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The most important extraterrestrial events in 2020

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Hundreds of telescopes, Camera and radar, look at the heavens every moment and take pictures and videos and record the slightest movement even in the distance. But at the same time, UFO videos are being recorded by ordinary people. The US Navy even tracked down three of them. It is very confusing. NASA records the birth of a new star cloud thousands of light-years away. But so many UFOs are moving around us, but the cameras of scientists and astronomers do not catch anything. Sky observers have reported a dramatic increase in Ufo across the globe. According to the NUFORC in 2020; 7020 UFO sightings have been reported, which are 1367 cases more than last year. And if you look at the reporting date from the beginning, 1400, you will see that the number of UFO sightings is increasing every year. And according to the New York Post, UFO sightings in 2020 are 283 percent more than in 2018. In this article, we look at the most important extraterrestrial-related events in 2020.

Monday, January 6, 2020 Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut, told the Observer magazine that there are no two ways about "extraterrestrial life and that they may be on Earth without our knowing." She said: "They may not be made of carbon and nitrogen like humans, so it is possible that they are here now and we cannot easily identify them." On February, with the addition of the Very Large Array Observatory to other extraterrestrial explorers, "The search for smart life in other parts of the universe should be taken more seriously", said Dr. Anthony Beasley, director of the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The VLA is a multi-antenna observatory and home to what is regarded as one of the best-equipped telescopes in the world.

We know that most creatures on Earth need oxygen to survive. But oxygen is not common in the universe and makes up about 0.1% of the normal mass of the universe. There is almost as much hydrogen (92%) and helium (7%) in the universe, and many planets, including Jupiter and Saturn, are made up of most of these elements. That's why in May, scientists used E. coli (a bacterium in the intestines of many animals, including humans, which helps with gastrointestinal health) and a fungus to see if they could live in different environments Or not. Environments where oxygen is low or not. The result shows that we no longer need to consider places that look exactly like Earth to find extraterrestrials.

No doubt you have heard that photos taken by satellite cameras, And studies of Mars suggest that life once existed on Mars. But we are still not sure or do not know what happened to them. But we'll find out soon enough because the NASA rover is actually a space alien hunting machine. On the morning of Thursday, July 30, NASA launched its new rover, Perseverance, on a six-month trip to the Red Planet. The car-sized rover was launched into space on top of the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The main mission is to find possible signs of ancient life hidden in the soil of Mars so that it can be returned to Earth by another robotic mission later this decade. Perseverance is the first rover to carry a microphone and an advanced camera for capturing sound and images. The rover will land on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021.

But in August, the Pentagon announced that it was setting up a US Navy task force to monitor UFO sightings. Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Goff said in a statement that with the creation of the UAPTF, the Department of Defense hopes to "improve its understanding of the nature and origin of unknown aerial phenomena."

In September, news broke of potential evidence of life in the clouds above Venus. This new discovery from Venus shows that the planet's atmosphere reflects the exact frequency of microwave radiation. And that means the planet is protected like Earth. Let me explain better. The electromagnetic energy that radiates from the sun must pass through the Earth's atmosphere to reach the Earth's surface. Electromagnetic energy composed of microwaves; infrared rays; The light we see; UV; X-rays and gamma rays. The Earth's atmosphere separates electromagnetic energy and sends each of these rays to the Earth's surface in proportion to their wavelength. And an international team of scientists using radio telescopes in Hawaii and Chile found signs that clouds on Venus contained amounts of a molecule called phosphine. Scientists say it is too early to say whether the discovery of phosphine is a sign of life on Venus - but no other explanation seems to have been given yet. Phosphine is a compound made from phosphorus and hydrogen that is always associated with living organisms while we know many people who came from Venus.

Although former Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono said in April: "I do not believe in UFOs; But in September, like the United States, it issued new protocols for dealing with UFOs. There is no doubt that Japan has seen UFOs many times. Perhaps the most important of these are the events of 1980 or the words of Miyuki Hatoyama. Miyuki Hatoyama was the former first lady of Japan who started a commotion in 2009. "While my body was asleep, I realised that my soul was boarding a triangular UFO and going to Venus," she claimed. "It was very beautiful and really green."

But in October, Miley Cyrus claimed in an interview with Interview magazine that she and her friend were driving in San Bernardino when they were chased by a UFO. According to her, this UFO has also been seen by locals. She claimed to have seen a creature in the flying saucer that made eye contact with her so that she could not even turn her head. It is not bad to remember Miley's father. He is another witness of UFOs. He tweeted in 2011 that he had seen several UFOs. But Cyrus was not the only celebrity to announce UFO sightings in 2020. Another pop star, Demi Lovato, claims to have encountered aliens as well. Demi took to Instagram and posted a video of UFO and wrote: "UFOs, the beginning of peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilisations.

But in November, a number of metal columns called monoliths were reported internationally. These monoliths are 3-meter-high columns made of sheet metal in the form of a triangular prism, first discovered by state biologists in the northern city of San Juan, Utah. However, it turned out that the structure was installed between July and October 2016. But with the increase in the number of monoliths around the world, speculation began to install these monoliths by extraterrestrial beings. Until David Zwirner gallery announced that the first monolith found in San Juan was one of John McCracken's works. Of course, if you visit this gallery, you will see many of these monoliths. Then it turned out that some of the monoliths were made by artists inspired by Utah's mainstream news coverage, and others, like the Pittsburgh monos, were created by local businesses for advertising purposes. And of course, these monoliths are nothing more than blank sheet of metal.

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It was in late November that Scott Waring, known as the UFO hunter, released a video that appears to show a UFO that looks like a beetle or crab. Without providing any evidence to support his claims, he believes the film was shot over Mexico City. The details of this video are vague, but the video looks real. and of course this is not the first time such a UFO has been seen.

But in December; Haim Eshed who was director of space programs for Israel Ministry of Defense for nearly 30 years, surprised everyone by saying that the Earthlings were in contact with the extraterrestrials of the Galactic Federation. He also said that space aliens are curious about humanity and seek to understand the "the fabric of the universe." They wanted the meeting not to be told to the public until humans had a high understanding of the heavens. "There is an agreement between the US government and the extraterrestrials. They signed a contract with us to conduct experiments here," he said. In fact, these statements are not new to us, and perhaps to you who have read the article on the official meeting with the extraterrestrials, because we know that this meeting took place during the time of President Eisenhower; And why it happened and even where they came from; But it is noteworthy that it became public this year. All the evidence shows that we are on the verge of a public encounter with extraterrestrials. A message has even been sent to humans by the ground crew project. The message states that the earth will soon enter the fifth dimension and that there will be changes in human DNA and, in fact, in the current nature of human beings. And then the extraterrestrials come to Earth with thousands of UFOs. We studied this message from the perspective of ancient science and rituals, which you can read this article by clicking on the link above. Of course, the evidence also shows that before they arrived, Solomon's temple had to be rebuilt for the third time in its former location. I suggest you to watch the video of Solomon's Temple being rebuilt on Kandlus YouTube channel.

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