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Since 1875, the United States has seen countless reports of unidentified flying objects. These reports peaked in July 1952. That is when the Washington DC incident, known as "the Big Flap", happened. The incident was so shocking that several US generals shut down the Air Force s Unidentified Flying Objects Research Project, the Grudge Project, and replaced the Blue Book project in March 1952. The Blue Book Project studied unidentified flying objects for more than a decade, and finally in 1969 the Blue Book Project ended with a detailed report. The full report is now available on the FBI and National Archives website. But this article deals with an important and deleted part of this project that is not in the final report of the blue book project.

Since 1875, the United States has seen countless reports of unidentified flying objects. Reports such as the Mantel UFO Incident, Missouri Incident, Roswell Incident in New Mexico, The Aztec incident in New Mexico or Lieutenant Gorman colliding with a UFO. These reports peaked in July 1952. That is when the Washington DC incident, known as "the Big Flap", happened. Seven luminous objects were seen in the Washington sky for hours, the city was without electricity. Radio stations spiraled out of control. And the city was in terror for hours. The incident was so shocking that several US generals shut down the Air Force's Unidentified Flying Objects Research Project, the Grudge Project, and replaced the Blue Book project in March 1952. General John A. Samford in 31. 7. 1952 In a live television interview said that from 1947 to 1952, they had seen 1,000 to 2,000 UFOs in the United States. The Blue Book Project studied these unidentified objects for more than a decade, and finally in 1969 the Blue Book Project ended with a detailed report.

What you see (above) is the eighth report of the Blue Book project that we got from the National Archives. Above the photo is written 50 years ago, the government stops investigating unidentified flying objects. Look carefully at the photo. No matter how you look at this flying object, it does not look like anything you have ever seen. We have created a video of the lost diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, which you can watch by clicking on the link below.

Video: Lost diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd

But the full report of this project is available on the FBI website under the Freedom of Information Act, and what you see is a page of this report showing the sighting of unidentified flying objects from 1947 to 1969. A total of 12,618 UFO sightings and 701 anonymous cases have been recorded. However, the text of the report states that no evidence has been provided or discovered by the Air Force that observations classified as "anonymous" reflect advanced technologies or principles beyond the scope of modern scientific knowledge. And there is no evidence that observations classified as "anonymous" are extraterrestrial vehicles.

But in this project, there is a strange case that is not in the report. On June 1, 1991, a book called The Stranger at the Pentagon was written by Dr. Frank Strangers which dealt with the subject of high security at the Pentagon between 1957 and 1960. Part of this book deals with a case of the Blue Book project, which is actually the work of Harry Andrew Byrd, the nephew of the famous Admiral Richard E. Bird. In these writings, he deals with the period before working on the Blue Book project. That is, when he was working in the security clearance department to analyse images received of unidentified flying objects. It reads: In mid-March 1957, we received an urgent message from the Alexandria Police Department. The message was that police officers picked up three aliens who were landed about 14 miles south of Pentagon Boulevard and transferred them to the Pentagon. He went on to explain that the aliens met with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon.

There are several pictures of these three aliens in the book, namely 2 men Valiant Thor and Don, and a woman named Jill. In the book, when the negotiator asks Valiant where he came from, he answers, "I came from the planet your Bible calles the morning and the evening star." That is, Venus, and of course in a part of the book, Valiant states that the race of his people lives underground, and that many planets around the universe survive in the same way. Is there an ambiguity in this sentence. Did Valiant and his companions really come to Earth from Venus?

But Frank Stranges was a writer, scientist, and founder of the National Committee for the Study of Unidentified Flying Objects. Frank met Valiant Thor in March 1957 in Virginia. And since then he has become a scholar of the knowledge of Christ, and formed an international group called the Inner Circle. But he insisted that the information in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi library was invaluable to the general public because it showed a direct link between the words of Jesus and the existence of beings from other worlds. And this is interesting. Because in the Matrix video we saw that in a part of Neg Hammadi library called the Gnostic Gospel, which is called the words and teachings of the person of Christ, a creature called Sophia is mentioned, and also describes the earth and even the role of Jesus in the earth in a different way. Some of Frank's words are thought-provoking. He says: There is a glorious infusion of spiritual energy that begins to sink into our light and excites us all to go to the great power and love of "I am." We read the final report of the Blue Book project very carefully and saw that it was clearly stated that there was no evidence that the observations classified as "anonymous" were extraterrestrial vehicles. Now a question arises. Are the statements of Frank Stranges and Harry Andrew Byrd about Valiant a lie? or is there something more important? Well, I draw your attention to this. Admiral Richard E. Byrd was the first to fly over the North and South Poles. After exploring the Arctic, he explored Antarctica. He then said in a television interview:

"But strangely enough, there is an area in the world today the size of the United States that has never been seen by humans, and that beyond the Pole and other side of South pole"

Finally, on December 24, 1956, after 10 years of exploring the Pole, he wrote a diary of a great mystery he had witnessed. This is how he begins his writing. "I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity". And refers directly to the North Pole. Then he says "perhaps it shall never see the light of public scrutiny". But by reading, you will see that he has stated the subject clearly and perfectly. So what is the meaning of obscurity? Well, there are some important points in these diary. He writes that the inhabitants of that land flew by a device called the Flugrades, on which the symbol of the swastika was engraved. Well, Flugrades is really nothing but the UFO we know. And we know that Hitler made it. And the swastika is nothing but the cross or the symbol of Nazi Germany. And on his return, the pilot of Flugrades says Auf Wiedersehen, which is a German phrase meaning goodbye, until we see each other again. And most importantly, the last sentence is written in capital letters. He writes " For i have seen that land beyond the pole, that center of the great unknown" . Note that he does not say inside earth, as he had previously said in a television interview: "and that beyond the Pole and other side of South pole".

But four months after writing his diary, on March 11, 1957, he died. A few days later, in mid-March 1957, Valiant Thor and two of his companions landed. Then in a few months later, in October 1958, NASA was officially founded, and exactly one year later, the Antarctic Treaty was signed. Are all these events coincidental? Richard describes the land as green and dreamy, but our map shows nothing but ice, snow and water. Is what he said wrong or is it really a city on the other side of the ice? In fact, his statements are consistent with one theory. Flat Earth Theory. This theory says that a land should be behind the seas.

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Although such a theory is completely impossible with the wisdom and logic of our modern knowledge, but sometimes there are reasons. For example, the logo of international organizations, or we all know that when we are 10 kilometers above the ground and have a field of view of 60 degrees, we must see the curvature of the earth clearly. When we reach an altitude of 20 km, we can see the curvature more clearly. And by far. This is the first photograph taken from Earth on October 4, 1946, at an altitude of 100 km. The radius of the earth is 6371 km. Which gives us an environment of 40,030 km. Using the environment, we find that it has an angle of 1 km. And with this formula we can get the height to get the curvature to be seen. However, the curvature of the earth can be easily obtained through the website curvature of earth. So if we look at the earth from a height of 100 km, we should see the earth like this (video above).

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