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What is Kundalini Awakening and How to Wake it Up?

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You are neither your body nor the life force in it. You are the consciousness that precedes both. But your true self, is the lowest part of who you are now. So we use the life force (cosmic energy) as a means to awaken this consciousness.

In the second part of "The Sons of Mithras", we said: You are neither your body nor the life force in it. You are the consciousness that precedes both. But we use life force as a means to attain higher states of consciousness. Well, let me explain this dormant life force and energy with an example.

You need electricity to be able to run your home electrical appliances. This electricity is supplied through high voltage transmission lines, but when it reaches your home, its voltage is reduced to prevent wear and tear. Electricity is then distributed through wires inside the walls throughout the house. And all appliances work with the same voltage. But if you decide to have a super computer in your home instead of a regular computer, you will have a problem because this voltage can not start a super computer. And if you increase the voltage, other electrical appliances in the house will be damaged. Now these wires are exactly like the human nervous system, which sends signals to the whole body and brain with the help of electricity, allowing us to move, think and feel, and actually live. This electricity in the nervous system of an ordinary human being, that is, someone who eats, works and sleeps, is 23 watts produced by the brain. So this person's body is not compatible with higher voltages. And of course the brain needs enough sleep to produce this amount of electricity. Why sleep? Well, one of the locks is here. Keep this in mind so we come back again.

Now, if we want to use the supercomputers, which is the highest mode of utilization of brain power, instead of the normal computer, that is, the normal brain power that we have, this existing voltage is not enough. Therefore, we must increase the pranic capacity of our body so that we can receive cosmic energy (prana or the energy of life). And we have to do it carefully and in a certain way, because if we suddenly increase this energy, we may damage other parts of the body, just like electricity and supercomputers.

If you do not know what prana or cosmic energy is: simply put, these are charged cosmic particles (high-energy electrons and atomic nuclei) that move at the speed of light and are found all over the universe. And they are even able to penetrate 4.1 cm deep into gold. Scientists and modern science have come to the conclusion that human life is tied to these rays, and in fact, life without these rays is not possible. Because our physical bodies, human beings, have to receive these rays in order to survive and work, and our bodies receive this rays at night, that is, when we are asleep and through the brain. Yes this is the key to the first lock. In this case, if you do not get enough sleep, you do not have enough energy the next day and you are bored all day. But if you get enough sleep, your brain will receive just as much cosmic energy as it needs. So you can not go beyond what is set for you. But when you try and the kundalini wakes up and reaches the third eye chakra, you receive this energy not in sleep but in waking and in the desired amount, and this causes you to go beyond the limits set for humans. So keep going because the kundalini awakening is very small at first and happens to people who are almost ready. Although many yogis say out of fear that the kundalini awakening will take years or decades, the reality is that it happens much shorter than that.

In fact, when it comes to meditation, many of you think it's a religion. You may even think it's part of Hinduism or Buddhism, but it's not. In fact, what you have forgotten are people called Indo-Iranians.. Those who migrated from the north of the Caspian Sea (the south of the Caucasus), Central Asia and the Persian plateau around 2000 BC. And most of them settled in areas such as present-day Iran, present-day Turkey, present-day Iraq, and present-day India. Now the religion that we know as Hinduism is actually composed of philosophy, belief and religion that are collected from various texts and some of them date back to the second millennium BC. Now in the sacred texts of Hinduism, perhaps the most important of which is the storehouse of knowledge Atharva Veda, you will see the holy morning prayer of the Apastahana. Hindus start their morning with this prayer every day. Now this morning prayer is nothing but worshiping Mitra. In fact, it is not just a collection of Vedic verses addressed to Mitra. They also have special celebrations for him. In fact, although the world believes that the roots of ancient Roman Mithraism are from ancient Persia, But the Hindus consider him their own.

To know if you are ready or not, let's say that all meditations and spiritual exercises have energy levels from 1 to 9. Also, the capacity of each human system is from 1 (meaning he/she has never meditated) to 9 (meaning he/she is fully prepared). I suggest you sit for ten minutes and do not think at all. Can you do it? Can you do it? If you are in control, no thought will happen. But if you do not, many thoughts and images may come to your mind, but do not worry because they are not really "your" thoughts. Your mind is like a radio and can receive different types of energy. So, now you have to see yourself in level one, although you have meditated so far. Have you ever noticed that when you are intensely focused on something, your breath stops for a moment? Yes, there is a connection between breathing and your mind so that you can control your mind with your breath, and you can easily understand this during breathing meditations. But if you are in control. If you have been doing all kinds of chakra meditations for more than a year. You walk barefoot on the ground for 30 to 60 minutes every day. You have replaced healthy foods with unhealthy foods. You do not need to sleep more than 6 hours a day. You do not feel hungry during the day. And now you meditate more than 3 days a week, you are at level 6. So you can do a meditation called Kriya Supreme Fire, which is one of the strongest kundalini practice around level 6.

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“Note that the types of meditation do not mean meditations such as meditation to satisfy desires or attract wealth, and so on, because we seek to reach awareness and escape from this material world, not to take advantage of the Creator of the Matrix.”

Now if you follow all of the above but can not hold your breath for more than 60 seconds, you should consider yourself around level 3. So for 3 months, do a meditation called Tak Kriya Pranayama described in the Kriya Yoga Exposure. So now that you are ready to awaken the kundalini, consider that there are different levels of kundalini awakening, each level corresponding to a chakra. When the kundalini awakens, it flows through the delicate lateral canals, called Ida and Pingala, on either side of the spine and moves upward. And passes through Sushumna Nadi, (the delicate central canal in the spinal cord). As it increases, your consciousness becomes very delicate and radiant and "connects" with your subtle body and inner senses. It passes through each of the major chakras, and each time it reaches the chakra, the meditator experiences a chakra-based experience. For example, when kundalini reaches the root chakra, your sleep system is disrupted. You understand your body. Anxiety and stress reach the lowest possible level. And most importantly, you will find the desire to eat healthy foods. Here most meditators think that they have reached the final consciousness so they do not go beyond this. Because with more effort, kundalini passes through this chakra and that pleasant experience disappears. Here the meditator misunderstands and gives up more effort. Note that most of these experiences do not occur during the meditation, but usually occur in the post-meditation mode. That is, when you are resting, when you are relaxed and do not want to do anything special.

You should also know that the most important part of meditation as well as kundalini awakening is the focus of the mind on a specific part. But the mind is restless and various thoughts, mental confusion, drowsiness, etc. occur constantly. So you need to practice constantly to reach a point of focus. You can solve this problem by doing mindfulness meditations. Every day, just after you wake up, a glow of impersonal consciousness from the spiritual heart, the causal center, begins to shine through the Amrit Nadi, until it reaches the brain area. When it reaches the brain, it "transforms" into a personal consciousness, and the ego is formed and spread throughout the nervous system. Now what we want to do is collect all the released vital force from all parts of the nervous system to the central canal in the spine. Then we wake up the latent energy and raise it to reach the brain area and then bring it back down. We must first combine upward flow energy (prana) with downwards energy (apana), which produces a powerful heat energy in the umbilical region. We do this by meditating and focusing on breathing. One of the most mysterious things in our human system is the three distinct places along Sushumna Nadi called Granthi. These are energetic and emotional blockages that are reinforced by negative experiences and energies and create a strong barrier to the movement of life force. In fact, it can be said that (I am this body) is strengthened in the person. Therefore, you should always avoid negative energies.

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So far, various meditations for kundalini awakening have been introduced, but our experience has proven that the best technical way is called Kyria Supreme Fire. In the first few weeks, meditate three times a week, each time for an hour. Do not forget to do this with an empty stomach. Note that this method is not recommended for beginners at all

Sit in meditation mode. Keep your spine straight and never let your body bend. Take a few slow breaths first. Then take short, quick breath for 1 minute. Note that now the tail and open should only be through the nose and with each tail the abdomen comes out completely and with each exhale the abdomen is pulled completely inwards. The focus now is on the navel, which connects with the spiritual heart. Then breathe in slowly for a few seconds, then stick your tongue in your mouth and inhale up to 80% of full capacity and hold your breath for between 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Then pull your abdomen in and up as you hold your breath. Now you have to raise energy from the root chakra to the heart chakra. You will now feel intense heat and possibly tremble, staying in that position for as long as you can, but do not exceed two minutes. Now exhale slowly. You may now feel some "static electricity" going up from the root chakra through the spine. You will feel intense pressure and heat waves, and this dormant kundalini shakes to wake up and rises sharply from Sushumna Nadi. You may enter a state of self-awareness after the practice that is not like your normal daily consciousness. When this happens, stay in this position for as long as you can. In fact, it is an introduction to the Enlightenment. When the kundalini reaches the crown chakra, your consciousness is no longer the consciousness of the person you knew, and now expanded into universal consciousness. Although this "union" of inner fire with consciousness can bring mystical and cosmic experiences, unforgettable dreams and happiness, but sooner or later you will realize that those experiences do not happen often and do not last forever. The body is non-instinctive, the "I" has no self-consciousness, while consciousness is eternal and self-luminous. The "ego" is a link between the two, between consciousness and matter, just like a knot. If we examine the essence of this "knot of ignorance", we realize that it is only the forgetting of who we are, which in turn makes us identify with the body. This ignorance arouses the desire for external things to fill our hypothetical deficiency, and thus takes action to obtain the things we believe satisfy us. Of course, as we already know, none of that satisfies us forever. When we succeed and the kundalini reaches the crown chakra, it will take it directly to the spiritual heart, looking for the source of the "I". There the "knot of ignorance" is cut and the ego is completely dissolved.

If you look closely you will see that most couples are infinitely similar. From habits and behavior to food. These are called soul mate. Have you ever wondered what this means? Well, according to the third part of the "The Sons of Mithra" and according to the forbidden books, half of your real self is in the opposite sex. So until you find your soul mate, you are still halfway there, even though Kundalini has reached the third eye. And of course, do not forget that you have to go this way together, not alone. To know what level of spiritual awakening you are, answer the questions we have prepared and determine your level. Then we will suggest you meditations that are compatible with that level.

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