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New discovery: lost continent found under Europe


A missing piece of North Africa that was hidden beneath Europe 140 million years ago was discovered by scientists.

The Mediterranean region is one of the most complex geologically on earth.   Geologists from all over the world have come to amazing conclusions by researching all the mountain ranges from Spain to Iran for 10 years. The research, co-ordinated with the University of Utrecht, shows that a piece of continental crust the size of Greenland, which was once part of North Africa, separated from North Africa, and now located under Europe. The buried continent was discovered when researchers reconstructed the complex evolution of Mediterranean geology. They found a piece of continental crust the size of Greenland, which had separated from North Africa and lay beneath the surface of southern Europe.

Most of the mountain chains examined are from a continent originating more than 200 million years ago Isolated from North Africa. According to Van Hinsbergen, significant parts of the newly discovered continent can be found in the Southern European mountains. According to Douwe van Hinsbergen: Professor of Global Tectonics and Paleontology at Utrecht University: The only remaining part of the continent is a strip that starts from Turin; passes through the Adriatic Sea to the heel of the boot that forms Italy,

The region where the continent is hiding is called Adria,   Therefore, this continent, which is in the layer of the earth, is referred to as "Greater Adria" by its discoverers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. While most of the continent is underwater, many of the alluvial parts of the Earth"s mass have been lost during the Great displacement. These parts are today the European mountain belts, including parts of the Alps, Greece and Turkey.

Scientists reconstructed the size and shape of the continent with tectonic reconstruction software. They used thousands of pieces of information about fault lines, magnetism in rocks and other earth motions to produce the final image.

Douwe said: Do not forget Atlantis. Many tourists spend their holidays in the lost continent of Adria every year without notice. Especially for those who enjoy and enjoy the highlands of Italy, Turkey, Greece or Croatia

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