The Lost Civilization of Man

This video is the destiny of the near future of man

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This article is for those who are immersed in this material world and do not see where they are stepping. May this be a wake up call for them.

I've already made videos about The Matrix and the simulated world. Or in the video; The true nature of this world, I explained how everything in this world is vibration and frequency and how we experience this world in these frequency bands. And in this context, in this video, I explain a fact that is the near future of mankind. 

Surely, you have heard of virtual reality by now. In short, virtual reality is a simulated 3D environment that enables users to explore and interact with a virtual environment in a way that approximates reality, that is, as perceived through the users' senses. This simulated environment is created with computer hardware and software. And users need to wear things like a hat or glasses to interact with this simulated environment. The reason for wearing the accessory is to allow users to immerse themselves more deeply in this virtual reality environment – and block out the physical environment around them. In this case, they can better suspend their belief that they are in a game and accept that simulated virtual world as real.


Pay attention to this:

when you wear the special clothes, put on the glasses, and put on the headphones, you are literally connecting 3 of your most important senses to this system. And the new design uses tiny paraffin wax pads that release scents that are heated by electrodes to connect the user's sense of smell to the system. Briefly consider the smell of a food: here in our world: the vibrations and frequencies of the food molecules and atoms cause the nose receptor electrons to tunnel between energy states and then send nerve signals to the brain. Different vibrational frequencies are detected by different receptors, and because the wavelengths of these frequencies are different we perceive smells differently. And in the metaverse, these scents send frequencies with exactly the same wavelength as what you receive in this world to the nose receptor electrons. Here, you won't know any smell from the environment because you filtered your sense of smell and connected it to the metaverse, so you feel exactly the smell that is in the game, just like the other 3 senses. What happened here is that the user literally enters a world that is exactly like our own, and he feels and touches and smells and sees everything like physical world. 


Now consider this: Neuralink put the first brain chip in a person's head with the aim of helping humanity. In fact, according to Elon Musk, the goal of Neuralink is to help people who live with disabling conditions, including paralysis. Neuralink helps these people to be able to communicate with different devices and control them with their thoughts.
Now pay attention to this: As you know, we understand the world around us with our senses. For example: Has your leg ever fallen asleep? Here your foot won't feel anything for a few minutes. Because the sense of touch in your feet has stopped working. So, exactly what our senses do is that they receive vibrations and frequencies and send them to our brain, and our brain decodes them into different forms, which makes us to feel the world around us physically.  Vibrations and frequencies are the source of all waves. And in fact, the world around us is electromagnetic waves. And this is exactly what Nikola Tesla pointed out. He said everything in the world is light. And of course, light is nothing but the same electromagnetic waves, and visible light is only a specific band of these electromagnetic waves. Yes, the sense of sight shows you those electromagnetic waves in physical form and the sense of touch makes you touch it as physical. And as you have seen, virtual reality games like Metaverse use the same human senses to send fake electromagnetic waves, or in other words, fake information, to the user's brain, and the human brain decodes that information in physical form. So the user thinks he is in a real world, but he is actually in a simulated and fake world. Now think what if they send this information directly to our brain instead of using our senses. Yes, you got it. Exactly one brain chip is enough to connect you to this system. But do you know where the scary part is? Now the user can return to our own world by removing the clothes and glasses. But can he do it on his own when he gets the brain chip?


Pay attention to this. According to the latest news from Neuralink, the first person who received a brain chip is now able to move chess pieces and play chess without touching the mouse and only with the power of his mind. Yes, to this extent, this chip is connected with the brain and connects the human brain to the computer, and this means that the brain can be easily instructed to do a specific task through this chip. In fact, this is what is done. First, they show the beauty to mankind and make them fascinated by that technology, and then they slowly pull them inside like a vortex. For example: the glamor of the game attracts some people who love the game. Some people who are looking to earn money, buy and sell land in this virtual world. And some people literally transfer their business to this virtual world. Well you will say I will never get a brain chip. But think about how they can easily quarantine everyone in their cities for various reasons such as the destruction of the world, an epidemic or anything else, and consider the only way to save them is to put a chip in the brain.


In fact, they did this big practice once in the past years. But that's not the whole story because the end is when your brain algorithms are uploaded to this system. In this case, your physical body is no longer needed and can be disposed of. In this case, you live in a world that is completely physical and real and has creators who are called developers. Gathered of Developer. 


But what if I told you that exactly the same thing has happened to our apparently physical world, and in fact, this world that you are experiencing as physical now is not the basic reality and is only a simulation of the real world. Yes, you heard right. In fact, great people like Buddha or Rumi have mentioned this fact many times. Pay attention to this quote of Rumi:

This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.

Or the Jesus Christ tried to make people understand that they are trapped in a material world that is simulated from the original world. Pay attention to this: Comte Saint-Germain is the one who was able to decipher the patterns of this material world and overcome the laws of this material world. And he steps on a difficult path to get rid of this matrix and reach his higher self. And his guide on this path is none other than Zarathushtra. And Jesus Christ tells John in the Secret Gospel of John that if you want to know more, you will find the answer in the book of Zarathushtra. And he tells John that Demiurge saw the image of man and said let's create a being similar to what I saw to bring us light. Then they created Adam and breathed that essence of God into Adam. And it is further stated that Jesus said: Demiurge put Adam into a deep sleep, and deep sleep refers to senses.


Here, if you pay attention, you will see that there is a great similarity between the original world and this physical world in the words of Jesus, and this physical world and the metaverse.
There, Demurge sent the real human to this world by wearing clothes that are controlled by the senses (Body). And today, by wearing clothes that control the senses again, humans are taken into a digital world like Metaverse.


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But the important thing is that we are entering the age of awareness and mankind is becoming aware. And when 51% of mankind realizes the fact that this world is nothing more than an illusion, this world will switch and everyone will wake up. Suddenly you will see a different world in front of your eyes. For this reason, developers are trying to bring humans into a deeper layer of the physical world. A layer where it is impossible to wake up.
A world that is not actually physical, but you will feel it just like this world.


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