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Is it possible that what we are looking for in the heavens is somewhere else and our address is actually wrong? Study of the ancients and important events in the present era confirms this view. This article introduces you to a hidden world.

Southern Germany; Border between Germany and Austria. There is a mountain and cave called Untersberg at this point on earth that has occupied the minds of researchers of geologists for decades . In 1987, three people entered the mountain and three months later found themselves in the middle of the Red Sea in a ship near Egypt, while their sudden appearance on the ship shocked everyone. And of course, this was not the only case. In fact, this mountain has long been associated with ghosts, exotic animals, lost civilizations; Getting lost in time and creatures are known as dwarfs. According to one report, objects similar to what we now call UFO have gone from the cave to the sky. These few things were enough to make us realize that this mountain is abnormal. After studying on this mountain, a question occupied my mind. Why this cave is abnormal. Is it possible that what we are looking for in the heavens is somewhere else and we actually have the wrong address?

Every summer, thousands of Indian pilgrims embark on an arduous journey. They cross deadly roads and valleys to reach Amarnath Cave. A cave that has been a place of prayer for thousands of years. It is located in the heart of the Himalayas. This cave is the largest holy place for Hindus around the world. Every year, many people die on this path due to illness or falling off rocks, but this process still continues with the same enthusiasm as before. Definitely want to know why? Because it is said in the religion of these people that this place is the holiest place in the world. Because this huge cave is the place where the god Shiva was present about 5000 years ago and it was in this place that he revealed the secret of immortality and creation of the world to his wife Parvati. In Shiva's honour, people pay their respects to icy structures inside the cave because they believe that these are Shiva's physical manifestation. In fact, the story of Shiva and the secret of immortality for Hindus who risk their lives to get to this place is a true story of an Holy person that was exactly in this place on earth. Inside the cave is a very giant statue of Buddha. And people believe that this cave is a place to communicate with other creatures.

But that's not all. There is another legend in Nirvana called Shambhala. Shambhala is a mythical city that the people of Nirvana in Buddhism believe is located somewhere inside the Himalayas. It is said that the people of this city have high knowledge and technology. However, some legends say that the entrance to Shambhala is hidden inside a remote and abandoned monastery in Tibet and is guarded by people known as Shambhala guards. Buddhist scholars have a very simple explanation for the fact that Shambhala was never found. They believe that Shambhala is at the edge of physical reality, as a bridge that connects this world to a world beyond. But Sadhu was a holy man in Hinduism. Hindus who follow him believe that caves are a way of spiritual communication with other beings. Going inside the cave, Going into the Holy Land. We recently wrote an article called An Official Meeting with Extraterrestrials, which was the result of our study of the presence of aliens on Earth during Eisenhower's presidency. In this article, A video interview with Omnec Onec, a woman who claimed to have come to earth from Venus was attached to this article. I remember when the reporter asked her how she got to Earth, she said: "On all the planets there is a city that is in the physical dimension and is a kind of hidden city, and the same city exists in other dimensions". And she acknowledged that there are ancient temples on earth that exist underground or caves that are actually interstellar gates and that is how I came to earth.

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And we know many temples that are underground or in the heart of caves, all of which belong to a forgotten religion. And in fact what we call evolution today is just remembering the same forgotten ritual. Now a question arises. Is it possible that the unnatural of Untersberg Cave is not unique to this cave? And in fact this is the nature of all mountains and caves and we are unaware of them?

Undoubtedly, there is a secret in the heart of the caves that we must discover. Have you ever noticed the Paramount logo? The company's logo shows 22 stars circling around a mountain. The name of the company is Paramount, which in fact is composed of the two words paranormal, and mountain. It means a paranormal mountain. But what is this mean? Study about this mountain, introduces you to a new world. So hit the subscribe button to make sure you do not miss the second part of this video.

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