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What are healing crystals? What are the benefits and how to use them?

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We learned that all objects in this world vibrate, all objects have different frequencies, and in fact everything in this seemingly material world is energy. Energy that resonates at different frequencies and is constantly affecting other objects. Energies that can revive or destroy a person. In the meantime, some people who are aware of this use it for their benefit and of course for others. And they do this with different stones, which is called crystal therapy.

We learned that all objects in this world vibrate, all objects have different frequencies, and in fact everything in this seemingly material world is energy. Energy that resonates at different frequencies and is constantly affecting other objects. Energies that can revive or destroy a person. Meanwhile, some people who are aware of this, use it for their own benefit, some abuse it, and some use it for their own benefit and others.

No doubt you have heard that there are people who are able to heal, and they use different techniques to do. Notice that I don't mean doctors because I'm talking about energy healing, not man-made chemicals. In fact, these people use the energy around a person to heal that person. The energies that interact with the energetic lines of the human body, with the human chakras. These people can boost low energy, ward off bad energy, release blocked energy and also change the body's aura. But how do they do it? Well, in fact, they do this in this way that we are going to talk about now with he help of different stones, which is called crystal therapy.

How do crystals form?

Deep inside geysers and hot springs is a magma chamber created by a hot spot in the Earth's mantle. As magma moves towards the earth's surface, it takes shape and forms hot igneous rocks. The heat of these rocks drives underground water to the surface. As the water cools, the ions precipitate as mineral crystals, for example quartz crystals from silicon and oxygen or feldspar from potassium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen.

Consider this Nikola Tesla's quote:

"In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle,
and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being."

But what makes crystals grow again and again in these ways?

Actually, the answer lies in their atoms. The atoms of each crystal are arranged in a very regular and repetitive pattern that oscillates at specific frequencies. These patterns are the defining characteristic of a crystal, crystals that have powerful applications in materials science and medicine. And they interact with the energy fields of the human body, which is also known as vibrational energy.

In fact, it has been believed for centuries that different stones have different energies and different healing properties. This ranges from calming the mind to controlling blood circulation, treating depression, and shortness of breath. In fact, these stones or healing crystals have their own different and specific vibrations and frequencies, which are derived from their molecular composition and cause positive and productive energy to flow to the body and eliminate negative and toxic energy. Even medical science today benefits from the healing properties of stones and crystals. In fact, crystals are a big part of the pharmaceutical industry today. For example, penicillin G sodium and penicillin G potassium are both crystalline substances and are still used as antibiotics today.

Anyway, as I said earlier, people who use stones for treatment use different methods. In one of these methods, different stones are placed in different parts of the body, which are related to the chakra of the same part.
For example:

. Are you not focused enough in your thoughts?
. Are you finding it difficult to make simple decisions?
. Do you have a lot of nightmares?
. Do you sometimes feel dizzy?

These could be because your third eye chakra is blocked. If this is the case, it is sufficient to place one of the purple stones, for example amethyst, on your forehead exactly between the two eyebrows.(image below) So that not only these problems will be solved, but also your spiritual vision will increase.

But in another way, by placing stones around the body, they make an energy network, which surrounds the body. In this method, when a person is lying down, stones are placed around the body. Here, a network of positive energy is created, which affects all the chakras, and the negative energies of the person are removed and replaced by positive energy. Pay attention to this. It is said to arrange the stones while lying down to create a pattern of sacred geometry or the seed of life with these stones. It is true that a network of energy is created here that affects all the chakras. But it does not repel the negative energies of the person, but on the contrary, it replaces the negative energy with positive. What you already know is that the seed of life is the universal symbol of creation. But there is an entire cosmology of consciousness encoded in this unique geometric seed. The basis of the seed of life is the circle, and in sacred geometry circles represent cycles and also contain things. 8 nested circles, which by marking the points of connection, the number 666 is obtained, which rotate around a mineral. And as I mentioned in the video Secrets of Freemasonry, this number is nothing but the secret code of creation. Now, if you are confused, read the articles: Sons of Mithras and Escape from the Matrix to meet the Demiurge.

But in the next method, a person is advised to always carry his birthstone. In fact, it is believed that these stones have the power to focus the positive energies of the planet on your body through physical contact, making you calmer, more alert and most importantly more positive.

Now notice this:
The contribution of negative ions (that is, atoms that have gained one or more extra electrons) to overall human well-being is scientifically proven: negative ions neutralize free radicals. They restore cell metabolism and strengthen immune function. Physics also tells us that positive ions are atoms that have lost one or more electrons, so they lack electrons. This lack of electrons always happens in human cells or more precisely in the atoms of a molecule. Now think about what would happen if you could consciously replace the net negative electrons.

Every day our body absorbs new atoms from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the liquids we drink. These atoms are incorporated into our cells and fuel the chemical processes that keep us alive.

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Tourmaline is a piezoelectric stone, which means that tourmaline is a stone that can convert the humidity of the surrounding air into negative ions. And if you are near a Tourmaline, you breathe that air. But to convert humidity into negative ions, they must be activated. And to activate, it is enough to press a tourmaline a little or massage its surface.

How to cleanse and re-energize crystals?

Now, if you decide to get your own stone, note that you should never use a stone that already belonged to someone else. In my opinion, do not touch it even for a short moment. Because all the negative energies of this person have been burned into the stone, and when you touch the stone, you will have the same energy as the previous person because the stone transfers the energy to you. So make sure you clean the stone before using it. In fact, they can be easily cleaned and re-energized with easy methods such as using sage, keeping in the moonlight, keeping under the soil, etc.

The best way to find out if crystals really have a healing effect is to try it yourself. For example, give a yellow jasper stone to someone who has low self-esteem. Wait a week and then contact him. Lack of self-esteem is one of the symptoms of closed solar plexus chakra, and yellow stones like yellow jasper revive this chakra. So his self-esteem comes back.

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