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Maybe you were waiting for the end of the world when the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012. But this did not happen. Why? In the previous article, we read the message of the Ground Crew Project to humanity. We did some research on the nature of this message, and in this article you will read the results of our study.

Maybe you were waiting for the end of the world when the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012. But this did not happen. Why? Because the end of this calendar was actually a new beginning. The beginning of a new era. But what does this mean? Let's review a part of the article called Secrets of Freemasonry. (the astronomy of Mithraism). Equinoxes move at a speed of 50 arcs per year, so it takes 72 years for equinoxes to move 1-degree against fixed stars. And so the rotation of a complete circle takes 25,920 years. And that means that every 25920 years the world changes. A change that destroys human beings on earth. As you know in the solar system; The earth revolves around the sun along with other planets. A rotation cycle varies according to the distance and speed of each planet. For example, it takes 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun, which is one year, but for Saturn, 10,756 Earth days, or 26 Earth years, take one orbit. And we know that the solar system is moving towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy. But the great discovery of astronomers in 1960 changed everything.

Pleiades is a stellar system located in the constellation of Taurus. Another name for Plaidis is Seven Sisters, because this system consists of seven bright stars, the brightest of which is called the Alcyone star. Alcyone is actually at the center of the system, and other stars are orbiting the Alcyone. And of course, this discovery was significant when astronomers realised in 1962 that our solar system is the eighth and last star in the system. And that means the solar system, like the other six stars, is orbits around Alcyone. And of course, it was at this time that they also identified the photon belt that orbits the star system. And according to the latest astronomical findings, our solar system must pass 2 times through this photon belt in its path. And this is exactly what the Mayan calendar referred to. A complete orbit of our solar system around the Alcyone takes 26,000 years, ending on December 21, 2012. But what did this have to do with the end of the world? Let me explain in more detail, but remember that Mithra came to Earth in the last ice age, about 11,000 years ago.

The Milky Way is made up of spiral arms known as Fibonacci that extend from its central galactic core. Our solar system is about two-thirds of the way from the center of the galaxy. And is located near the Orion Belt. The energy leaves the center of the galaxy, moves along the energy lines, and spread upward

But another field similar to the spiral arms of the Milky Way is found coming out of Alcyone in the Pleiades. This field is at an angle to our solar system and creates a large spiral field, or Fibonacci, that extends from our solar system. And energy moves around the Alcyone field just like the spiral field of the Milky Way - through these lines. This field is made up of photons - the smallest possible particles of light in quantum physics. For this reason, this field is referred to as the "photon belt" or light.

But as our solar system orbits Alison, it passes through the photon belt twice which takes 2,000 years each time. This period is called the period of light. The solar system then passes through the belt and takes 11,000 years to reach the other side of the belt, which is called the 11,000-year period of darkness. And then 2,000 years pass in the photon belt. And again 11,000 years in the dark; This cycle lasts 26,000 years. But since we cross the photon belt, every year in December 21, (the beginning of the winter solstice), Center of the earth, The sun, the center of the galaxy are aligned. This alignment is called the galactic alignment. At this alignment of the galactic triangle, evolution is created by Earth, Sirius, Alcyone, and the galactic center. During this galactic alignment, the Earth receives a direct transfer of energy from the ions and the central core of the Milky Way.We will now be exposed to different types of light particles and different electromagnetic frequencies that help humans reach a higher level of consciousness, a 5D state.

Over the next 20-30 years (as we approach 2040), humanity is at the peak of a massive leap in evolutionary consciousness. Our pineal glands and DNA are expanding when we reach an awakened consciousness. According to experts, many people do not survive the initial arrival if they are not prepared. Imagine connecting the positive and negative poles. This is where light joins light and darkness no longer exists. To believe or reject this content, just take a look at Schumann resonances. External waves on the ground like lightning, they create electromagnetic waves that begin to ring at the earth's surface and border 60 miles higher called the ionosphere. This is a very low frequency wave that varies between 6 and 8 Hz. In the 1960s, scientists discovered that changes in resonances change with solar activity, activity in the Earth's magnetic field, and other Earth-connected phenomena, which for centuries have been at 7.5 Hz. But since 2012, these escalations have been on the rise. On January 31, 2017, it was first recorded that the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of +36 Hz. And in 2019 it reached more than 150 Hz .

The last time our solar system crossed the photon belt was about 11,000 years ago when the Earth experienced a small ice age. And, of course, geological records show that large-scale climate change and even polarity shifts may occur. Of course, these were the sweet part of the story. This coin has another side. Let's think about the exit of the solar system from this belt.

When you are in the belt, darkness has no meaning and it will only be light and this light has no heat. The ice will spread to 40 latitudes and it will not rain anymore. But with the spread of ice to a latitude of 40 in half of the United States; Europe and Asia are going under snow and ice. In that case, many people will become homeless and will have to migrate to places like Eurasia. After the earth leaves the photon belt; Everything returns to normal. Increased sunlight, which melts ice and snow. And it starts to rain again, which is why Noah was so surprised to see the first rainbow. And of course, after Noah, human life gradually became less and less. You must have asked, then what about extraterrestrials? Well, when you enter the fifth dimension and your third eye opens, you see things you have not seen before

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