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Types of mudras and their benefits

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Have you noticed that you give your fingers a certain position in different situations? The fact is most people do not realize this because it is unconscious, but if you are filmed in different situations, you will see that your fingers have different positions. But what do you think this is for? In fact, you are an electric being and these different states are only for better control of that situation. Are you surprised? Yes, humans have both a dielectric field and a magnetic field, and that is exactly why I said that you are an electric being. In this regard, your fingers are electrical circuits that are connected to different systems of your body. When you place your fingers in a particular mudra, you are effectively aligning your body's dielectric and magnetic fields in a way that affects your physical and mental state. The practice of mudras provides a concrete way to tap into this complex web of connections, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. It opens the door to a world where body and soul are intertwined, allowing us to harness our innate electrical nature in search of balance, power and enlightenment. In the following, I will introduce you to 9 important mudras.

List of mudras available on this page

Adi Mudra


Let's start with the most important mudra which nown as the mother mudra. It means Adi Mudra. This mudra is called the mother mudra because the fetus does exactly this mudra inside the mother's womb. To perform Adi Mudra, first bend the thumb towards the palm and stick it to your palm. Then gather the other fingers over the thumb so that your fingers are closed like a fist.
This mudra is used to balance the nervous system and strengthens mental self-awareness.
Use this mudra in certain yoga postures as well as during meditation.


Gyan Mudra


Let's get acquainted with one of the most important mudras. This mudra is called Gyan Mudra. This mudra is called one of the most important mudras because the Buddha himself often used this mudra during meditation. Gyan mudra is also a hand gesture used by yogis who practice "tap". Tap is accompanied by increased sense of self-discipline, passion and courage to burn away the "impurities" physically, mentally and emotionally and pave the way for our true greatness.
To perform this mudra, stick the tip of the thumb to the forefinger to form a circle. The other three fingers open outwards and the palm turns upwards. If you use this mudra during meditation, it will help to focus the mind. In fact, this mudra is mostly used by those who seek to expand the mind and absorb knowledge and wisdom. This mudra not only improves concentration and memory but also improves the functioning of the pituitary gland. Yogis believe that this mudra is related to the root chakra, and doing this mudra during meditation is useful for promoting the healing and balancing of the root chakra, which in turn promotes a sense of security, connectedness and stability in the individual.

Vayu mudra


The next mudra I will cover is called Vayu mudra which helps the free flow of prana in the body and balances the air element of the body. Perform this mudra by bending the index finger and bending it into the palm. Here the thumb is placed on the index finger and holds it down and the other three fingers are stretched parallel to each other.

This mudra can repair injuries to the body and accelerate the healing process. This mudra reduces pain and helps to treat arthritis. This mudra can promote hair growth and also reduce acidity.

Vayu mudra helps strengthen the throat chakra during meditation.

Therefore, it is better to do (Throat chakra guided meditation). And while inhaling and exhaling deeply, recite the mantra OM. And it is important to keep the hands completely still while reciting the mantra.

Akash Mudra


Another important mudra that I will cover is called Akash Mudra, which is usually used during meditation and to accompany situations such as Sukhasana. Sukhasana is a posture in which one meditates sitting on a flat surface in a four-knee position and keeps the back and neck completely straight.

To perform Akash Mudra, the tip of the thumb and middle finger should be joined together to form a circle. Then the other three fingers are pulled out. Akash mudra helps the meditator to attract positive energy. This mudra helps to feel more happy and satisfied. This mudra improves Eye sight related problems and promotes bone health. If practiced regularly, this mudra can detoxify the body. This mudra activates the throat chakra and can be beneficial for hormonal balance.

Shunya Mudra


If you are one of those who have problems with hearing, I suggest Shunya Mudra. In fact, Shunya Mudra refers to emptiness or nothingness. This mudra balances the ether element in the body and is said to have specific therapeutic effects for ear health problems such as earache, tinnitus and hearing loss.

To perform this mudra, bend the middle finger and attach it to the base of the thumb. Then place the thumb on the middle finger and press gently.

Prana Mudra

Another important mudra that I will introduce to you is called Prana Mudra. The importance of this mudra is due to the fact that it was performed by Lord Shiva in his Adinath avatar, and is commonly used by those seeking spiritual awakening.
You can do this mudra by touching the tip of your thumb to the tip of your ring finger and little finger. Here the remaining two fingers are fully extended. Prana mudra balances the vata element in the body and activates the root chakra to generate energy and heat in the body.
If you are one of the people who suffer from high blood pressure, skin problems, low energy or stress, do this mudra during meditation.

Prithvi Mudra


Here I will cover the Prithvi mudra which interacts with the root chakra and helps to revitalize it. This mudra reduces the fire element in the body while increasing the earth element. To perform this mudra, you need to connect the tip of the ring finger to the tip of the thumb and extend the other fingers as far as possible. This mudra increases the energy level and endurance of the body and accelerates the healing process of the disease.

Another important point is that this mudra helps vitamins and minerals to be easily absorbed by the body and to nourish the internal organs better. This mudra strengthens the sense of smell and improves nasal function.


Chinmaya Mudra


The next mudra is a very simple and can brings awareness to breathing. This mudra is called Chinmaya and is a simple hand pose that causes the prana to flow slowly through the body. This mudra is also known as the mudra of awareness because it enhances mental health. 
To perform this mudra, connect the tip of the index finger and thumb while the rest of the fingers are folded into the palm. Exactly like the picture above. As I said earlier, this mudra helps us feel more relaxed by stabilizing the breathing process. If you do chinmaya mudra before going to bed, it helps to improve memory and eliminate sleep disorders.

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Uttarabodhi Mudra


Now let me introduce you to the most important mudra, which is called the mudra of success. This mudra is called Uttarabodhi mudra. This mudra is not a specific pose, but a sign of power. People like Cristiano Ronaldo, Johnny Depp, Elon Musk, Meles Nielsen and many others usually do this mudra on special occasions. In fact, this mudra refers to the upward movement of energy.
This mudra is an active communication that leads to the awakening of intellect or consciousness. And it is more related to power and authority.
To perform this mudra, the middle fingers, ring fingers and little fingers are intertwined and locked in a cross position. Then the tips of the two thumbs and the tips of the two index fingers touch each other.
Touching the index fingers in this mudra activates certain nerve pathways and enhances the upward movement of energy.
Scientifically, it can stimulate the executive centers of the brain, increasing concentration, decision-making and mental clarity.

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