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New Mystery Of The Last Supper Mural


Researchers were able to discover a new and very important mystery by scrutinizing the Last Supper. Because this discovery was different from other discoveries by Da Vinci, it led researchers to further study Da Vinci s work; And they got results that we hope are not true.   We have a brief look at this post in this post.

Does the painting above, make sense to you? Or does it make you feel weird? Who do you think drawed this painting? Yes, Leonardo da Vinci But why should a prominent painter and artist like Da Vinci draw such a painting.

Notice to this Da Vinci handwriting: (The conditions will be so bad that people will have to climb trees) Can Da Vinci's note be related to this painting? Is Da Vinci hiding more important secrets than we were looking for in his paintings? according to researchers, At the end of his life, Da Vinci went crazy for fear of the human future. But what could be the future that would make such a genius crazy? Leonardo da Vinci, was an Italian painter and genius, is undoubtedly the most mysterious person in history. His paintings, as well as his manuscripts, are a warning to the future, demanding that they be taken seriously. Researchers believe that in many of his paintings, Da Vinci was foretold the future of humanity; and in his last painting, Flood, has clearly depicted the end of humanity. They believe that this represents the role of an unbalanced world, that will eliminate with floods and storms.

Notice the Da Vinci quote that has been left in his handwriting since year 1482: (Boats and sticks that men, women, and children gathered on; fear of the wrath of the winds, that drift water around the bodies of the drowned) But Da Vinci's prophecy is not summed up in this writing and flood painting, and there is more importantly

It is claimed that Leonardo da Vinci, in the Last Supper painting, Through a secret message; shown that the world will be end in 4006. According to Sabrina Sforza Galitzia, Vatican scholar, Da Vinci predicted in the painting that a global flood would occur on March 21, 4006, and would destroy the human race. She and she's team, who worked very hard on this mural, say that Da Vinci used the zodiac for secret secrets and used the 24 letters of the Latin alphabet to show 24 hours a day.

In 2005, in Florence, a team of Italian Army researchers and geographers accidentally found a Leonardo da Vinci workshop in that city. The discovery was later announced by scientists to be thinking of a Da Vinci simulation. In this regard, David Wilcock says:   Da Vinci was aware of countless secrets, and apparently he was aware of countless antiquities;   Or that a particular group had given him these ancient documents to study on them!   There is evidence that Leonardo was meeting a mysterious person, Of course, this was a bit confusing for researchers because they found that this person was telepathically meeting with Da Vinci.

A little research into the life of Da Vinci may help us in this regard. According to Sala, Da Vinci's special student, and even closer to him. Da Vinci entered the cave around Milan in year 1476; and for two years, nobody seen Da Vinci, until he returned after 2 years. Da Vinci's disappearance in the cave may not be so important, but you will be surprised to hear that after he returned, he drew an aerial map of Italy's big and small cities with incredible accuracy. This painting is a map of the city of Imola, that Da Vinci drew when he returned from cave,   Researchers say it is so accurate that it can be used today. It was after this trip that Da Vinci designed and invented the first propulsion car.

Da Vinci managed to draw 240 detailed maps of the inner parts of the human body after returning from the cave.

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