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What are birthstones, their benefits and relationship with the chakras?

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We know that different crystals have their own unique energies and have powerful applications in material science and medicine and interact with the energy fields of the human body, also known as vibrational energy. In this article, we discuss the crystals related to the month of birth and their properties.

January birthstone

January birthstone is garnet. Whether the modern civilization or the ancient world, both the stones born in January are known as garnet stones. This stone has different colors such as red, blue, orange or green. Carrying a garnet stone makes a person have high self-confidence. At the same time, it repels negative forces and brings fame, fortune and popularity to the person born in January. Also, this stone protects those born in January from mental madness.

This stone interacts with the root chakra and when you place this stone on the root chakra during meditation, it helps a lot to activate Kundalini. It directs you to the energy of the earth and balances the energy in this chakra.


February birthstone

Since the ancient Greek civilization, the birthstone of February has been the beautiful purple amethyst. Amethyst is a natural relaxant and having this stone with you will always keep you calm and in a high mood. This stone also helps you sleep better. This stone also raises the spiritual awareness of the wearer and opens his spiritual vision. Amethyst removes negativity and reduces sadness. If you need to learn, keep amethyst with you because it multiplies the power of memory.

Amethyst interacts with the third eye and crown chakra. And placing it on the third eye chakra during meditation will raise one's focus to increase awareness.

March birthstone

March's birthstone is aquamarine and bloodstone. If you are born in March and you want to eliminate toxins from your body, I suggest you carry an aquamarine with you to speed up the process. Aquamarine also calms your mind and nerves and reduces anxiety to the lowest level. This stone helps those born in Marrch to gain great insight and wisdom. If you are trying to receive frequencies from beyond the earth, carry this stone with you as this stone will help you receive higher sound frequencies. Aquamarine is related to the throat chakra, so if you place this stone on your throat chakra, it can bring intelligence and creativity to speakers.

April birthstone

Diamond is the birthstone of April, and those who carry this stone bring increased inner strength. This stone evokes positive emotions. It strengthens the physical health of the wearer. This stone also promotes self-confidence and positive thinking. If you are born in April and have low sexual energy, keep this stone with you to multiply your sexual energy.

The diamond is associated with the crown chakra. If a person born in April places a diamond on his crown chakra, he can bring enlightenment and luck to himself.

May birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone of those born in May. This stone brings creativity in investment and business for those born in May. It brings high intelligence and increases physical health. Emerald interacts with the heart chakra, opens and nourishes this chakra. Place this stone on the heart chakra to give freshness and vitality to your soul


Jun birthstone

Those born in June have 3 birthstones. These stones include pearl, schandrite and moonstone. Each of these stones has its own characteristics, but the most important of them is pearl. This stone brings peace and prosperity to the person born in June and gives him positive thoughts and strengthens his mind. If you are one of those people who get angry easily, carry this stone with you to become a cold-blooded person.
The pearl is in conflict with the sacral chakra, and placing this stone on the sacral chakra helps to revive this chakra and brings intuition to the person.

July birthstone

July's birthstone is ruby. Are you one of those people who are skeptical about everything? Doesn't anxiety, fear and depression leave you? If this is the case, keep your birthstone, i.e. ruby, with you to see the miracle of this stone very soon. This stone also boosts your creativity and confidence. Ruby can also remove negative energies around you.
Ruby interacts with the root chakra, and if you place this stone on the root chakra, besides cleansing the root chakra, it establishes the flow of positive energy.

August birthstone

Sardonyx is the main stone for those born in August with an age of 4000 years. Sardonyx has been known as a stone of power since ancient times because it gives courage and happiness to those who wear this stone. This stone helps people born in August to have high charisma. Due to its black and white stripes, this stone is more effective on people who are thin and fast. Also, carrying this stone protects you from evil.

Sardonyx is connected with the root, sacral and solar chakras, and when you place this stone on these chakras, it removes mental clutter and stress by hitting the chakras. Also, before going to bed, place this stone on the solar plexus chakra to relieve tension and anxiety and sleep comfortably.


September birthstone


The birthstone of September is sapphire. From the distant past, sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom because it brings great wisdom to those born in September. It increases a person's creativity and attracts revolutionary thoughts to him. This stone also removes unwanted thoughts and removes mental tension.

The sapphire stone interacts with the throat chakra and restores balance in the human body. It also aligns the physical, mental and spiritual pillars.

October birthstone

The birthstone of October is opal. Although the modern world introduces the pink tourmaline stone for those born in October, the positive effects of agate have been proven since the ancient time. For example, agate stone is useful for blood purification. It improves the production of insulin in the body and brings it to its normal state. Forget the medicine and bring the opal stone close to your body to treat fever and infection. This stone makes your skin incredibly clear and enhances your eyesight. This stone is the best tool to strengthen memory.
Agate interacts with the crown chakra, but if you place this stone on the crown chakra it connects with the heart chakra and offers emotional healing.

November birthstone

People born in November have two birthstones: citrine and topaz. Topaz is a soothing stone. A stone that heals and stimulates the five human senses to receive higher frequencies. This stone directs energy to exactly where it is needed. This stone is known as the stone of love and happiness. 
Topaz interacts with the solar plexus chakra and is associated with personal strength, willpower and self-confidence.

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December birthstone

The stones or rather the stones of people born in December are four stones: blue topaz, blue zircon, tanzanite and turquoise. Each of these stones, in turn, have positive effects on the life of those born in December, but the most important of them is turquoise, which greatly helps the absorption of nutrients in the body. This stone stimulates the regeneration of body tissues and actually heals the whole body. If you want to detoxify your body, do not keep this stone away. Turquoise interacts with the throat chakra and makes positive energies flow through this chakra in the body.

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