The Lost Civilization of Man

Capuchin crypt In Palermo, where you feel the excitement and fear


In the city of Palermo, the Sicilian capital of Italy is a scary attraction that many tourists visit. This attraction is a Capuchin crypt, Where the dead are by your side

If you are one of those always looking for scary attractions to feel the excitement and fear, this post is for you because we want to talk about an attraction that no one dares to visit. In the city of Palermo, the Sicilian capital of Italy is a scary attraction that many tourists visit. This attraction is a Capuchin crypt. The dead have always been of particular interest to humans.. Some believe that the dead communicate with humans through objects. While this type of interaction with the dead is done through ghosts, the humans also interacts with the physical remains of the dead.

One of the most common methods of this interaction is to mummify the bodies of the dead. Although the most famous mummies belong to ancient Egypt, they are not the only mummies in the world, Many civilizations mummified the dead at different times, one of which was the Capuchin crypt mummy in Palermo. What happened that turned this catacomb suddenly became a place to mummify the dead has an interesting story.   In the 5th century, Cappuccin officials realized that their crypts had certain natural properties that helped mummify the dead

Exactly what makes this crypt special is unclear, but dry weather is said to accelerate the process of mummification. One of the first to be mummified here was a religious figure named Silvestro, who was so important that many people traveled to Palermo to see him. Silvestro is the oldest mummy in the collection and has been in this cellar since year 6. On the other hand, the reputation of this crypt and the body of the dead kept it in the spotlight, and there were many people who wanted to mummify it after their deaths. So far, about 2,000 Sicilians have been mummified in this mausoleum There is a church called Capuchin in the city, which looks like a regular building from the outside;   But therein lies a huge catacomb where thousands of dead are stacked together and watching them can frighten you.

Here you see about 6,000 corpses hanging from the wall or arranged on shelves inside open coffins.   And each of them is wearing the best clothes! In Western culture, the dead are always hiding from the living, but this is an exception. Inside this crypt you will find a dark, dim space consisting of various hallways. Each hallway hosts a specific type of dead; in a room you can only see religious figures, most of whom were members of the church. Another room is dedicated to professionals and doctors, and elsewhere is reserved for women, girls and teens.

The process of mummifying people in this church has its own way. Here, church officials first put the dead on shelves so that their bodies would be completely free of liquids. The process took about a year. A year later the dried corpses were washed with vinegar and then covered with the best dressing. Then they would send them to their own rooms to stay there forever For the dead to be in this cell, the dead family had to always pay the church officials money. One of the last dead in the crypt is a little girl named Rosalia Lombardo, who was only two years old when she was mummified. The mummy has made this baby s body perfectly healthy and looks as if she is sleeping beautifully in a glass casket. This baby s body is healthier than all the corpses in this crypt, and all the tourists who come to this crypt are surprised to see a child who has remained so healthy.

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