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Cosmic Energy - The most mysterious phenomenon that has ever existed

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Our world is full of unsolved mysteries. The mysteries that bind the universe to our survival. But the key to the puzzle lies in a mysterious and unknown energy that has occupied the minds of scientists. The energy that falls on us every night like rain. The Cosmic energy

Do you find yourself unlucky in life? So you always get involved in something for no reason? Are you always looking for something that you feel is lacking in your life but you do not understand what it is? Or where is it? Sometimes you feel stuck in life and it seems that no power on this planet can help or save you. This is where you need to think about the most mysterious energy known. Energy that can transform you: The Cosmic Energy

In 1912, Victor Francis Hess conducted an experiment with a balloon and three electrometers at an altitude of 5,300 meters. In this experiment, he found that the rate of ionization was about four times that of the Earth. Theories suggested that the source of these rays was the sun. Until he performed a similar experiment during a total solar eclipse and considered the sun as the source of these particles. When the eclipse occurred, he was still receiving the same amount of radiation as before. He concluded that these particles enter the Earth's atmosphere from somewhere outside our solar system. But in the 1920s, Robert Millikan measured ionization deep in the water and at high altitudes across the globe, and it was at this time that the name cosmic rays came into play. And it was in 1929 that Walther Bothe and Kolhorster discovered charged cosmic particles that could penetrate up to 4.1 cm into gold.

Further studies have convinced physicists that cosmic rays are high-energy electrons and atomic nuclei that travel at the speed of light in space and originate outside the solar system, in fact from distant galaxies. But it did not take long for scientists to call cosmic rays very confusing because they came to the conclusion that human life was somehow tied to these cosmic rays. So that life is not possible without these rays, or in other words, our body and mind are fed by energy or the same cosmic rays. And yet they discovered that cosmic rays were causing severe damage to microelectronics and extraterrestrial life. Yes it was really confusing. Life is not possible without energy. Life is not possible with cosmic energy. Of course, this has a scientific explanation. The Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere block 99.9% of cosmic rays, and only 0.1% of these rays pass through the Earth's atmosphere. These rays produce showers of secondary particles that rain toward the earth when they collide with the Earth's atmosphere.

But the issue became even more complicated when scientists discovered that these rays are mostly on the surface of the earth and around us at night and are absorbed by the human body through the brain. And this action occurs when our body is in complete silence and with peace of mind is in sleep. Yes, you got it right, just as you plug in your cell phone to charge it, You are also charging while sleeping. Because electricity is nothing but the movement of electrons between atoms and we sleep in the rain of electrons. But freshness and having full energy the next morning is only part of receiving cosmic energy. Because researchers point to dozens of cases that show how receiving cosmic energy is important for the health of the human body. From regulating blood flow to cardiovascular disease.

NASA describes these particles as follows: Extend your hand for 10 seconds. Dozens of ghost particles emit from the palm of your hand. These ghost particles are the electrons and muons, what scientists call "secondary cosmic rays". That is, exactly the subatomic remains caused by the collision of molecules in the Earth's atmosphere with cosmic rays.

The complexity and mystery of the cosmic rays forced scientists to look for the source of the particles. Supernovae were the first place to be identified as the source of cosmic rays, until in 2009 at the International Conference on Cosmic Rays in Argentina, it was announced that the source of these rays was from the galaxy Centaurus A. But in 2013, data analysis led astronomers to re-consider the source of cosmic rays to be supernova explosions. But it was not long before they realized that supernovae could not be the source of cosmic rays, Because for many years the amount of cosmic rays seemed the same for observatories surveying the entire sky. This means that this vital force is everywhere in the universe, molecules, and literally everywhere.

As you read, this energy is high around us at night, and humans receive this energy only in sleep. So now the question is how the great men of history who did not sleep at night survived for many years. We know there is another way to get this energy. Yes meditation. As I said, cosmic energy enters our body through the mind. So meditation helps our mind to be calm and focused to receive this cosmic energy so that it can receive a high amount of energy. Yes, apparently without cosmic energy, there will be no human. But could they had a better reason to stay up all night? The answer to this question may be confusing but thought-provoking. Well, we know that wherever we are between 33 degrees north and 33 degrees south, we should not sleep at about 3:40 in the morning. Because the key to understanding and inventing and learning and everything in this hour. But what is confusing and thought-provoking is that today we use electricity to send information from one place to another. And as I said before, electricity is nothing but the movement of electrons between atoms. Så welcome to the unknown world my friend.

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