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Solomon Demons - Why is third Temple important for Rael?


At the end of the article, most important extraterrestrial events in 2020, we mentioned 3 subject. The message of the ground crew project for humanity and then the result of our studies on the nature of this message that we read these two article. And the third subject is the construction of the third temple before the arrival of the extraterrestrials. If you are one of those people who ask what the coming of the extraterrestrials has to do with the third temple? Well this article is for you.

Is someone named king Solomon a legend? Or did such a person really live once? Important evidence, from the sayings of the great historians to the relics of antiquity, not only confirm his existence, but also the myths associated with him. Yes, no doubt everyone is familiar with King Solomon. Someone whose name is associated with wealth, power, and most importantly wisdom. He was so famous in his time that even the Queen of Sheba came to Israel to see him from afar. Let's skip. Solomon's reputation was so high that it was not just Christian, Jews and Muslims books remember him, Rather stories of his great successes pervaded both Jewish and Islamic popular culture, perhaps the most important of which is his domination of demons, animals, and all the powers of the earth, as stated in the manuscript of Solomon. The powers that be built a great temple for him under his command. The books say that God showed King David the place where the temple was to be built, but Solomon was finished building the temple. The temple was to be the permanent location of the ark of the covenant. But Solomon died at the age of 80 in 931 BC.

Note this part of King Solomon's will: “at my death I wrote this Testament to the children ofIsrael, and gave it to them, so that they might know the powers of thedemons and their shapes, and the names of their angels, by which theseangels are frustrated. And I glorified the Lord God of Israel, and commandedthe spirits to be bound with bonds indissoluble.”

The Testament of Solomon is a text that is claimed to be the will of the king Solomon.This text is written in two parts, in the second part it clearly acknowledges that king Solomon has captured the demons inside bottles under the temple. So at the time of his death the demons were trapped under the temple. It was thought that the demons were set free when Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem and destroyed the temple.But let's review this. Imagine the soldiers entering the temple and looting everything and setting the building on fire and leaving. There is an important point now and that is the nature of this temple. The temple was built as a permanent place for the ark of the covenant, but Nebuchadnezzar's army did not find the ark of the covenant.And, of course, there is no report of the armies dealing with just a devil, let alone the 72 devils whom Solomon clearly described in his will. Of course, if you think that they may have been liberated at the time of the destruction of the second temple which built by Cyrus the Great, I must say that the Roman army also after the looting and destruction of the temple; They returned to Rome happy, and there are no reports of encounters with demons.

No doubt, you know that the Temple of Solomon was built on Mount Moriah, which is exactly where the Al-Qassa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock are located today. And if you watched the video of the ancient extraterrestrials, you remember that under the dome of this place; That is, under the Dome of the Rock is a well known as the well of Souls. A place covered with a large stone and none of the religions allow the study of this cave.

On December 13, 1973, at the age of 27, Claude Vorilhon went hiking in the Clermont-Ferrand Mountains when a light appeared in the sky and came straight at him. It was a flying saucer and an extraterrestrial that had introduced itself as an aloe came out of the spacecraft. He states in his book that he was taken to another planet outside the solar system but in the Milky Way galaxy. And they taught him the science of human cloning through sex with a biological robot, to make people believe the message he brings from Elohim. He describes them as physically smaller than humans, with pale green skin and almond-shaped eyes. And of course, he portrays them like this (Above)on the cover of his book, The True Face of God.

Upon his return, he began a lecture on his alleged experiences in Paris, where he attracted a group of followers, then founded the Raëlism International Movement and changed his name to Rael. He says they came to Earth about 25,000 years ago and used their advanced technology to create all life, Even humans on Earth. He describes humans as "biological robots" created and programmed by Elohim. He says that the name of the scientist responsible for the creation of humanity was Jehovah, and the first two humans were named Adam and Eve. He says there were seven major races on Earth modelled on the seven Elohim races, but the purple, blue and green races have disappeared. He says Elohim has so far sent 40 messengers to earth who are Buddhas; Jesus Christ and the Prophet of Islam are also members of them, and of course he introduces himself as the fortieth and the last prophet.

According to Rael, with our entry into the new age; Elohim returns to Earth. Because humanity has now grown enough to understand the truth about inspiration. And of course they bring 39 previous prophets. According to Rael, they also wanted an embassy to be built for them in Jerusalem, which would be the Third Temple, as prophesied. And this place should have a place for the UFOs to landing. According to him, this embassy or the third temple should be built by 2035. In 1997, he founded the Clonaid in Canada, and in 2002 gave birth to the first human clone, a girl. The girl was named Eva. According to him, Elohim denies the existence of a soul that survives after physical death. And the only way to return to life after death is to simulate a human being. He even offered to simulate Hitler for trial.

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