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What are healing crystals? What are the benefits and how to use them?

We learned that all objects in this world vibrate, all objects have different frequencies, and in fact everything in this seemingly material world is energy. Energy that resonates at different frequencies and is constantly affecting other objects. Energies that can revive or destroy a person. In the meantime, some people who are aware of this use it for their benefit and of course for others. And they do this with different stones, which is called crystal therapy.

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Increase your existential frequency with this method

Increase your existential frequency because a society where the existential frequency of its people resonates in its highest state will be a society free from all evil. And this reflection will show i....

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Two Tips to Activate Your Pineal Gland

No doubt you have heard about the pineal gland, which is known as the third eye. This gland is the key that can open all the doors on you if you know how to activate and use it. In this article, we te....


What is Kundalini Awakening and How to Wake it Up?

You are neither your body nor the life force in it. You are the consciousness that precedes both. But your true self, is the lowest part of who you are now. So we use the life force (cosmic energy) as....


Sleeping on these four nights will hurt your body

There are four major nights of the year when changes occur on Earth, and being aware of these changes and making good use of this opportunity will help you in particular to reach a higher level of con....

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Patterns and their Impact on Human Life

Our world is designed according to certain rules that follow numbers and are arranged in mathematics. Fractals are also repetitive patterns of numbers that appear in our nature and life. And if look a....