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Most mysterious blood type - Rhesus negative and the mystery of the Bloodline of the One

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Are a few of humanity the product of ancient and advanced alien civilisation? Or a higher percentage of humanity? Have we evolved periodically as a species over millennia? In short, has our genetic makeup been manipulated by otherworldly beings? Or by other extraterrestrial beings who see human civilisation as a great laboratory experiment? These questions are controversial and thought-provoking. these are also questions that need to be answered. This article is about a substance in the blood called Rhesus negative, which is the result of our research and studies.

For centuries, fetal death in the womb was one of the greatest concerns of medical science. According to statistics, in one year alone in the United States, 100,000 fetuses were lost in the womb. Until 1616 that the English physician William Harvey published his observations of blood circulation, and then he published his famous monograph in 1628. Blood transfusion experiments on dogs were then started in 1665 by physician Richard Lower. Two years later, in November 1667, Lauren, he injected the blood of a sheep into a man. And at the same time in France, Jean-Baptiste Dennis, a physician at the court of Louis XIV, had begun a similar experiment. It means transmitting the blood of lambs to humans. And of course, the deaths caused by this operation led to his arrest and the ban on blood transfusions. Until 1901, a revolution in biology took place with the discovery of the American biologist. He discovered A,B ane O blood types. And 39 years later, in 1940, Landsteiner and Alexander Wiener discovered the root cause of fetal death. That is, Rh negative.

Everyone has a specific blood type. When you ask someone, what is your blood type? You will get a simple answer: A, B, AB or O. Or the same letters to the negative. But all mammals have a factor called RH in their blood. Rhesus factor is an inherited protein found on the surface of red blood cells. The name Rhesus is due to the use of the blood of Rhesus monkeys in the initial test to determine the presence of RH antigen in human blood. According to genetic studies, if all humans evolved from one ancestor, their blood would be compatible. But there is a very mysterious case in between that genetics is unable to answer. What is RH negative and where does it come from?

Genetics says that all species on Earth, of any race, can interact and reproduce. And the science of genetics says that we modern humans are all of the same species but with different races. But if all humans are of the same species, then why does erythroblastosis fetalis occur in humans? The disease is caused by an allergic reaction and occurs when the mother is RH negative and the baby is RH positive. In this case, the mother's body produces antibodies to destroy the unknown substance in the baby and thus kills the baby. But why does the mother's body reject her child? Is it because the main nature of the mother's body, considered baby as a stranger species?

Studies show that a sample of this disease is observed when an attempt is made to establish a relationship between a horse and a donkey to give birth to a creature called a mule. And what you need to know is that horses and donkeys are two completely different species. But why does it happen in humans? This is a question that scientists from 1940 to the present day, April 28, 2021, have no comprehensive scientific explanation of how or why negative RH occurs, other than its date or time. Yes, you heard right. What makes this important is that there was no negative RH in human blood from the beginning.

On the one hand, the inability of science to solve this mysterious issue, and on the other hand, the rejection of the hypothesis of a random blood mutation led to various hypotheses. Extraterrestrial proponents say the RH negative factor has been transmitted to humans from an external or extraterrestrial source. A story we have heard many times. It means kidnapping by aliens. But Anunnaki and Zecharia Sitchin proponents have attributed this to the genetic manipulation of humans by the Anunnaki. And fans of the book of Enoch and the watchers, considered people with RH negative same as the Nephilim, meaning the result of fallen angelic sleep with humans. Now the question is which of these options can be correct? Or is there a more important truth about RH factor? Two issues are very important in this regard. The first is Noah's flood, and the second is the discovery of scientists. Because studies show that RH negative appeared in human blood between 2,000 and 3,000 years ago. No doubt your index finger is pointed at the extraterrestrials. But let us examine further.

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that between 15 and 20% of people are RH negative and 80 to 85% are RH positive. Not in Africa, not in Asia, and you will not find them in the United States or Australia, except in Europe, and of course most of their known populations live in France and northern Spain. Southern France. There are indigenous and strange people living on a peninsula called the Iberians, not only most of whom have RH negative but also speak a completely strange and unknown language. A language that is nowhere familiar not only in Europe but also in the world.

This is how studies describe people with RH negative: “Has a high IQ; An extra bead on the body, pale skin, sensitive to sunlight and brown or reddish hair”.

But the question still remains. How did RH negative appear in human blood, or why does a RH negative factor attack and destroy RH-positive fetus?

Let's go back to Noah's flood. A great flood came, and all perished, except Noah, who had built the great ark, and of course his family. Let us now return to the time of Enoch, Noah's grandfather. Imagine that only one percent of Enoch's writings about Noah are true. Only 1%. Then this is what we have. Noah bore no resemblance to humans, but his father, Methuselah, described him as exactly like the Nephilim. And imagine that after the end of the storm, this is Noah and his family in this vast land. And remember what was the main reason for this storm. In the article Freemasonry Secrets, we read that Mary Magdalene fled to the south of France. Where it later became the scene of Tatar battle with the Knights Templar. and we read in the article Deja Vu that only 80% of people experience Deja Vu. and we read in the article Matrix that someone penetrated into the Matrix and said strange words. Now consider the findings of biologists. And watch our upcoming video called the sons of Mithra.

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