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Which planet affects your chakras

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Have you ever heard someone ask what your heart says? Or what does your intellect say? In fact, this does not refer to the physical heart of the human being, but to the energy field of the body, that is, where the body is projected. Inside this energy field, there are many lines of energy flow or, more precisely, information flow. That is, what passes inside the human energy field is information.

These lines were well recognized by the ancients and today in acupuncture, those energy flows, information flows are called the heart. When the lines of energy or information are blocked for some reason, a disharmony occurs in a person, which we see in the form of physical or mental illness. But these energy lines themselves are only a part of an energetic information system that connects the human energy field to other energy levels, which are called vortexes or chakras.

We know very well that there are 7 basic chakras in the human energy field. The lowest of which is related to our interaction with the Earth. And the highest of them connects us to other levels of reality. And the key point of these that balances the chakras is the heart chakra.

But there are seven planets in the solar system that affect humans. These seven planets also affect the seven human chakras and cause them to close.

To know the zodiac signs, the planet that affects you, your element and other things, enter your date and time of birth in the form below.

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Omid you changed my life thanks for ever


2024-03-08 12:19:52

In your video you said we can find out my birth chart by enter my birth day info but I can't find the box that you showed in video

2024-03-08 12:19:52

Hi Dear how can I get My Zodiac? Tanx


2024-03-08 12:19:52

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