The Lost Civilization of Man

A message from aliens in live TV


Did you know that historians, religious scholars and most famous people in the world of science did not sleep at night? One of them did the night to hear the sound of the heavens until morning, and the other one did made something in the night, and astonished everyone in the morning

Energy does not disappear, and only becomes change a form of another. Man is nothing Except energy and this means that man is immortal A human being weighing 154 pounds (70 kilograms) contains 7 billion billion atoms. The human body consists of several types of atoms. 99% of the human body's atoms can be divided into the following quantities: 9.5% hydrogen, 65% oxygen and 18.5% carbon. Nitrogen 3.3%. Scientists, using spectroscopy techniques, measured the distribution of key elements of life in more than 150,000 Milky Way stars, and found that 97% of the human body contains star elements. This means that 97% of the elements that make up me and you and the stars are the same

Some days you do not have energy, and some days are full of energy and ready to work. Have you ever thought how this energy is being funded? The human brain is not just a computer or hard drive, but along with its memory, it also has a radio that receives new and fresh information from the antenna. to another definition, the brain captures experiences, but mind, do experiences

In the world, there is a kind of energy called cosmic energy. According to scientists, this energy exists every moment, but from the sunset to the sunrise, there is a very strong amount around us. Cosmic energy is the energy all living things require. And without it; you can not achieve a healthy life.

But how do we get this energy? Otherwise not be able to receive this energy in waking. But why just in the sleep? Imagine a radio station that sends radio waves in space. If you have a radio in your home that you have an antenna open, you can get this waves. The human brain acts like a radio and mind is that's antenna. In fact, for communication, the human mind must be empty of thought and thought. So it just happens in the sleep

But what happens if we wake up at midnight? Like Jesus Christ; Moses; Prophet of Islam; Solomon the prophet; They chose nights for their privacy with God. Of course, prominent people such as Nicola Tesla and Da Vinci consider the best time to think at midnight. It would be interesting if you knew, Leonardo da Vinci and Nicola Tesla the two most prominent geniuses in the world, had a strange sleep system. Da Vinci was sleeping 6 times a day. She slept every 4 hours and lasted only 15 minutes each time.

But is the waking up midnight enough to get the sound that may be sent with these waves? If not? then how? Undoubtedly you are familiar with the role of numbers in human life. One of the most significant numbers is the number 40. There is a great deal of mystery in this number that if we look at the definitions of this number, we will find metaphysical definitions and sometimes purely mystical and religious definitions. The energy of this number causes the impurities to be thrown away and purely on the prevailing surface instead. The number 40 is emitted by 4 stars in 4 different galaxies. This number has direct relation to the actions of humans. For example, if a person takes a full day's 40-day fasting, the person's body is cleaned of all impurities. Also, after 40 days, the person can contact the energies of other space

Let's examine the subject again We consider three important historical and religious figures: Moses: Jesus christ and the Prophet of Islam. Moses to receive the Ten Commandments; was 40 days on Mount Sinai. He did not eat or drink water, he did not want anything, and after 40 days he received the decree (Exodus 18:24) In the absence of the people of Israel, worship the golden calf (Exodus 1: 32-4) Then the people of Israel were displaced in the desert for 40 years because of the worship of the calf Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days in the wilderness, and Satan tempted him, but Jesus did not succumb to the temptation of Satan, and afterwards proclaimed Christ himself. The Prophet of Islam, 40 days before his death, resigned from his wife Khadija.   Why?   Because he was busy worshiping in the Hara cave 40 days a day.   Then he said at the age of 40 that he is a prophet.

As we said After 40 days of austerity, a person can contact the energies of other space. And in other words, the person is ready to receive messages that may be sent through these cosmic energies.

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Saturday, November 26, 1977, like. A typical television newsreader, Andrew Gardner, was reading the news in the newspapers that suddenly the television picture collapsed.   Meanwhile, the sound of the TV came to the attention of all, which lasted for 5 minutes and contained a message from the aliens.

Watch the video below:

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