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Ancient Aliens - Holy secrets

Is it possible that what we are looking for in the heavens is somewhere else and our address is actually wrong....

The moon is not what you think

The moon and its possible influence on human behaviour has been a subject of mystery for ancestors and myths f....

UFO discovered at coal mine in russia

Russian government media claim mysterious UFO-like object discovered at coal mine in Belovo, Kemerovo region i....


Lost Evidence of the project Blue Book

Since 1875, the United States has seen countless reports of unidentified flying objects. These reports peaked in July 1952. That is when the Washington DC incident, known as "the Big Flap", happened. ....


The moon is not what you think

The moon and its possible influence on human behaviour has been a subject of mystery for ancestors and myths for hundreds of years. Some ancient cultures even considered the moon to be the abode of g....

Extraterrestrials,Ancient Aliens,Astronomy,,

True nature of Ancient Aliens, UFOs and modern Aliens

Our world has witnessed strange events from the distant past, many of which remain unsolved for us even with the modern technology we have. One, and perhaps most important, is the evidence from the....


Solomon Demons - Why is third Temple important for Rael?

At the end of the article, most important extraterrestrial events in 2020, we mentioned 3 subject. The message of the ground crew project for humanity and then the result of our studies on the nature....


Everything you need to know about the photon belt

Maybe you were waiting for the end of the world when the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012. But this did not happen. Why? In the previous article, we read the message of the Ground Crew Projec....


The most important extraterrestrial events in 2020

Hundreds of telescopes, Camera and radar, look at the heavens every moment and take pictures and videos and record the slightest movement even in the distance. But at the same time, UFO videos are bei....


Ancient Aliens 4

All nations and cultures tell legends about a dream city. A city that is symbolises superior civilisation, science and technology, and it is somehow invisible. The difference in the description and....


Ancient Aliens 3 Where and how do UFOs come to Earth?

Have people come to our planet from across the universe or elsewhere in the past centuries? What about in ancient times? What connection can there be between the works of the painters of the renaiss....

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Ancient Aliens 2

Did creatures come to our planet from beyond Earth or anywhere else in ancient times? A study of antiquities and ancient events will reveal to us the true nature of ancient extraterrestrials. We begi....