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Mithras' Secrets, Most important and influential ancient ritual


This article looks at the oldest known rituals in the world that began from the land of the Persians until the whole world believed it. Although it has undergone changes today, but it's nature has been preserved.

This article looks at the oldest known rituals in the world that began from the land of the Persians until the whole world believed it. Although it has undergone changes today, but it's nature has been preserved. Iranians celebrate December 22 every year by staying awake until midnight at grandparents' house. The celebration begins with eating and drinking, and with grandfather storytelling for kids and reading the Shahnameh continues until midnight But few know the real reason for this ancient celebration, which almost coincides with Christmas The name of this ancient celebration is Yalda. The word Yalda comes from the Syriac language - meaning birth.   The night of Yalda is known as the night of birth of the sun god, justice and covenant. As it appears in the writings of the Achaemenid kings, he is born on this night.   And more importantly, he will return to the world again. He is an ancient god of India and Iran. The religion of Mehr which is based on peace and love and affection; it was formed in the pre-Zarathustra period. The god and ritual that the ancient world believed in.

But who are we talking about? In the last Ice Age, which took place over 20,000 years ago, wise people settled in Eurasia. Genetic and archaeological data say that humans went to lands where light and ingredients needed for photosynthesis had been available and refused to enter the forests. Six thousand years ago, when the cold was almost everywhere, and life was coming to end, when a stone fell from the sky and collided with a stone inside a cave, Mitra was born, or in other words, he rises to this world. He is completely naked, wearing a Phrygian cap, raising his hand and holding a torch and holding a dagger with his other hand.

Upon reaching the cave, Mithra threw the cow to the ground and sits on cow's back, and dipping his knife on the cow's shoulder. In ancient Iranian traditions and texts such as Cyropaedia, Xenophon, written in the 4th century BC, It is written that after the sacrifice of the cow, Mithra splashe the blood of the cow on the ground, resulting in the resurrection of nature. Perhaps the sacred root of knowing the cows of some Indian ethnicities and of course the ancient Iranians can be found here.

Then he made an eternal fountain by throwing the arrow to the rock, and this is the water of eternity that you have heard many times in various stories. But why do Iranians celebrate Yalda Night by eating and drinking? Mitra finishes his big task on the last night of autumn, then he has dinner with his friends, which known as the Last Supper.

He then rides on a chariot with four horses, ascending to the sun, and promising his followers to wait for his return. Ancient Iranian texts say that at the end of the world, there will be a great fire all over the world by the sun, but the followers of Mitra will be saved. Since Mithra's ascension to the sun, the importance of the sun has become of great importance not only to the Iranians but later to other nations as well. History shows that until the time of Darius the Great, was the Mithra, the ancient god of Iran, That is called Worshippers of Mehr or Worshippers of Mithras.

After Alexander the Great invaded and conquered the western parts of the Persian Empire about 330 years BC, the former social structure of Persian Empire was destroyed, thereby extending the worship of Mitra or Mehr by nobles from different regions in the western lands of the former Persia Empire to other countries including the Roman Empire. In the year 57 BC, kings and nobles of the Persia and Roman, including the land of Anatolia, worshiped Mithras, which were called Mithraism.During the second and third centuries BCE, Mithraism was established in all areas of Roman rule in mainland Europe, North Africa, and Britain.The Romans referred to this ritual as "the secrets of Mithras" or "the secrets of the Persians."But it was in the second century that Constantine banned the religion of Mithraism and proclaimed Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.And the problem with people like Da Vinci and his associates, Deir Zion, who were in charge of keeping the holy grail, is relevant to this part of history.

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