned to the mortal world. The festival began the night before, and it was believed that on this night the spirits of the dead would return to their former homes and be visible to humanity. The festival was also a sign of passing the summer and entering the cold winter season. They honored their deceased loved ones by setting fire, preparing food and sharing it with others. Until in the 7th century AD, this tradition was officially introduced to Christianity by the Catholic Church and was named All Hallows Eve, which was a holy day for the forgiveness of the dead. And Halloween gets its name from this day. This tradition gradually spread to America and around the world until most of people around the world celebrate this day and night. In fact, this is a story that we all know. And now the story we have to know.

In 1960, Anton Szandor LaVey founded a church called the Church of Satan. He described the rules for the followers of the satanic church. One of these laws was choosing a day to worship the satan. He declared November 1 and the night before that, October 31, the day of Satan's worship. They celebrated this day by wearing scary clothes, drinking and so on.

This celebration coincided exactly with the celebration of All Hallows Eve in Christianity. Thus, the devil worshipers infiltrated this tradition and this tradition gradually lost its original nature. Annually, the number of participants in the All Hallows Eve ceremony is reduced and added to the participants in the Halloween celebration. And this is while, they themselves do not know Who is their host. But in between there is a legend that is tied to Halloween night, a legend called Bloody Mary. The legend says that if a single girl lights a candle in a dark room in the middle of Halloween night and goes in front of the mirror and then bites an apple and throws it on the ground and stares at the mirror and repeats bloody Marry sentence, she will see her future husband in the mirror. But what she actually gets......

But the symbols of this ceremony are a witch who is making a magic potion, a black cat, a pumpkin on which a scary face is engraved and a candle is lit inside, full moon, spider, owl or abandoned graveyard. And of course, none of this is included in this ceremony for no reason. For example, in the distant past, English witches considered Halloween to be the best time for witchcraft. Why? Well, when you do not know the nature of your existence, those who know you, have the ability to influence you. And the best time for a negative effect is when the your frequencies and around you are set to so-called evil frequencies. That is, when you are exposed to negative frequencies, you either see something or a scary image.

And the black cat also played an important role in their witchcraft. Paganism is the pagan religion of Ireland and Britain. But in Wicca, people believed that the future could be seen with the help of the black cat. Or they made a magic potion with a black cat. And of course the witch takes its name from Wicca. Until the witches were blown away by the anti-witch campaign, but their name and the black cat kept their place in the celebration of Halloween.

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