The Lost Civilization of Man

The most mysterious person in history who infiltrated the matrix

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Everything you read in the previous article was based on scientific discoveries that showed the similarities between our world and the computer. We also examined the theory of the existence of the matrix and whether we live in the matrix. So given these scientific discoveries, the possibility that we are in the matrix right now is amplified. In this case, the possibility that someone has infiltrated this network will be strengthened. In this article, we will address this issue.

Everything you read in the previous article was based on science. Scientific discoveries because scientists are working hard to understand who we are and what our world is. And these discoveries confirm the theory of the simulated world. In this case, the possibility that someone has infiltrated this network is also strengthened.

Undoubtedly, this issue is difficult for human beings to understand today, now imagine how it was possible for someone to understand this in the distant past. You must have heard a lot about the ancients, Whether from historical books or religious books. But in one corner of the world, there is a library deep underground that holds papyri and important historical manuscripts that contain the mysteries of Christianity, and you are no doubt unaware of them. Yes, I'm talking about the Vatican archives.

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In 1945, thirteen encrypted papyri sealed in a jar were discovered by a local farmer named Muhammed al-Samman. The most famous part of these papyri is undoubtedly the writings of Thomas. But another part of these papyri is called the Gnostic Gospel, which contains poems and secret events from the Gospels attributed to the personal sayings and teachings of Jesus Christ. In some of these texts it is stated that, Sophia is an evil spirit who indirectly created the universe. She also created an evil creature called Demiurge. And it was Demiurge who, by trapping the elements of Pleroma and capturing them in the body, created man. That is, the same auras of energy in the main world that now have bodies in this world. So God had to send a manifestation in the form of man to save mankind so that he could teach mankind how to attain the knowledge of spiritual mysteries, by which they might return to the pleroma, or the original world. So is it not possible that the mentioned world is the same simulated world designed by an evil creature?

The video above is the first part of The Matrix and the second part will be ready to watch soon

It is interesting to note that Hugh J. Schonfield is one of the researchers working on the Dead Sea Scrolls. During his research, he discovered that the word "Baphomet" was coined with Atbash encryption knowledge. And when he deciphered the words, Baphomet changed to Sophia.. And it should be noted that in Luciferianism, Sophia is highly respected because Sophia is considered as the female of Lucifer. But today Sophia seems to have a high position in religions. It is not interesting that the first robot that looks exactly like a human, with a human-like perception and emotion named Sophia? And is it a coincidence that the creator of The movie Matrix is a woman named Sophia?

No doubt you know Christ well, But let hear the moment of his birth according to the writings of the most important eyewitness, Joseph, the fiancée and the only supporter of the virgin Mary in this process. According to the Gospel of James, “during childbirth Joseph found a cave. He took Mary into the cave and followed midwife himself. When he returned with Midwife, a black cloud surrounded the cave. They ran into the cave, when suddenly a light covered the whole cave so that their eyes could not see. Shortly after the light goes out and they are able to see, they saw the baby Jesus in the arms of his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.” Yes, a person named Jesus penetrated the network as beautifully as possible; By being born like others so that the Matrix could not recognise him. He taught properties, and on the last day he did not resist arrest. In the Ancient Aliens article, we read that angels and saints appeared again and again near caves, and as we know, they appeared only for a very short time. But Jesus was able to stay in the Matrix for 33 years in this way. Now the question is, if he came to save humans, then why are we in the Matrix now? Remember Jesus' last sentence on the cross: Father, Father, Forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.

Yes, the mission failed. But after the resurrection, 11 of the apostles pledged to deliver the message of salvation to all humans on earth. But what was that message? That there was someone named Jesus of Nazareth? John the Apostle not only after being poisoned by the Roman emperor did not die, but also resurrected two people who had died before him. How ? With the same message, The same ancient knowledge that he carried. According to Priory of Sion, Christ wanted everyone to know that everyone has the ability to do what he says and does. Which will be possible with coordination and evolution. Christ said the kingdom of heaven is within you. And if you look inside yourself, what you see is vibration, Frequency and energy.

f you read the book of symbols, which was published in 1593, you will find a symbol with full explanations. The symbol of the triangle with an eye inside, and this symbol is actually the symbol of Christ and Christians. 3 angles of a triangle meaning The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the inner eye which is the eye of providence. But in the following centuries, some, such as the Freemasons, used this symbol so that the original root of this symbol was forgotten. But what is evolution? Notice this statement of Christ and see the picture below, which is a diagram of the different states of vibration frequency of the body.

(1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18) “Always be happy. Pray constantly. Be thankful in any situation”.

Well, pay attention now. Mithra appeared in a cave on Mount Damavand around 11,000 BC. And we see that meditation is very much emphasized in the prayers of Mithraism. Then there was written evidence of any kind of meditation in the Vedas of Hinduism around 1500 BC. And then in the Buddhism in 563 BC.

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Have you ever noticed a baby screaming during childbirth? If you know you were going to die now, you would scream worse than him. Now pay attention to what Christ said: “The only way to salvation is to be born again”. This sentence certainly does not mean being born again in this world. Although this sentence is interpreted as baptism. But could it make more sense? But two issues are important in this papyrus: first, that the name of Mithra appears everywhere in this papyrus, and second, that this papyrus contains a separate part called the sacred rite of Mithra, which is Mithra's worship for immortality. Undoubtedly, one of the most important statements of Christ is this sentence: It seems that Christ gave wine to the apostles and said that this is my blood, And he gave bread and said, "this is my body?" But is it possible that he mentioned a more important issue? According to researchers and archaeologists, there is a vital substance in human blood called ambrosia, that goes beyond its function in the body., and they believe that this strange substance appeared in the blood of all humans about 2000 years ago.

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