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The earth is changing its vibration and frequency and is ready to enter a new dimension. Countless dimensions have always surrounded us. But we can not see them because as the vibrations increase, they are invisible to our eyes. But now it is important for us to know more about this change to the new dimension because we are now at the beginning of it and its peak will come soon.

Friday, December 31, 2010. 11 o'clock at night. One hour before the beginning of the New Year. 35 miles northeast of Little Rock. According to the annual tradition, everyone was celebrating the beginning of the new year when suddenly, thousands of red-winged black birds fell from the sky to the ground and died. They fell on rooftops, roads, grass, and everywhere, and almost blackening the ground and terrifying anyone who witnessed it. The incident was then reported in Sweden and even a few days later in Kentucky and several other areas. But what happened? The only authority that reacted to the incident was the International Organization for Conservation of Animals, which blamed the loud New Year fireworks display. But this tradition has existed for decades, but a bird has never been reported to fall from the sky, and it's while the next day, the fish in the city's river were found dead. But that's not all. From that date until the end of 2012, millions of birds and fish died worldwide, of which 6.7 million were bats. More than 35 percent of the US bees has died. In just one week, tens of thousands of fish and birds died along the 25-mile shoreline of Lake Erie. And the researchers had no good reason. Until whispers were heard that this had happened due to a change in the vibration and frequency of the earth. And this is while, after hundreds of years, on December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar came to an end. Yes, the earth is changing its vibration and frequency and preparing to rise to a new dimension. Countless dimensions have always surrounded us. But we can not see them because as the vibrations increase, they are invisible to our eyes. Consider radio frequencies. There are dozens of radio frequencies around you, but your radio only receives one of them unless you set the radio to another frequency. Perhaps a simpler example is that a human being only hears sounds that have a frequency between 20 and 20,000 HZ per second. Now if the frequency of the inventory sound, for example, is about 10 Hz, we will not hear its sound. But is it not there? But now it is important for us to know more about this change into a new dimension because we are now at the beginning, and the peak will come soon.

Dolores Cannon was born on April 15, 1931. She was a famous American healing hypnotist. She first became acquainted with reincarnation in 1968 while treating a US Navy patient. From then on, she expanded her activities into hypnotherapy. Until 2009, during regression therapy, she noticed that some patients' words were too similar to each other. These people mysteriously do not see the worldly life they are leading as a reason for coming to earth. And everyone was saying, "It's time to wake up!" "We have a mission! It's time to start!" "Do not waste time! The time to do what we came to earth is getting shorter! It occurred to her to find them again and read more about them. Finally, she published the results of her studies in a book called Three Waves of Volunteers and New Earth. she strongly emphasises that in appearance, there is nothing unusual about these people. They are perfectly normal people who live like everyone else. But during the treatment, many of them remembered that they had come to earth to save humans. They pointed out that there is a council in the heavens that is responsible for overseeing the creatures of the universe, and that includes the earth and humans. Earth watchers in the 1940s realised the danger the earth was facing, and as they were not allowed to interfere from outside, the council decided to help from within. Thus, there was a call throughout the universe for ghosts to come to earth to help.

Dolores introduces them in two categories: One group of these spirits are those who incarnated for the first time and came to earth. And the other group are those who have lived on earth before and were able to save themselves from the cycle of reincarnation, and now, because of this important matter, they have accepted this risk and come to earth. According to Dolores, their goal is to help increase human energy so that they can ascend to the next dimension with the earth. She began to approximate their classification according to their present age. And introduced them in 3 waves. “The first wave of these spirits came to earth in the late 1940s and early 1960s. The second wave is now between 30 and 40 years old. The third wave is now in their teens”.

These three groups come to earth with different plans from those trapped in the reincarnation cycle for countless lives. And their main problem is the process of forgetfulness that they face when they come to earth. But there comes a time when one feels something is missing. Now is the time to remember, remove the veil, and rediscover your reason for coming to this turbulent planet at this exact time in history. She introduces these people as: These people always have similar questions. They always ask themselves, "What is my goal? Why am I here? What am I going to do? Am I on the right way?" These people are usually ignored. They are entered with a unique energy that strongly influences others. Although they are supposed to influence people with their energy, they do not really feel comfortable being with people. So many of them stay at home isolated to avoid being with others. They have no desire to have children. These people can not stand the violence and ugliness they see in this world and want to return "home" - even though they do not know where it may be.

In fact, their goal is to raise the level of human vibration, because those who can not change will be left behind, and this will be terrible. Because here it is the aura of energy or the soul that is destroyed. You know that everything is energy and energy is not lost and only changes from one state to another. But do not forget that the energy is the result of vibration and frequency. In fact, we can not make them see and we can not force them to love. And eventually they will die. But those who made the change and entered next dimension will know that there is destruction. They will see destruction. They will see what happens, but most of them will not be aware of the fact that the reason they did not die is that they were able to make this change within themselves, and the change in earth frequency did not affect them. As the frequency of the earth changes, the energy of the planet changes. The physical bodies of birds, animals, and humans will somehow react to that changing energy and will not be able to tolerate it if they are not attuned to it. If this energy transfer, the body also destroys. Those who resonate with that old energy will stay in that old energy.

For thousands of years, the Schumann resonance or (heart beat) of the earth has been 7.83 Hz. This figure has been used by the military as a very reliable reference. However, this resonance has been slowly increasing since 1980, and it has become faster since 2012. This means that there are less than 16 hours a day instead of the previous 24 hours. And you do not understand this. One of the signs of frequency and vibration is the increase in speed and shortening of time. Imagine that before 1980, a day it was 24 hours. A day It is 24 hours now. But if you put these two together, you will see that now is shorter than before. According to Elon musk which he tweeted on 12 Sep 2019, "Makes it clear that you can only sense acceleration. not velocity". To better understand this, we must first know what speeds up the rotation of the earth. A study was conducted in 2016 on the normal rotation of the Earth and has been available to the public since April 28, 2017. This study shows how resonance can affect the speed of rotation of the earth. (Link to this experiment in description section). However, scientists announced in 2020 that only 28 days were recorded, which was a shorter time, and this time was not significant. But more important than the speed of rotation of the earth is the important role of Schumann resonance in human health. When you walk barefoot on the ground, free electrons are transferred from the ground through the skin to your body. These electrons are the most powerful antioxidants known. Antioxidants help reduce inflammation as well as cell and tissue damage by eliminating and neutralising free radicals in the body. Yes, the destruction of this earth is happening in a way that you have never heard or read.

Don't you feel that time passes faster?

There is evidence that groups of people in the past have been able to relocate en masse to another dimension. Because they simply disappeared and there is no trace of what happened to their civilisations. Although there have been many speculations and theories so far, but few have paid attention to the fact that they have simply left the earth, and entered a different dimension. The Mayans and some North American Indian tribes are a prime example. This is one of the most logical explanations for the Mayan calendar, which was discontinued in 2012. They marked the time when the planet Earth changed frequency in their calendars and moved to the another dimension.

No doubt you have heard about the photon belt. What happens as we approach the end of each 11,000-year semicircle is that our solar system enters an area of ​​very high frequency known as the photon belt. When astronauts first identified the photon belt in 1962, physicists described photons as occasional particles that manifest immediately. When an antiparticle appears and is followed by a positive analog, they merge to form a photon. And they merge to create an energy field that has no charge outside of itself - it's just energy and we enter a new world. And in this video, we watched the results of years of Dolores research. We have seen that both point to the same thing: changing the frequency and energy of the earth and entering a new dimension or earth. But new earth. The new earth is first seen in Mithra's mysteries, where he says "he will prepare a miraculous draft that will give eternal life to the saved on the new earth". And then we hear this incident from the John the Apostle. John was the one who possessed the Holy Grail or the same mysteries. After Christ, the Roman emperor arrested him and tried to kill him with poison, but he did not die and revived two people who had been poisoned and died. So the emperor banished him to the farthest island in the Roman Empire out of fear. There John the Apostle wrote parts of that Mysteries on papyrus, which you know today as the revelation in the last part of the Bible. Well, what you are reading is: Then I saw "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea".

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"We can now see and feel the change in the frequency of the earth and the effects around us, because the world is preparing to move to a new dimension." They said that as the frequencies and vibrations increase, we will become more aware of the physical effects. Many of us can feel on another level of our being that something is happening. Some of these physical symptoms include headache, fatigue, depression, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, muscle aches and joint pain. All this does not happen at the same time. A person may have one or two cases for a few days and then disappear and not return for another few weeks. These are caused by the body adapting to increased vibrations.

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