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Freemasonry and providence eye - by reading this article, all the doors will be opened on you

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Perhaps you are one of those people who have been symbol of the eye of providence in front of your eyes for many years, but you did not know its true nature or you considered it as a symbol of Freemasonry. We read in the article of the mysteries of Freemasonry that this symbol only refers to its great and of course dormant energy that every human being has at his disposal, that is, the pineal gland or the third eye. And then in the article of the third eye, we became more familiar with the importance of the third eye. And then became more familiar with the constituent elements of man, matrix , cosmic energy and even Deja vu. But this puzzle has a missing piece, which we will complete in this article.

In the ancient Indian calendar, units of measurement of properties called Kala, Nimesha, Kashtha, Ghatika and Muhurta were used. For example, 1 Muhurta equals 48 minutes. 1 Ghatika equals 24 minutes. 1 Kala equals 48 seconds. 1 Kashtha equals 1.6 seconds. And Nimesha equals 88.889 milliseconds. But in the same ancient religion there is a phrase called Brahma Muhurta which means a suitable time period for understanding knowledge. This period is also called the Creator's time. And this ritual states the time of Brahma Muhurta as, a whole night consists of 15 Muhurtas and each Muhurta lasts 48 minutes. And Brahma Muhurta 2 Muhurta begins before sunrise and ends with the beginning of the next Muhurta, Thats mean 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise and ends 48 minutes before sunrise. Of course, the time of sunrise varies according to the geographical location and time of year, so the time of Brahma Muhurta is also different.

But why did this ancient ritual call Brahma Muhurta the time of understanding knowledge, and could it be related to cosmic energy?

There are two important issues here. First, as you saw in the previous video, there is a vast amount of cosmic energy around us at night, and our bodies receive these rays through the brain, and this happens when we are asleep in complete peace. And of course there is another way to get the cosmic energy, which is meditation. And the second issue is the nature of the relationship between the planet Earth and the sun and the moon. Yes, this relationship is such that during Brahma Muhurta certain physiological changes occur in the human system. Medical science has even found that waste products in the human body, such as urine, at that time had certain properties that it did not have at any other time of the day. But considerable research has been done on this, which shows that the whole human body is in a favorable atmosphere at this time, and the natural production is what is called melatonin, and this is nothing but the secretion of the pineal gland. And what makes these studies worthwhile is that the pineal gland is secreted to its maximum during the Brahma Muhurta, which means that at this hour you can change not only your tomorrow but also your future. And I think the reason why the greats of history did not sleep at night is precisely related to this hour. That is, from 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise for 48 minutes.

To better understand this, let us first become more familiar with the pineal gland. In the middle of the human brain there is a small gland that is in the shape of a pineal, which is the same as the pineal gland and is known as the third eye. The importance of this gland appears in every ancient culture around the world and was once an important tool for sublime vision and understanding, but now it is mostly dormant, because the main purpose of this gland has partially disappeared over time. For example, in Ayurvedic philosophy, the third eye is represented by the Ajna chakra, and in ancient Egypt, the symbol of the eye of Horus is a mirror of a pineal gland placed in the sideview of a human head.

The ancient Greeks believed that the pineal gland was a means of connecting to the realms of thought. The Buddha sees this as a spiritual awakening. Or Christ says; The eye is the light of the body. If your eyes are bright, your whole body will be full of light. If René Descartes's statements are true and the pineal gland is the seat of the soul, it would be correct to believe that the pineal gland acts as a link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Or in simpler terms; The third eye is the gateway to all psychic affairs - telepathy, insight, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. While the physical eyes perceive the physical world, the pineal gland, or the third eye, sees the real world.

When your third eye is activated, you will receive instructional messages and perspectives. Try to follow what your intuition offers and now you will see that no question will remain unanswered for you. But where does the third eye receive these messages, information and guidance? Yes, you said it right. From energy whose source is still unknown. “ Cosmic energy ”.

You may have tried many times to open your third eye in different ways, but you have undoubtedly been disappointed. Why ? For 2 main reasons; As you saw earlier, the main time to activate the third eye is midnight, that is, exactly when you are asleep or if you are awake, you may be doing anything but trying to understand and activate the third eye. Take a look at this chart. Yes, exactly what you need to do is enlightenment for 48 minutes from 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise. And that means you have to increase your energy to 900. But unfortunately, the pineal gland is still inactive and you will not be able to activate it even with 1000 energy, except by observing the following points.

But first let me introduce you to calcification. Calcification is the accumulation of calcium phosphate crystals in different parts of the body. This process occurs when calcium penetrates the soft tissue to cause it to harden, and the reason for this process is due to toxins in everyday products such as hormones, Additives, sugars and artificial sweeteners or radiation caused by cell phone use and electric and magnetic fields occur which have negative effects on the pineal gland.

1. Avoid fluoride 2. Add water filters to the sink and shower faucet. And never drink tap water. 3.Add these products to your food basket: raw cocoa, Berry tomato, garlic, lemon, watermelon, banana, honey, coconut oil, hemp seeds, coriander, seaweed, honey, chlorella, seaweed, vinegar Raw apples, zeolites, ginseng, vitamin D3 and bentonite clays. 4.Use essential oils: lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, parsley and pine. 5.Watch the first few minutes of sunrise and the last few minutes of sunset slowly. 6.Get help from crystals and stones: amethyst, sapphire, purple tourmaline, rhodonite and sodalite

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