The Lost Civilization of Man

Enoch: the superior race; created man


In biology and related sciences, petri Dish containing nutrients are used for artificial culturing of small organisms. It's unclear whether a colony of microorganisms in an agar or ants inside a Formicarium will think exactly about the environment they are living or the person who made it there for them. Or if they think, what are their thoughts. But it would definitely be exciting to all of us if there really was such a thought in their minds and we could read it. In a cartridge container, they will provide nutrients to facilitate the growth of the tested colony's hardware(Body).   But apparently, in the dish that I and you are now inside

along with billions of billions of hardware particles, there's been a bit of agar compaction for software(the brain) growth, which we can basically think of as the nature of our agar

Our subject in this post is about a person known as Enoch, who lived 4,000 years BC.    As well as a book from him; in the name of the book of Enoch, which nowadays a large part of it is banned

Enoch was One of the Prophets before the storm of Noah, which attributed to him many sciences and books. The book of forbidden Enoch has several sections; each section has separate sections The Enoch book is one thousand and seven hundred years old, compiled from the words of Anoch from 5000 years ago. Being kept in the Vatican Library

The first part of this book describes the fall of the Nephilim to the earth and his journeys to heaven It is initially stated that Enoch was only an ordinary person in his own society, which God opened his eyes on.   And he was able to see what happened in the past and the future ...... The book states that the angels fell and the Nephilim and the aliens came to the earth and gave the earth knowledge.

Also, a copy of a book related to Enoch was found in a cave called Qamran near Baharalimit, which is now held at the Asin Monastery.   This book refers to the judgment of the people of Israel by the Lord. In the letter of Judas, 2000 years before the discovery of this version in Qamran, it has been quoted from this book and considered it to be heavenly. But what is noteworthy is that a large and significant portion of Enoch's books is either inaccessible, and only a fraction of them are available.

But why is this book banned or collected? These are the words of Enoch : Created a wonderful and luminous race of humanity!

The book contains valuable information about the true identity of these creatures, the winged and the creator, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why this enlightening book has been removed from the books. They were luminous beings from the group of the highest creatures beyond the cosmic knowledge that lived on this planet. Those first and luminous creatures are the key to the knowledge and secret of life on earth and the journey of the advent of human history!

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This book is the only reference that speaks of these brilliant and luminous beings, with the exception of this only in a few old texts and in several ancient books, the name of these beings has come. Like other ancient prophets, Enoch also possessed the chariot of the gods and saw the divine tree of life that was very holy. Interestingly, while Enoch was present before Noah, he refers to the presence of Jesus Christ

In the Bible, it says: "And Enoch walked with God, and fell down because God took him." (16) Therefore, Enoch has ascended to heaven before he died, and has been immortal.

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