The Lost Civilization of Man

The Truth Behind Humanoid Reptilians

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Have you ever heard that reptiles live among us? Have you ever heard that they run the governments of the world? But, have you ever thought that maybe you yourself are one of those reptiles?

No doubt that you have been taught that humans have five senses: because from the moment of birth you are programmed with a certain system to grow up with certain beliefs, when you grow up those beliefs are the truth for you. Now there is no truth for you except your beliefs. And you end up with the same beliefs. Unless you become alert, don't ignore the signs, then you will see a reality, more real than your beliefs, like Sinuhe(Famous doctor of ancient Egypt), you will understand that those beliefs were just an illusion of reality. However, these senses are sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. But as I mentioned in the previous video, humans have at least six senses, and the sixth sense, which is less talked about, is called the sense of depth. This sense allows us to track where our body parts are in space. But this sense has an important difference from our other senses because it also allows us to understand life, feel reality and know what limits us. If you start dozing right now, the first thing that will happen is that I will disappear. If you doze more, the device you are watching this video with will also disappear. And if you continue, even you will disappear. Because in simple words, your 5 senses are turned off. And this means that what you experience in the name of life is limited to these 5 senses. So these 5 senses will help you survive in this world, but they won't give you any sense of what life is. But the sixth sense will do it. And of course, these 5 senses themselves have limitations for understanding frequencies, which limit humans to this physical world. But our sixth sense works in a range that enables you to perceive frequencies that are beyond the range of perception of your other senses. Simply put, it can be said that there is a kind of frequency that only your sixth sense understands. And ironically, all religions of the world accept it. This frequency is called sound current or subtle sounds, or in other words inner voice. A frequency higher than light that Muslims call inner voice or divine inspiration, Buddhists call it Nada Yoga and Christians call it the Holy Spirit.

We see light when we are in the realms of light in the physical, astral, causal, mental and ethereal realms. But when you enter the spiritual realm, you hear the light, and that is the sound current. You will hear it in a very special way. It is a heavenly melody that only your sixth sense can understand now. And this sound current is the only way to return the true self of man to its higher source, that is, where it belongs. Or in other words, it is the only way to free man from the limits set to understand this life. Undoubtedly, the force that has played a role in bringing man down here must naturally have a "path" for man to return to the original source, and whoever finds this force is on the path to liberation.We'll call this Escape from the Matrix. Yes, just as the blades of this mill disappeared to your eyes and its sound became silent to your ears by increasing the speed of rotation of this mill, by changing the frequency limit of your senses, things appear to you that are invisible to the eyes and ears of others. And indeed you yourself will disappear in their eyes.This is all you need to understand to try to reach the highest state of consciousness to remove all limitations. Because the destruction of this world is only for those who only understand these frequencies, not those who see the new earth.

Let's look at an important historical belief. According to ancient Egyptian texts, the Egyptian gods used the stargate to pass to another world or another dimension. But only gods could, not ordinary people. Now pay attention to this. The Egyptian gods had an object called Dijd Pilar Ankh. Dijd and Pilar are placed inside the ankh and causes the owner's frequency to resonate at a high level. So they were able to pass through this gate because of their high frequency, not because they were special beings. Here is a deep connection between a higher state of consciousness, and your sixth sense, which can help you receive and understand these frequencies and most importantly free you from the dictates of your reptilian brain. Stare at someone who is not paying attention to you from a distance of 3-4 meters, after a while she will turn back and look at you unconsciously. This is her sixth sense or we can say the sense of depth. Now, if she is in a high state of awareness or has an active third eye, she will react to your gaze very quickly and look back to you. But if she resonates in low frequencies, she may not react to your gaze. But as I said, the most important thing that happens to you when you reach highest state of consciousness is that you can understand the difference between the sounnd cutrent and the commands of your reptilian brain and save yourself from the commands of your reptilian brain. Yes, you heard that right, reptilian brain. Because many confuse the instructions of the reptilian brain with consciousness and spiritual guidance. Most people think of the human brain as 2 similar spiral hemispheres connected by a set of fibres called the corpus callosum. But if you examine the human brain more closely, you will see that this brain consists of 3 different parts, each of which functions in a specific way.

These 3 parts are named “reptilian brain, limbic brain and neocortex.”

In fact, it was for the first time in 1960 that Paul McLean proposed the triple human brain. Although experts at the time rejected his claims, many studies were conducted until today's science largely confirms this. According to researchers, in the brain stem and basal ganglia, there is the first part of the human brain, which is called the reptilian brain, and it is actually the oldest part of the brain. In fact, any message that is sent to your brain must pass through this part. And the main reason this part of the human brain called the reptilian brain is that this part exactly contains the main structures found in the reptilian brain. Have you ever done something unconsciously? Or have you ever been sad for no reason? According to McLean, the human reptilian brain is not only responsible for human instinctive behaviours, but also for basic motivations related to thirst, hunger, sexual desires, aggression, aggression, dominance, as well as procedural habits and memory. For example, you leave your keys in a certain place every day.

Imagine that you are shopping with your child and she sees a piece of chocolate and asks you to buy it for her. If you say no, her reptilian brain will start provoking her to starve. As a result, the child starts crying and asking again. Then there is the limbic brain, which arose in the first mammals. This part deals with emotions and memory. It also plays an important role in strengthening behaviour, social order and hierarchy. And the third part of the brain is called the neocortex. This part of the brain allows us to think about complex things like gratitude, empathy, planning, compromise and problem solving. In fact, the relationship between these 3 brains can be explained as follows: When we are processing information or responding to a situation, our reptilian brain produces instincts. If you remember article "The Sons of Mithras", we mentioned the primary animal aspect or the 3 main instincts that you carry with you since childhood. That means food, F and Fight. Our mammalian brain processes our emotions, then the neocortex analyzes the best way to proceed. But has it ever happened that in response to something you suddenly got defensive and started fighting? Well here it was your reptilian brain.

As I said earlier, any message that is sent to your brain must pass through the reptilian brain. In the uppermost part of the brain stem, there are pituitary gland, hypothalamus and pineal gland, which work together to send sensory information to the higher cortex. But according to researchers, when we are in this situation, the reptilian brain literally disconnects this part and we literally turn our eyelids back and think only with our reptilian brain. Actually, we don't think at all because this information does not go to our limbic brain and neocortex and goes to another part of the brain called the amygdala, which basically tells you two ways whether you want to fight or run away. This is because the neocortex brain is not able to analyse the situation for the best reaction. And that's why you usually regret after doing something bad. for example aggression. But, no doubt, it has happened to most of you many times that you have said: I had a feeling that told me to do this. My heart told me to say it, or I was inspired to do it, and so on. Well, the reality is that contrary to what you think, this is your creeping mind that has placed itself in the place of inner feeling and awareness. But it is easy to control the reptilian brain and free yourself from the domination of these commands and temptations of this part. If you pay attention, you will never see aggressive and wrong actions from those who are on the spiritual path, because when you resonate in high frequencies, the dominance of your reptilian brain will be less and less. And on the contrary, the more you resonate in the lower frequencies, the more and more the temptations of your reptilian mind will be.

I always believed that we know part of the facts and today we understand them in the form of theories and legends and in a different way depending on our knowledge. For example, you no doubt know that there is a theory that reptiles live among us. Or they are trying to destroy the human race. If you review the ancient beliefs, you will see that there is always talk of unnatural creatures called reptiles, who seem to have intelligence similar to modern humans. In ancient sumerian, there is a literal statue of a reptilian goddess cradling her children. Ancient Egypt has a God called Apopis, also called Apep. The serpent god who embodied chaos and was opposed to light. In Mesoamerican culture, there was Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkán, the flying, bird-reptile god who created the cosmos. And Hinduism, Buddhism speak of a God named Naga, a demigod of human-serpent hybridity that is potentially dangerous to humans. But it seems that one day they disappeared forever. (Or maybe they never went anywhere.)

Now notice this: Reptile skin is a waterproof barrier of dead skin cells on top of a layer of fresh, living cells. And you should know that this is exactly like our skin layering system except that we are constantly shedding skin. That is, dead cells are shed and new cells take their place. Now, it is enough for the human body to suffer from some kind of dry skin disease, that is, a disease that interferes with the shedding of dead skin cells. Then you will see too many similarities between humans and reptiles. And the most important thing is our gene, which is the same as that of reptiles. The EDA gene provides instructions for making a type of protein. In short, our skin, hair, nails, teeth and vascular glands are determined by the ADE gene. And when we talk about genes, we are actually talking about DNA. But Don't forget that, we are not this physical body, we do not belong here, this modern slavery is not fair. Because the real me is a divine being, and believe it or not, all religions point to one thing, and that is reaching spirituality, which means the highest state of Consciousness.

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Do you remember the Forbidden Book of John that said the Demiurge captured that true divine being from the mainland with the help of beings in a physical body similar to themselves? Watch The Sons of Mithras again. In order to understand the difference between spiritual inspiration and the commands of your reptilian brain, you must first understand what percentage of your current personality your reality itself makes up. Because as much as your ego rules you, the power of your reptilian brain will be more. There is a test on our website that allows you to find out what percentage of your current personality is your true self. Click here if you wish.

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