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Did creatures come to our planet from beyond Earth or anywhere else in ancient times? A study of antiquities and ancient events will reveal to us the true nature of ancient extraterrestrials. We begin this article with the mountains and caves that played an important role in antiquity.

Along the Syrian border; Lebanon, Israel and Jordan There is a mountain called Hermon. This mountain is mentioned in the book of Enoch as a place where angels called watchers descended to earth led by an angel named Samyaza. In fact, the book mentions that angels descend from the top of this mountain. It may be imagined that angels descended to the top of the mountain and came down from the mountain. The ancient Syrian believed that Bashan, the kingdom of Og on Mount Hermon, was the main entrance to the underworld. You must have heard something about the Garden of the Gods or the Sumerian Paradise.As its name suggests, this garden was the residence of the Sumerian gods or the Anunnaki, who created the first civilized human in this garden.To describe this garden, it is enough to refer to the Garden of Eden, because in fact everything you know about the nature of the Garden of Eden is the same and there is only one important difference. This garden was not and is not in the sky or beyond the earth.

According to scholars such as Edward Lipinski, Mount Hermon was not only known as the secret abode of the Anunnaki in the ancient world, but also the mountain of the Semitic god El, and the creator god of the Pantheon. The story of Enlil and Ninlil begins with a description of a garden and a city with its trees, river, fruits and wells that surround a wall, and in fact is depicted as the city of the gods. This is a story of the ancients, but according to scholars like Samuel Noah Kramer, "it seems that such a city really existed before humans came to earth." And of course, many researchers like Andrew R. George confirm this statement. And they know the location of this place in the foothills of Hermon. And they believe that the Lebanese cedars are closely related to this place. Historians and scholars emphasise that Gilgamesh was the great ruler of Mesopotamia. In the epic of Gilgamesh, this garden and its place are clearly described. The seventh tablet of Gilgamesh's epic states that:

”the earth was split by spinning in the circles around Mount Hermon."

And, of course, it is stated in the ninth tablet:

“ that he reaches Mashu, the mountain of two heads. One peak is to the west, facing the sunset, and the other is to the east. Its peaks reach the heavens and its breasts are drawn to the underworld. Two monsters, a scorpion man and his wife, guard its gates”.

Scholars have emphasized that the word Mashu in Sumerian means "twins". This metaphor is related to the geographical location of Mount Lebanon and Mount Hermon. And if you look closely, the text points to a gate that is opening. But is it not possible that the angels in the book of Enoch did not come from heaven and actually came from somewhere in the heart of the mountain? You saw that Gilgamesh described the gate that opened to go to the Garden of the Gods. It may be interesting to know that there are caves in this mountain, the entrance of each of which is from an ancient temple on this mountain. The Caesar Philippi Temple or the Gate of Hell may be the most important of these.

The Garden of Eden or Paradise in ancient Persian literature is pairi-Daeza, meaning the garden that is surrounded by a wall and is actually hidden from view, and the English word paradise is derived from Old Persian, which means the same. The term entered Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek while still retaining its original meaning. And the Arabic word for paradise in Islam is jannah, which means exactly "hidden place" which is interpreted as paradise. Interestingly, many legends refer to a hidden or lost city. A city that was the cradle of civilization and progress. Like Atlantis; Agartha civilazation ; Shambhala or Sumerian Paradise. And even we ourselves dream of going to a place, where we were apparently expelled for eating an apple. Where it is so good that we call it paradise. But this mountain is tied to another event. This is the place where Jesus Christ and the three apostles Peter, James and John went up on this mountain to pray. On the mountain, Christ distanced himself from his companions. Suddenly he began to shine with rays of light. Then the prophet Moses and Elijah appeared with him and he spoke to them. And this is while the 3 apostles are eyewitnesses of this event, which is mentioned in the Bible. However, some consider Mount Tabor to be the site of this event. But this is not possible because Mount Tabor was the site of a Roman military camp at the time of Jesus.

Undoubtedly, you have heard many historical stories that are somehow connected with a mountain or a cave. But now let's take a look at these 3 famous caves. Mount Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula; Mount Moriah or Mount Zion in Israel and Mount Jabal al-Nour in the Arabian Peninsula. There is a cave called Hara on the top of Jabal al-Nour mountain where the Prophet of Islam always went. He even stayed inside this cave for 40 days and nights. And he was in this cave when he met an angel named Gabriel. South of Sinai desert is another mountain called Horb, known as Mount Sinai. In 1 Kings 19 it is stated that the prophet Elijah was fleeing Judea and reached Mount Sinai after 40 days and nights. He finds a cave at the top of the mountain and spends the night in that cave, where God speaks to him. And this mountain is the place where Moses met God 500 years ago and received the 10 commandments. This is what the Bible says: The top of the mountain tremble and was filled with smoke, and black clouds appear. And then a fire broke out on the summit. The book says that the Hebrews camped on Mount Sinai for eleven months and five days. During the first months of the stay, the mountain was accompanied by a terrifying display of dense clouds, smoke, fire, lightning, earthquakes, trumpets and the voice of God. Since 1926, tourists and scientists such as Alois Musil; Jean Koenig and Colin Humphreys claimed that Mount Sinai was a volcano. According to these researchers, the Old Testament description of Mount Sinai is quite a description of an active volcano, even down to the details such as the loud sound of a trumpet produced by the release of gases from the crevices of rocks. But forget about volcanoes because there is a more important issue. The cave that is located at the top of this mountain is called Musa Cave. Because it is said that Moses spent 40 days and nights waiting to receive 10 commandments inside this cave.

But a few kilometers below Mount Hermon in Jerusalem is a mountain called Mount Zion or Mount Moriah. This mountain is associated with important stories and events. The king Solomon built his temple on top of this mountain, the place that God had shown to his father king David. But the important issue of this mountain is the existence of a cave which is known as the cave of spirits or well of souls. The entrance to this cave was from inside the Temple of Solomon, but today this cave is located just below the dome of the rock. As you know, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock were built in the place where Solomon Temple used to be. And this cave is located just below the the dome of the rock, which is covered by a rock called the foundation stone. Another important issue is that the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam consider this cave sacred and for this reason researchers are never allowed to study and explore this cave.

If you have seen the video: Was Noah being human? You must remember that Enoch never died and was taken to heaven forever. Well, he was taken to heaven exactly from this point. In fact, this stone was brought here by Enoch and his son Methuselah. But this place is also sacred to Muslims because the Prophet of Islam ascended to heaven exactly from this point. And it is sacred to the Jews because this is exactly the place where Abraham brought Isaac to sacrifice. And of course, according to the Jewish Bible, this cave and stone is exactly the center of the world. And do not forget that this place was once the qibla of Muslims. Forget all this and listen to this: Christians consider this place the holiest place because it is the place where an angel announced the birth of John the Baptist.

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