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Black Stone, The most mysterious stone in the world


In Mecca, pilgrims engage in a special ceremony, one of which is to circle the Kaaba 7 times counter-clockwise. But apart from this, each of them tries to reach and touch a mysterious object. It is a stone located in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. A stone known as black stone. But why do they do this?

Every year thousands of people from all over the world travel to the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Because one of the most sacred structures in the world is located in this city. It means the Kaaba. In this place, pilgrims are engaged in a special ceremony, one of which is to circle the Kaaba 7 times counter-clockwise. But apart from this, each one of them tries to reach a mysterious object and touch it. This is a stone located in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. A stone known as the black stone. And it is located at the point where when the pilgrims stand towards the Kaaba, they stand towards it. Or it can be said that this stone forms the focal point of a pilgrim's ceremony.

In fact, circling the kaaba, which is called Tawaf, starts from the point where the black stone is located, and with each round, they return to the black stone. They touch it and kiss it and then start the next rotation to complete 7 rounds. Of course, because there is a crowd, it is not possible for everyone to touch the stone, so every time they reach the stone, they shout God is great. But there is a question. Why do pilgrims do this? In fact, the only reason is a narration: Umar addresses the stone and says:

I know that you are a stone and neither benefit nor harm. If I had not seen the Prophet touching (and kissing), I would never have touched you.

According to this statement, it is clear that Umar has no knowledge about this stone, and he only did it in imitation of the Prophet of Islam. So the more important question is why did the Prophet of Islam do this? In fact, the Islamic tradition says about this stone that it fell from heaven and showed Adam and Eve where to build an altar, and in fact they built the first temple on earth. Then, when Abraham was looking for stone to build the Kaaba, he found this stone and used it in the wall. However, the building that Abraham built was not called Kaaba because it was not a cube, but rectangular and without a roof. However, the Prophet of Islam placed this stone in the right corner of the Kaaba during the reconstruction of the building. Over the years, this stone was stolen and broken into pieces many times, and of course, the color of the stone was bright at first and turned black over the years.

So, as it turned out, the importance of this stone is because it fell from the heaven. But is it possible that this stone has a special energy that affects anyone who comes near it? Because we know that different stones have different energies that interact with the meridian lines of the human body, with the chakras of the person who is near it. What about this stone that has no earthly origin.

On the border between Germany and Austria there is a very small region called Erl. In the middle of this area is a small church called St. Andrias. For decades, this church was known as Salvation Church. Because everyone who entered this place felt beautiful and left there full of energy and cheerfulness. This place became so famous that in 1980, archaeological operations were carried out on this building. After deep excavations over a period of several weeks, several skulls and a small stone were discovered. A strange and completely rare stone on the planet. Now the mystery was solved because this stone had an extremely high energy that affected all those who were present in that place. Today, this stone adorns the altar of this church and every day many people go to this place to get energy. Here is a common point between this stone and the black stone in the Kaaba. Both are quite rare on the planet. So is it not possible that the black stone also has a special energy that affects the pilgrims? Because Umar said that the one who broke the idols, i.e. the Prophet of Islam, touched the black stone and kissed it. But another question is, can there be a relationship between these two stones? To understand this, it is better to first see where exactly did Adam and Eve build the first temple?

In fact, Adam and Eve are known from the book of genesis. According to this book, they lived in a place called Eden, from where they were expelled and sent to earth. And with a simple calculation, it can be understood that this book declares their era around 10 thousand years BC, that is, around 12 thousand years ago. According to the book of genesis, Seth was born in 130 AD. When Seth was 105 years old, Enoch was born. When Enoch was 90 years old, Jacob was born and so on. But the question is,

  • what did Adam and Eve come to earth with?  
  • Where was Eden anyway?  

The short answer is this. They did not go anywhere from where they were. Only they were limited by the 5 senses they were given. This caused them to suddenly find themselves from a green garden in the middle of heavy snow and storm. As I said, the creation story records this event about 12,000 years ago, and according to geological studies, 12,000 years ago was exactly when this earth that we are experiencing now was in the ice age, so that life did not flow at all.

And this is while the ritual of Mihr in ancient Persia known as Mithraism in ancient Rome has recorded that exactly 12 thousand years ago, Mithras came out from inside a cave called Roodafshan in northern modern Iran with some people and then settled them in Merv valley in modern day Elam. This is the beginning of a great civilization that was formed later. Elamites means people of Elaha. Elaha is an epithet for Mithra meaning sacred unity, which was honored along with a stone. Because he taught people about the light of love and encouraged the search for the path through unity. And in fact, the word divine means my gods or more precisely my Mithra. This is the only reason why the Elamites called their land "Haltameti" which means "God's Land".

And add to all this that the science of geology and of course archeology has found the traces of the first humans after the ice age in this cave of Roodafshan. But the dumb thing that might exist is that there is only one temple in this cave and that is the temple of Anahita. But the truth is that during the Parthian era, the worship of Anahita reached its peak, so that temples all over Iran were donated to her. It is known that the Parthians swore by the name of this Anahita. It is true that there are not significant sources in this case because as you know, all the historical books of Iran were burned to the ground, but in the books of Armenian historians, we come across the names of Mithra and Anahita temples. And in the Roodafshan cave, there is no name of Anahita temple, but Mithra. And this is the first and oldest temple in human history, which, of course, was not built on the ground but underground.

A question: imagine you have a television. What happens if you change the TV channel now? Will the TV be changed? No, the received frequency is changed and you receive another tv show on the same TV. Now listen to this. In 1999, the famous British archaeologist David Rolle claimed to have found the exact location of the Garden of Eden, according to the Bible's description of the Garden of Eden in northwest Iran, at the bottom of Mount Sahand towards the fertile valley of Aji Chai. A mountain valley with terraced gardens, filled with all kinds of fruit trees and a river that divides into four parts and joins exactly the four great rivers described in the Bible to describe Eden.

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Yes, I said it before and I will repeat it again. Higher dimensions are here. Actually, when I talk about higher dimensions, I don't mean what we draw with numbers and geometric shapes. Because this dimension I am talking about is actually a total potential energy from low frequency to very high frequency. When we are in the third dimension, we are actually in a frequency between 3 and 4. Because each dimension itself is the range of a frequency that consists of the vibration frequency of zero to 1000. And when we are in third frequency, it means we only receive frequencies 1 to 3 and for some, up to the edge of 4. Isn't it interesting? The television is the same, only the frequency has changed.

As I said earlier, Mithra took those people out of the Roodafshan cave in Damavand, and you know without a doubt that Damavand is located in the central part of the Alborz mountain range, and this means that there may be caves that extend not from Sablan but from Tabriz to Rudafshan. . It is not a secret that Mithra came out of the heart of the stone. A stone that fell from the sky. And according to the Mysteries of Mithras, after him, people honored that stone in his memory. A stone that was not from the earth.

Now listen to this. In St. Andreas Church, a stone board is installed on the wall, on which the date of excavation and the date of discovery of the energy stone are written. This is what is written on this stone. DIM Pro salute - This is shortened to Deo invicto mithrae pro salute, which translates to English for Salutations to the invincible god Mitra.
In fact, what archaeologists discovered under this church is nothing but the ruins of one of the oldest temples of Mithras.

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