The Lost Civilization of Man

Elixir of Immortality


How can be immortalize? Yes, for centuries humans have been looking for something called the elixir of immortality or the water of life. Something that makes them immortal. Alchemists in different era and cultures was looking for the formula of this elixir. But are these myths true and is there such an elixir? We will introduce this elixir to you. so read this article with your grandparents becouse they have a key.

If you study ancient history, you will discover strange things that may be incomprehensible to you. For example, why was this hedgehog so important for the ancients? You can see the relief of this animal in the tomb of Penhenuka in Saqqara. (Above) 1 Or from the seventh century AD there is a Persian book called manafi hayawan. (Below) 2 The original author of this book is unknown due to the book's antiquity. But this book describes this hedgehog in a strange way. Even witches are closely associated with this animal. And our studies show that this animal is closely related to an ancient myth. Yes, the elixir of immortality.

How can it be immortalized? For centuries, humans have sought the elixir of immortality. Something that makes them immortal. The elixir of immortality, sometimes equated with the philosopher's stone, is a potion that seems to bestow eternal life or eternal youth. It is also said that this elixir cures all diseases. Alchemists in different ages and cultures sought the formula of this elixir. This legend throughout the Persian Empire; Ancient India and China originated and consequently spread throughout the world. But are these myths true and is there such an elixir? On March 5, 2019, the Metro News Agency reported that a bronze vase containing a mysterious liquid dating back more than a thousand years was found inside a tomb in China.According to legend, this potion may be an "elixir of immortality" that can bestow eternal life on anyone who drinks it.

But among all these myths there is an ancient knowledge that reveals the secret of immortality in the simplest possible way. And it description of the mystery of immortality is exactly the same as the elixir of immortality, but with one important difference. This is not a drink. In fact, the secret of immortality is right in front of your eyes and you are unaware of it. I mean your grandparents. They have knowledge that even science today can not explain. They sometimes say words, what if you ask why? The only answer they give you is that "this is a tradition of our ancestors". But where did these ancestors get these words from? They must have told you not to trim your nails at night. We chose this topic first to increase your understanding of the main topic. Because almost everyone has heard from their parents that nails should not be trimmed at night. Of course, most Iranian parents; Hindi and Chinese speak these words. Of course, there are answers to these questions, for example, it is said that in the past there was not much light and it was possible to cut your finger instead of nails. And of course, some of these answers are really special. For example, taking nails at night enchants a person!. And so on. But the reality is none of this.

Let me introduce you to the science of your ancestors. A science that our modern science is just remembering that science and that's it. So open your eye and see the truth. Have you noticed that sometimes a white spot is seen under your nails? No doubt you know the reason. Yes, it is a sign of calcium deficiency. And that's exactly the point. Undoubtedly, you know the importance of calcium for the body.The body needs calcium to move muscles as well as to transmit messages through the nerves between the brain and any part of the body. At night, when you sleep, the muscles are free and the brain does not send a message to the body parts. In fact, it is better to sleep at night so that the brain does not have to send messages to other parts of the body. Why? Because there is no calcium in your body. There is actually a small amount. In fact, human nails play the role of storage in the human body. At night, calcium is removed from the whole body and stored in the nails, and only a small amount remains in the body, and when the sun rises, calcium returns to the body. For this reason, if you are calcium deficient, the warehouse will not be full and you will see empty space in the warehouse, ie nails. Now it is enough for you to take the nail clipper in the middle of the night and destroy part of the warehouse. Guess the depth of the tragedy yourself.

And the secret that everyone has been looking for centuries. The secret of immortality. Literally living 1000 years and not even getting sick like the people before Noah. Grandparents of most Iranians; Indians and Chinese are familiar with a phrase called eat roots; Always eat. A sentence that is the only secret of immortality. However, they themselves do not know the true nature of this sentence and some consider it a proverb that says eat less and always eat or be satisfied and so on. Of course, those who are older hunt the Hedgehog and drink its blood. Because they believe that hedgehogs eat from the roots of trees. For this reason, hedgehog blood is considered healing. They even show you the picture above when it comes to the elixir of immortality. A white mouse or rabbit making a potion. And of course, almost all alchemists have come to the conclusion that the elixir of immortality is tied to the roots of plants, and because this animal only eats the roots of plants, drinking the blood of this animal is considered the secret of immortality. But if you study history carefully, you will see that the ancients believed that humans themselves had to eat root.

Believe it or not; That is the only secret of immortality. Eat only what you get out of the ground. If you read, you will see that in the Avesta the book of Zoroastrians and the Sanskrit book of the Indians refer to a plant called Haoma. Scientists consider the identity of this plant to be a spiritual feature of an Indo-Persian religion before Zoroastrianism. And we see that in the mysteries of Mithras, the ancient religion of the Persians and then the Roman Empire, this plant is described as follows: this plant should be crushed and its water should be drink. because It brings health, fertility and immortality. If you know God, then re-read the story of creation because God emphasizes twice that I created trees and plants for human consumption. And if you do not know the God, read about your body.

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