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Why do people walk clockwise around holy places or objects

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Have you ever wondered why in most of the known religions and cultures people move around holy places or objects? This article introduces you to the main reason for circumambulate the temples and holy places. A tradition that has been passed down from ancient times to modern man.

Data from 1910 onwards show that human intelligence is increasing around the world at a rate of almost 3 points per decade. That is, human intelligence has grown by 30 points over a century. Well, there is no data from before 1910. But with a simple estimate, you can find out what the IQ of the people was 100 years ago or what it was like 1000 or 2000 years ago. So it is possible to understand why the past has no justification for what they used to do, or if it does, it does not make sense to a modern person. One of these is to walk around some places. in fact circling the temples, The image of the gods, a sacred tree or even fire was and still an integral part of ancient religions and cultures. But no doubt, even you who walk around any temples today have no clear reason for this action.

For example, let me mention the first known ritual. In Mithraism, the rotation around the temple was done in the axis of properties as well as inside the temple and in a clockwise direction because it was believed that the sky and in fact the universe rotated around a center point from the right and human should be in harmony with them. Now take a look at the Temple of Mithra in England

The new analysis, using satellite maps and software that can map the direction of sunrise and sunset, showed that the "Mithraeum" next to the Roman castle in Carrawburgh was in line with both the Winter Revolution and Christmas Day. And the path of sunrise and sunset in the winter and summer revolutions is such that it forms a circle around this temple, and this temple is located exactly at the center of this circle. In Buddhism and Hinduism circumambulation is done clockwise around temples. In Christianity, in the Catholic and Protestant Churches, a priest sometimes circumambulate the altar clockwise while incense it with a container called thurible. In paganism, they circle around the fire and rotate it Counterclockwise. In Freemasonry, the candidates of the three main degrees of Freemasonry rotate around the altar in the lodge in a clockwise direction. In Islam, circumambulation is performed 7 times around the Kaaba. Baha'is perform circumambulation in a clockwise direction at the shrines of Bab. As you can see, almost all different religions and cultures do this in some way. But what is the main reason for this?

The truth is that a circle cannot be drawn without a center point. And if you look closely, many natural phenomena are spinning clockwise, almost forming something like a vortex, or Fibonacci, that leads to a center point. For example, the earth revolves around itself. It also rotates counterclockwise around the sun. Note that the distance of the earth to the sun does not decrease. The moon revolves around the earth and revolves around the sun along with the earth. But the sun and its planets rotate clockwise around the center of the galaxy and gradually approach the center, which forms the same Fibonacci. And this can be seen in most living things on earth.

According to studies, there are seven chakras in the human body, which are the energy portals in the human body. In fact, the chakra is a natural energy point or center of consciousness found in every living thing. There are many points in the human body, but these seven points are the most important, and these seven chakras correspond to the seven properties stones on earth. Well, the importance of these stones is not hidden from anyone, but I am talking about seven other stones that happened to be in some of the most important religious centres on earth. Namely Rome, Mecca, Delhi, Delphi, Jerusalem, and Wawel hill. Well, here is the location of 6 stones. Now look closely and start searching for the seventh place. And remember that these 7 stones all fell from the sky to the ground. For example, black stones in the Kaaba, or some of them may located underground or in a place that is hidden from view, such as the famous Stone of Wawel Hill, which is located below chapel of St. Gereon in Krakow, Poland.

But just like the human body, there are many points on the earth that are energy points on the planet, but there are 7 points that are connected by an rainbow serpent energy, and these places are called the earth chakra or the earth energy portals, and we Humans can use these places to receive energy. That is, when we are in these places, the frequency of energy in our body aligns with the energy of the chakras, resulting in a powerful spiritual experience. But being in these places does not mean receiving these energies. If you want to use that energy or absorb it, you have to walk clockwise around that place. If you want to make more profit, your hair must be wet. If you want to make even more profit, your clothes must be wet as well. If you want to make even more profit, you have to go naked, however you did any of these, do not forget to take off your shoes. When you go clockwise, you are moving with certain natural forces. These spaces act like vortices, meaning that they resonate and a fusion of what we call God and what we call ourselves happens.

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