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freemasonry Secrets 3 & Vortex - Fibonacci - Golden Ratio And Great Pyramid


We saw the importance of the third eye, known as the eye of providence, in the previous two videos, and we saw that Plato insisted on the importance of mathematics. And Nikola Tesla called the numbers 3, 6 and 9 to be the keys of universe. In this article, we study the importance of mathematics and numbers.

But let's look for the number 9 where we live. To determine each point on the earth, geographers have used hypothetical lines. The most important hypothetical line is the equator, which is considered as a circle around the earth with a length of about 40,000 kilometers and divides the earth into two hemispheres, northern and southern. There are other hypothetical lines that start at the North Pole and end at the South Pole, called the meridian.

Now let’s take the necessary tools to draw geometric shapes, which is a powerful science for discovering the mysteries and wonders of nature, and draw the equator. Now look at the space inside the circle from the center point. Now we start to find and calculate the angles inside the circle. Now let us get the values of the angles in ordinary polygons.

Perhaps one of the most common things you hear about the Freemasons is that these people, with their special knowledge, seek to plan for the whole world, or in other words, the new world order. You must be wondering what the geometric pattern or numbers have to do with governing the world? The answer is: The key to the whole universe is in numbers. The most important of which are 3, 6 and 9.

This math is based on Vortex. In fluid dynamics, a vortex is a region in a fluid in which the flow revolves around an axis line. This rotation causes the components around the fluid to be sucked. The velocity of the current in the center is the maximum and decreases with distance from center. From streams of water pouring into the sink to massive storms, DNA, Nature are all, examples of vortices. The numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 in the vortex describe the physical world. While the numbers 3; 6 and 9 are not physical, but they turn the physical world into a quantum level, which is called the symbol of the Enlightenment. In this way, a geometric pattern is used to govern the world. This is called the mathematical decoding of the universe around a circle.

Undoubtedly, you know that the biggest one-digit number is 9, and in fact the biggest number is 9 and other numbers are obtained by adding or multiplying single-digit numbers.

If you add the result of double numbers, shows a principled pattern of an infinite string. Similar to what happens in nature. (Image above) But if we double the number 9 the result is always 9. Even if we divide 9 by two. Now let's look at 3 and 6. As you can see (image below) the result will be 3 and 6 and it does not matter how long you continue. Exactly like the energy field for doing properties work. So why does this matter? Because vibration and movement of energy is created this way. energy is always becoming and unbecoming.

Undoubtedly, you realized the importance of the numbers 3 and 6, which means the energy field, and 9, which means the highest energy point. Now look at the number 9 in real life. The solar system is located 26,100 light-years from the center of the Milky Way. It is 3600 seconds in one hour A healthy person typically breathes 12 times per minute. That is 17280 times a day. So when you balance and absorb the energy, the third eye opens and you reach the highest point of energy, so the result is nothing is hidden from you now.

According to the previous video and what you saw in this video, You understood the the importance of the eye of providence, triangle and the circle for the Freemasons. Now there is an important question? Why do they use a pyramid instead of a triangle in some symbols? Or place the triangle and the eye of providence at the top of the pyramid.

The mystery of the pyramids of Egypt is a topic that is no longer hidden from anyone. From its alignment with the constellation of Pisces to the number Pi; Square meters and most importantly the golden ratio. That mean, built these pyramids exactly with mathematical formulas. And this is a question for which no logical answer has been found so far. If you do not know what a golden ratio is? The golden ratio is one of the key concepts in design that is found everywhere in nature. In plants, animals, the human body and in fact the whole world is regulated by this golden ratio. The golden ratio is based on the name of the 13th century mathematician Leonardo Pizza known as Fibonacci. In this chain, except for the first two numbers, the next numbers are obtained from the sum of their two previous numbers, and similarly, if we divide each number by the previous number, we will approach the golden ratio.

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According to mathematicians as well as architects, the golden ratio in the universe is a constant. In the Great Pyramid, the golden ratio is obtained by dividing the base perimeter by the height difference between the lowest and highest points of the pyramid. Which was first discovered by Pythagoras. All this shows that the person who built this pyramid was not only an extraordinary mathematician, but also familiar with the law of creation, the golden number. If your mind goes to extraterrestrials, it is better to wait and watch next video, because there is a more important issue. We will discuss this issue in the next video.

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