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Number Seven and How The Vibration of The Planets Affects You

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Have you ever wondered why there are 7 days in a week? Why does the world have seven wonders and not eight?

Have you ever wondered:

  • why there are 7 days in a week?
  • Why does the world have seven wonders and not eight?
  • Why are there seven layers of heaven or seven underworld?
  • Why do Muslim pilgrims go round Kaaba seven times?
  • Why are there seven churches, seven angels, seven seals, seven trumpets and seven stars in the Bible?
  • Why does the human body have seven chakras?
  • Or why did God rest on the seventh day?


The truth is that the number seven has played a significant role in society, culture, religion and even psychology.

Let's answer these questions:

  • Have you ever been sad for no reason?
  • Have you been happy for no reason?
  • Have you ever had suddenly a pure idea come to your mind?

In fact, 98% of my followers answered these questions in the affirmative. But what can this have to do with the number seven?

In fact, this is not because of the number seven, but because of the seven things that cause these different states in you. Although modern science has a justification for these states, ancient sciences have an interesting explanation about our states. For example, the 7 degrees of Mithraism are equal to the 7 chakras of the human body. In this system, the person who reaches the seventh degree is called father, that is, the person who has reached great wisdom, such as the crown chakra, which is a symbol of wisdom and awareness. Now, according to the teachings of this religion or Hinduism and Buddhism, if any one of these chakras is blocked, it will affect the mental state and of course the physical health of the person.

And the most important factor that causes the chakras to be closed is the seven planets that are in the solar system. For example, someone whose root chakra is blocked is always lethargic. Always anxious. He suffers from digestive disorders, etc. Therefore, it is natural that keeping the chakras active is one of the most important requirements for physical and mental health and of course for spiritual awakening.

In fact, these ancient teachings can also be seen in current science because numerous scientific researches have proven that every human being is influenced by the planets of the solar system. Or the evidence of it can be seen easily.

For example, NASA's tweet in 2014 is a solid proof of the influence of planets on humans.


January 4th, 9:47 AM PST, the long awaited planetary alignment will cause a gravitational fluctuation that will leave you weightless for a short period of time.


Or the tides that are done by the moon. Here, the gravitational pull of the moon, which you cannot see, causes the waters to rise towards the moon, and no doubt you know that almost 60% of the human body is made of water. In fact, the water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This means that the gravitational force of the moon affects the atoms, and of course, when you drink water molecules, these molecules make up your existence.

In fact, because we cannot see something with our eyes, for example, the gravitational force of the moon does not mean that it does not exist. For example, darken your room now and let light shine in through a hole. Suddenly, dust particles suspended in the air will appear in front of your eyes. And of course, scientists have proven that these dust particles can carry viruses.

However, there is a knowledge called astrology, in which the study of the movements and relative positions of heavenly bodies that affect human affairs and the natural world is done.

According to this knowledge, there are 7 planets in the sky, and these planets affect humans in some way. For example, when the planet Venus is in a certain position of the planet Earth, some people feel happy and alive. Some people are unintentionally lethargic. And the brain of some others shines like a genius. But why do we experience these feelings? The answers is: because these planets have a different effect on your chakras ( the energy points of your body), depending on:

  1.  The time of your birth
  2. Your existential frequency 
  3.  How open your chakras are

And because these chakras correspond to clusters of nerves, major organs, and our energetic body, the planets literally influence our emotional and physical health through the chakras.

For example, normally, when the planet Mars is in the constellation of Aries, some people born in April are happy like a child and become strangely kind. But at the same time, those who are born in December are unintentionally sad and are very interested in listening to sad music. And they become strangely aggressive. And again, at the same time, pure ideas take over the brains of people born in August. Of course, this is not a pleasant thing for those born in April because the planet Mars is hitting and closing the root chakra of these people. And when this chakra is closed, being happy and kind becomes a dream for this person. The interesting thing is that at this time, these people have a strange craving for foods such as strawberries, raspberries, pomegranates, cherries, beets, etc. That is, exactly the foods that help to improve and keep the root chakra open.

Now pay attention to this. If you study the forbidden Bible of John the Apostle, you will see that it refers to the 7 arcana that the creator of the material world created to control humans and to prevent humans from escaping from this three-dimensional matrix. And the important thing is that these 7 arcana or 7 planets are exactly the same planets that astrology mentions. So we saw how these arcanas affect humans, but how do they prevent humans from escaping from this 3D matrix?

Well, Comte St. Germain clearly mentions it in his handwriting book: The Most Holy Trinosophia.

Its decoding is as follows:

When the soul is separated from the body, it ascends through the seven rings on which the seven governors sit and returns to each of its lower powers in this way. Note that the seven governors are the same as the seven arcana and the seven planet.

He says:

  • moon sits on the first ring and the ability to decrease and increase is returned to it. This means humans who are below 250. One day these people are romantic, they love everyone, but the another day they behave exactly the opposite. Why? Because the heart chakra of these people has been closed for many years. And ego has created a new personality for him, while his real self is in a deep sleep.
  • Mercury sits on the second ring, and cunning and trickery return to it. This means that the planet Mercury attracts the real self or the soul of those whose frequency of existence was around 30, 50, even 75 during their lives and returns them to the earth in a new body.
  • Venus sits on the third ring and desires return to that ring. That is, people whose frequency of existence was around 125 most of the time.
  • The sun sits on the fourth ring and ambitions return to this ring. That is, those whose existence frequency has been around 200 for most of the time.
  • Mars is sits on the fifth circle, and rashness and unseemly boldness return to Mars. It means about 175.
  • Jupiter sits on the sixth ring and the sense of accumulation and wealth returns to it.
  • And on the seventh ring, Saturn sits at the gate of chaos, and evil lies and machinations are returned to it.

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Then the soul, which is free from all the accumulations of the seven rings, reaches the eighth gate, the ring of fixed stars.

Here, freed from all illusion, he dwells in the light and sings the praises of the Father there. A voice that only pure souls can hear."


This means that if someone's existential frequency is above 310 most of the time, he can pass through these 7 planets and reach the 8th gate. And the eighth gate is nothing but the exit gate from this 3D simulated world.

Notice that he said: free from illusion. Yes, this material world is nothing, but an illusion of the real world.

In fact, the fact that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day is nothing more than a code for evolution. Here, 7 represents completion. Just like Kundalini, which moves from 1, which is the root chakra, and grows to 7, which is the crown chakra. In the same way, you have to evolve to be released.

That means you have to pass through all these 7 planets to reach the exit gate. And this is only possible if you literally resonate only and only at high frequencies throughout your life.

You can go to the my website and enter your date of birth to find out which planet is affected which chakra at when. And what foods to eat  to help maintain that chakra. click here

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