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Do we live in the Matrix?

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Believe it or not, our world is very similar to the digital world of computers. So similar that many scientists think there is a 50% chance that we now live in a simulated world. And of course scientists agree that proving that we are in the simulated world is easier than proving that we are in the real world. But is it possible that this is not true and they know a more important truth?

Before examining the matrix from a scientific point of view, let us first look at two important issues

Giordano Bruno was born in 1548 in Nola, near Naples, Italy. He was an Italian philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and occultist whose theories predicted modern science today. The most prominent of these theories were about the infinite world and the multiplicity of worlds. He also taught a theory of the world in which all matter is an equal part of a fundamental unity. He was also the first to mention extraterrestrial life. But one of the things he always mentioned was mystical phenomena and disappearances. Something he seemed to be famous for. To Disappear. Finally, on February 17, 1600, he was tried in Rome for his beliefs and sentenced to be burned at the stake.

March 27, 2017 Rio Branco; Brazil

Bruno Burgess, a 24 year old psychology student mysteriously disappears. Someone who, according to himself, will change human life by writing 14 mysterious books. Bruno went into his room on March 3, 2017 and did not leave for 24 days and then mysteriously disappeared. But when the family opened the door, what they saw surprised everyone. There was no furniture in the room; instead the room was filled with thousands of pages of encrypted text with mysterious symbols with reference to the Bible, Leonardo da Vinci, Demonology, Symmetry and Giordano Bruno. There was also a strange photograph of himself with a strange creature on the wall and a large statue of Giordano Bruno who was burned at the stake in 1600. But five months later he returned unexpectedly. Eight days after returning home, he told G1 in an interview that he was looking to find himself on a "mystical journey of the soul." What makes this issue more mysterious? Excessive resemblance in Bruno's name and face to Giordano Bruno.

There is something in the world that you do not know what it is, but it appears like puzzle pieces in your mind and drives you crazy.

What we call life is based on the chain of carbon atoms. Without carbon, life on Earth is not possible. All of this is the creation of the geometric technology of our carbon 12-based world. Carbon 12, which is the building block of nature and our human body, makes up 99% of all known forms of carbon. And is a carbon isotope of 6 protons; 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. Now you should know that this is the secret formula of creation, which is encrypted with the number 666. But what are protons and neutrons? Your body is made up of organs. Skin, brain, heart, liver, and what you know. Those organs are made of tissue. These tissues are made up of cells, which are very complex biological machines that convert DNA strands into humans. Deep inside the cells are molecules, groups of atoms that are joined together by chemical forces. Atoms are a small, dense nucleus surrounded by electron clouds. For now, we will ignore the electrons and focus on the nucleus. Each nucleus is made up of two types of particles, protons and neutrons. But protons and neutrons are made up of smaller particles. These smaller particles bond tightly together. The smaller particles that make up protons and neutrons are called quarks, and they are strange. But why strange? There are a total of six types of quarks called: up, down, top, bottom, strange, and charm. Each of them has a different mass and each of them interacts with the world in its own unique way. According to researchers, the behaviour of quarks is governed by certain rules, and these rules are exactly like the computer code that executes Internet browsers and search engines, it means sending and receiving information. By that logic, the laws governing the subatomic particles that make up us can actually be computer code.

According to scientists, quarks formed between 10 and 12 seconds after the Big Bang and evolved the early universe. In 2017, a group of researchers at the University of Washington demonstrated that they could embed malicious computer code into the physical strands of DNA. Their goal was to show that computers that work on gene sequencing are vulnerable to attack. But they inadvertently made a great discovery. They discovered that what we call biological reality was actually computer code. At first it was thought that physics was about the study of physical objects, meaning that everything was reduced to particles. But then we discovered quantum physics and realised that everything is a matter of probability and not actually physical objects.

In other words, there are no objects for you, unless you look with your own eyes. And it is the brain that, after receiving information from the eye, recognises what objects are there. Yes it is unbelievable because you see objects; You touch; You eat; you ride. And all this because you yourself are a part of this system. In the first part of this video, we said that everything you see is a matter and the difference between the different states of matter is in the arrangement of particles, and science has proven that 99.9999% of a substance is empty space, and what makes up this empty space is energy. In fact, all matter is equal to energy, and energy itself is a derivative of light.

One of the most mysterious issues is why the speed of light is one of the few constants, one of the few fundamental values in physics. While other things change, including gravity and space, Einstein found that the speed of light is constant. In general, we say that light travels in waves, and all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed as about 299,792,458 meters per second through a vacuum. We call this the "speed of light”. We thought nothing can move faster than the speed of light. On the other hand, the speed of sending computer data is 299792458 meters per second. This means that if a person sends information from location "a" to location B at a distance of 300,000 km, it will only take 1 second, so the speed is the same as the speed of light. Now the question is, why is the speed of electromagnetic waves the speed at which information can travel in the universe?

Everything you have read so far has described the substance. Our physics and our physical world. But what separates human, from other substances? Every human being has a very powerful processor with him. And a pattern of energy that carries information and we know it as the soul. This is the soul that I am real. And this pattern of energy returns to the database after death and disconnection with the speed of light. Now, given science, do you agree that we might live in a matrix or a simulated world? According to Elon Musk, there is only a 1% chance that we are real. So if we are simulations, there are definitely real humans. Those who did not eat the forbidden fruit. Christ says i entered their prison, which was the body. Da Vinci shows two different dimensions; The body that is the prison of the soul. Da Vinci writes in his notes that the behaviour of matter; Sound and light waves follow certain rules specified in the matrix. Is it other than that this world is a gift of the satan to two people, Adam and Eve, and we are their generation who are born in this world?

But we know that there is always a way to penetrate the network. So isn't possible that they penetrated from the main world to the matrix, our world? In the video of ancient extraterrestrials, we mentioned several examples that showed angels and holy people appearing around the caves over and over again. And we see that today science has discovered that there is a speed underground that is faster than the speed of light. That is one of the most important to penetrate the network. But someone penetrated the matrix in the most beautiful way possible so that the matrix did not recognise him. And in the next article you will find out who he is and exactly what he did.

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Researchers spent weeks trying to decrypt some of Bruno's writings by computer after he disappeared. It is stated in a part of his writings that, It is easy to accept what you have been taught since childhood and what is wrong. It is difficult, as an adult, to understand that you were wrongly taught what you suspected was correct since you were a child. In other words, if you fit into the system, your behaviour will be determined, making you at the mercy of beliefs already provided and well established in dogmas and rituals, with the masses.

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