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Messages we received from extraterrestrials and we sent to them


Do you know we have received messages from extraterrestrials many times and have sent them messages many times? This post looks at some of these messages.

As you read in our previous post, ( A message from aliens in live TV), on November 26, 1977, television images in the UK were suddenly frozen. At the same time, the voice of a man who introduced himself as Verillon from beyond the earth was heard on television for a five-minute period that contained a message, or rather a warning to humans.

But was this the first or only message from the aliens? In 1896, Nicolas Tesla stated that he could use his wireless electric transmission system version to contact creatures on Mars. In 1899, while conducting experiments at the Colorado Springs Test Station, he discovered a signal from that planet Mars. This signal was a strange static repeating signal that began at Mars sunset and continued until midnight. But the meaning of these signals was not clear to Tesla.

From 21 to 23 August 1924, all radios were switched off for five minutes every hour. At the same time at the US Navy Observatory, a radio receiver using a "radio camera" built by Amherst College and Charles Francis Jenkins was 3 kilometers above ground level with precise wavelength adjustment. It covered between 8 and 9 kilometers to receive the signal. The program was commissioned by David Todd with Army Admiral Edward W. Bruber, and William F. Friedman (Chief of the US Army Cryptography) was there to translate any potential messages from Mars.

Strange things have happened since the 1947 th that there is very strong evidence of an extraterrestrial presence around us. From Roswell in New Mexico and the disappearance eisenhower in February to UFO presence over US nuclear facilities, failure to install, and subsequent US-Russian historic agreement and ultimately a strange message to the planet Venus.

On November 19, 1962, a radio message with the Morse code was sent to the planet Venus. In this message, the Russian word MIR means peace; LENIN means Lenin and the word SSSR The abbreviation for the Union of Soviet Republics was sent to Venus.

During a special celebration of the reconstruction of the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico, data collected by Carl Sagan and his colleagues were transmitted via radio waves to space. It was the strongest message sent by human will to space. The message was sent directly to the star cluster, about 25000 light-years from Earth, and containing image messages.

These radio signals depicted the position of the planet earth on the Solar System, as well as the basic scientific and mathematical foundations of humans, and were sent to space using NASA s antenna. The message also contained details about humans, which included the physical and human appearance of the human being and the DNA. These signals were millions of times more powerful than those used to send television images to Earth.

On 21 August, 2001, a report emerged of two images right next to Britain s largest telescope, the Chill Bolton Observatory and the site of the world s largest guided meteorological radar. One was called a humanoid face and the other was a code similar to the one set by Seti in 1974.

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Many people attributed the humanoid face to the image of Mars. This image is part of the Sidonian region, taken by the Viking Orbiter, released on July 1 by NASA.

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