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An important mystery of the universe and the nature of human existence was written and given to 12 people named the sons of Mithra to teach others. But because man was imprisoned in the body, could not understand words and thought that language was the mystery code. So the name of this science was changed to the mystery of Mithra. Over the years, parts of these knowledge have been used in alchemy and sinister purposes. So the generations of 12 people decided to hide these knowledge. After centuries, the sentences of these secrets heard from a person. But words were still difficult for humans to understand. So explained by example. But it was still not understood. And after him, this secret disappeared again and to this day, everyone is looking for that secret.

“Wish I had known Christ earlier”

Leonardo da Vinci said this words in the last years of his life. From 1499 to 1520, he painted a painting called The Savior of the World, which is the most expensive painting in the world today. But is it possible that there is a secret between Da Vinci's sentence and the painting of the Savior of the world? One of the questions that has always occupied the human mind is whether there is a soul and it enters the realm of the dead? What about reincarnation? Is reincarnation a reality? These questions have thought-provoking answers that are rooted in ancient and forgotten knowledge. First, how do you know the soul? From ancient religions? Of course, because science can not prove the soul. So there is no doubt that you have heard the name of reincarnation from ancient religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism. According to Buddhism or Hinduism, reincarnation, or in other word rebirth, is a philosophical concept in which the soul is considered immortal and the only thing that becomes mortal is the body. After death, the soul is transferred to a new baby to live again. The nature and quality of new life now depends on the karma that the soul had in the past life. Here the term emigration means the transfer of the soul from one body to another after death, which is called the cycle of reincarnation. They consider salvation from the cycle of reincarnation as the ultimate spiritual goal and characterise salvation with terms such as Moksha, Nirvana, Mokti, and Kaywalia. Of course, belief in reincarnation is not unique to Buddhism and Hinduism, but other religions believe in the process, but in a different way. Resurrection. Yes, resurrection is a similar process, but here the soul returns to the same body and comes back to life.Yes, all points to one thing. Reincarnation because this belief comes from a specific source

Jim Tucker, a professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral science at the University of Virginia, told NPR: "Reincarnation research has been going on at the University of Virginia for 50 years, and over the decades, we've looked at more than 2,500 children who have remember memoirs of their past lives. And what we try to do is determine exactly what they said and what happened, and then see if it matches to the life of a person who has already lived and died. He then points to one of these. He says James is a boy who lives in Louisiana. When he was child, he loved his toy airplanes. But around the second anniversary of his birth, four or five times a week he began to see terrible nightmares - "the plane crash". And then during the day he would paint and talk about his nightmares. He said he was a pilot and flew from a large boat called Natoma and had a friend named Jack Larsen on the boat. And this was overthrown by the Japanese. But the issue became serious for his parents when he said he was killed in Iwo Jima. The University of Virginia veterinarians got involved and it soon became clear that there was an aircraft carrier called the USS Natoma Bay, which was stationed in the Pacific during World War II and was actually involved in the conquest of Iwo Jima. And there was a young pilot named James Houston.

James Houston's plane crashed exactly as the child described. The rocket hit the engine, fell into the water and sank quickly. And when that happened, the pilot of the plane next to him was Jack Larsen. In cases where the child's story has been traced to another person, the average time between that person's death and the child's birth is about 16 months. Further research has shown that children generally have above-average IQs and have no mental or emotional disorders beyond the average group of children. Approximately 20 percent of the children studied had birthmarks, such as sores or even abnormalities, that matched exactly the symptoms or injuries the child recalled at death or near death. Most children's claims usually subside around the age of 6, just when their children's brains are preparing for a new stage of development. Yes, in fact, the result of this research is nothing but credit for this ancient belief. Now think about it, the ancient religions called it the cycle of reincarnation, that is, you come back to life again, again and again. But there is ancient knowledge that comes from the oldest known religion and is written in code language. But now you understand the words and there is no need to give examples. Because you learned what an atom is? What is vibration, frequency and energy? And finally who are you. Now this knowledge says: You will come back to life again and again after death because you will be thirsty and you will drink from the lake of forgetfulness. But if you drink from the lake of memories, your soul will be free to be immortalised in heavenly eternity. But this lake is very protected. You will not be allowed access unless you know the right word and this is the right word ........ Let us first become more familiar with this ancient knowledge.

There is ample evidence that few survived the last ice age. These people took refuge in 2 different places. Some took refuge about 240 miles east of Cape Town in southern Africa. And some others refuge in a cave called Roodafshan on Damavand Mountain in northern Iran. Historical evidence says that in the last ice age, a person named Mithra appeared in the cave as a saviour and brought life back to earth. Archaeological evidence confirms this through discoveries inside the cave, which includes an ancient temple. Shortly after that, Mithra became known as the Light and was nicknamed the Elaha, meaning the Holy Unity, because he taught people about the love of light and encouraged them to seek the path through unity. Mithra was the energy that dispelled the coldness of the dark space. Not only was he the saviour, but he also told them about the duty of human life on earth, referring to the existence of the spirit. The Mysteries of Mithras say: The soul is from heaven and is trapped in the body, and the task of human life is to free the real self from the shackles of the body and to ascend through the seven planet to the eternal and unchangeable realm of fixed stars. This words was announced by Mithra himself, when he left the earth in the chariot of the sun god. As he left the earth, he said: These are the songs of my earthly visit for you to remember and help you return to your homeland. You can be with me with the power of your combined mind until you are ready to travel. While you are on earth, you can feel me inside you, because, you are in me and I am inside you. When you invite my remembrance to your heart, the energy of the world comes to your mind. As you meditate, we communicate to become one through the realm of the common soul. Know that the speed of thought is not limited and understand the ways of love to move you forward. Think carefully about the grace of your innumerable thoughts and strive to join our world through courageous challenges.

This explanation may make it easier to understand what he is saying. Every matter in this world has an energy field around it, and on the other hand, everything you see in this world called matter is energy. This is a scientific fact. A part of the energy shows itself at a certain level of vibration, which causes the physical form. And the other part does not show its energy in physical form but has form. This part of the energy is called the aura, and this aura, which has been with you since birth, contains information. And what we call mental, emotional, and spiritual, and in fact what you are right now, is this aura. The physical part of energy changes after death, but it is the aura that contains your information and will immortal forever. To learn more about this topic, read the article below:

What you do not know about the nature of human beings and the world and they do not want you to know

After that, the people gathered in the valley of Marv and prospered there. Over time, a group of people called the Elamites, meaning the people of the Elaha, appeared around the Marv region.The word is derived from the word Elaha, meaning sacred unity, which later became popular among the peoples of the Middle East. Then, about 6,000 years ago, when the Sumerian cities were founded, Mithras, the symbol of the sun, was redefined as the source of life, representing the generosity of love and the power of purification.In 1800 BC, Zarathustra adopted Mithras as a God of enduring love.And commemorated the ceremony of carrying the fire torch as a reminder. And today this torch can be seen in different places. The Olympic torch is called sacred, and the respect they show for it is exactly the same as the respect that Zoroastrians have for this torch. Freemasons or Statue of Liberty. Did you pay attention to the news that was announced a few days ago? “Scientists have found the building blocks of the human body, such as fluoride, in the most distant stars”. And of course, Mithra gave instructions to get rid of body restraints. He taught these teachings to 12 people who were responsible for transmitting this knowledge to others.

These 12 were the ones who ate with him on the last night of his ascension to heaven, and they were called the sons of Mithras. And that's the beginning of everything you know about the ancients. Over time, this knowledge was divided into different parts.Everyone used it somehow. Hermes went to the underworld because of that knowledge. Or the pharaohs used it as magic, death and resurrection. The wars destroyed these remnants of that knowledge. And now, centuries later, pieces of it are sometimes discovered in ancient ruins. But the basic knowledge is still alive and well because those 12 people always had an alternative. And sometimes their traces can be seen in history.

But mysteries of Mithras explain the reincarnation as: When you die, your soul will be very thirsty in the underworld. In this situation, you will find a spring, next to which a bright white cedar tree grows quickly. Do not approach this spring at all. Because this water is oblivion and by drinking it you will return to the life cycle. According to the mysteries of Mithras, this forgetfulness becomes the fate of many spirits and they come back to life again and again. You have to resist the pain of thirst and move forward to reach the lake of memory. These are reminder waters that invite your soul to eternity, but they are highly protected. You will not be allowed access unless you know the right words. The mystery of Mithras says to say at this time, "I am the child of the holy earth and the starry heaven!" Now you can drink from the lake of memories. Then your soul will be free to be immortalised in heavenly eternity. According to Mithras cosmology, it is only ignorance of the fact, that it has deprived the soul of liberation and transcendence.

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