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Sleeping on these four nights will hurt your body


There are four major nights of the year when changes occur on Earth, and being aware of these changes and making good use of this opportunity will help you in particular to reach a higher level of consciousness. In this article, we will introduce and explain these four nights

The truth is that the calendar we have today is detached from the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth and works economically and politically without any connection to the natural world! In fact, today's calendar is made as part of a plan designed by those in power to cut people off from the natural connection with the earth and the heavens. With a brief look at the ancients, the differences can be easily understood. For example, in ancient Iran, known as the Persian Empire, there were many celebrations. In fact, the Persian Empire spends most of the year celebrating. Nowruz, Tirgan, Mehregan, Sadeh and so on. But most of these celebrations were closely related to the changes that took place in the heavens and the earth.

That is, these celebrations were held with a special science. For example, the celebration of Ameretat, which was held on the seventh day of Ameretat which is August in Gregorian calendar . The festival was held on the belief that on this day hunger and disease will disappear and medicines and plant foods will be blessed. And they celebrated this day by going to the green plains, by the flowing springs, and danced all night until morning. However, Ameretat means life and blessing has changed today to Mordad, which means death and nothingness. But the scientific reason for this forgotten celebration is that on this date the planet Earth reaches its farthest distance from the Sun, which causes changes in the earth's energy that affect the plants and trees.

No doubt you are familiar with the royal stars of Persia. The name alone refers to temples whose rooms are enriched with precious stones, azure necklaces, carpets with symbolic patterns and Achaemenid gold artefacts in ancient Persian architecture. But in fact it is a well-known name among astronomers, which is a traditional symbol of ancient Persia and refers to the four prominent stars in the sky, which are tied to four important events and four special nights on Earth. Four special nights that we should not neglect in any way and we should not sleep in these nights for any reason. One of these nights is associated with an orange giant star named Aldebaran. A star in the constellation Taurus. This night is a night that Iranians celebrate in the name of Nowruz. That is, the first night that the earth enters the vernal equinox. March 20th or 21st.

We know that there are many points on Earth that are the energy points of the Earth, and just like human body, there are 7 important places on Earth that are connected by an energy rainbow snake called the Earth Chakra or Earth Energy Gateways. On vernal equinox, the sun rises from the east and sets on the equator to the west. At this time, the energy points in nature rotate towards their opposite poles. In the same way, the energy points of our body, which we know as the chakra, are affected by this event. On this day, meditating can easily target blocked or misaligned chakras.

The other star is the white star of Fomalhaut. A star in the constellation Aquarius tied to another important night on Earth. Fortunately, we are almost awake that night, which is the Christmas or the night of Mithra's birthday in Persian calendar. This night is the first night that the earth enters the winter solstice.

The other 2 nights are the first night of the autumnal equinox, which is associated with the red star called Antares, and the other is the first night of the summer solstice, which is associated with the blue and white star of Regulus.

On these nights, changes take place on the planet Earth, and being aware of these changes and making good use of this opportunity will help you in a special way to raise your consciousness to a higher level. Simply put, if you are trying to activate your pineal gland, do not miss these four special nights. On these nights, a natural rise of energies occurs on Earth, and in the same way this rise of energy occurs in the human system, in fact, this change affects all creatures on Earth that have a backbone.

We know that the earth rotates regularly. We also know that the earth has a certain vibration. This vibration is called the earth's heart beat which is 7.83 Hz. And apart from this vibration, earth also has a special slip. Yes, I mean really shaking. It has been recorded since the beginning of observations in 1899 that during every 6 years the axis of rotation slides about (0.5 to 1.5 meters) to the east or west. Due to this slip, a special situation is created in the earth, which results in an increase in the earth's energy. But during the four days I mentioned earlier, these slips increase dramatically, and as a result, the earth's natural energy rises to the highest possible level and start to move upwards. On these nights, when energy is moving upwards, it also passes through your body. And if you are asleep at this time, you will somehow prevent this energy from moving upwards. In this case, not only will you not benefit from this situation, but you may also harm your body in particular.

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So if you want to reach a higher level of consciousness, you have to pay attention to the important changes that take place in nature, monitor them and resonate with them. So on these special nights you have to be awake and you have to try not to be horizontal in any way. Either standing or sitting so that your spine is vertical. Here, when energy enters your body, it starts moving in your body, rotates around the spine, passes through all the chakras and goes to the third eye chakra. You are familiar with this image, aren't you? No doubt you have seen this snake twisted around the spine that goes towards the third eye chakra. A symbol of the kundalini awakening. An awakening that is not easily achieved. Yes, you heard right. Staying awake on these special nights not only prevents damage to your body but also helps you to reach a higher level of consciousness by sitting in meditation. So you should take this opportunity to meditate in those nights. Note that I mean meditation means emptying the mind of all negative thoughts and deep thinking about something special. Whether physical or metaphysical. Here, if you are one of those people who always meditate and detoxify your body, you can take a big step towards spiritual awakening. But if you are not one of these people and do not believe in meditation, by staying awake in those nights you can at least prevent damage to your body.

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