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The truth of the Christmas star that appears on December 21st

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No doubt you heard that on the night of December 21, a bright star is seen in the sky, which the people calls the Christmas star, and know this star as a sign of the advent of the saviour. But what is this star or why do Christians consider the appearance of this star as a sign of the advent of Christ?

No doubt you know that at the birth of Jesus Christ a bright star appears in the sky of Bethlehem, Then, according to the prophecies at their disposal, the three Magi used this star to find the birthplace of Jesus and come to his bedside with gifts. Likewise, some claim that the story of the appearance of a bright star in the sky of Bethlehem on December 21, 2020 years ago; With the reappearance of this shining star on December 21 this year, will be repeated. And that means Christ returns to earth. And of course it gets a little more complicated if you know that the ancient Mayan calendar ends on December 21st. Although the day and month of this calendar are the same, but there are doubts about the year. Christians believe that the appearance of this star was a miraculous sign. Interestingly, astronomers and researchers have acknowledged for decades that the star may have been linked to unusual celestial events, such as the connection of two planets, or a comet or a supernova. But let's get acquainted with this famous star that will appear this year.

Well, this is not a star at all, but a planetary link that looks like a star as the bright planets of Jupiter and Saturn converge in the evening sky, culminating in the night of December 21st. "Planets seem to be constantly passing each other in the solar system," said Henry Troop, an astronomer at NASA's Planetary Science Division. The approach of these two planets occurs once every 20 years. So what makes this year so special? First, it has been nearly 400 years since any of the planets moved so close together, and it has been almost 800 years since Saturn and Jupiter came so close together. But this year the two planets will reach their closest possible point. But another reason that makes this event so important this year is the date of its occurrence, which is very significant, because it takes place during the winter solstice; On December 21; It means the birthday of Mithras and Jesus Christ. With the naked eye, these two planets look like a star. And almost everyone around the world can see this "great connection." You can see this event by looking southwest just after sunset, without any telescopes. So is the theory that this phenomenon could be a sign of the return of a savior wrong? Let's look at it another way.

If you look at the date of construction of the telescope, you will come to the conclusion that it is very likely that something similar to the approach of the planets occurred at the birth of Jesus Christ. Because when you look at the sky with a powerful telescope on December 21, you actually see two planets close to each other, but if you look at the southwest sky from the ground without a telescope, you only see a bright star that shines completely abnormally. So will he return again or will this signal the beginning of a new era on earth?

If you have watched the video of Freemasonry secrets, then you know these 3 Magi well. They followed the star and reached Bethlehem. When they opened the door, they met the baby Christ. They had 3 gifts with them. Who presented these gifts to the infant Jesus. These gifts are three valuable products in the ancient world: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. In the religion of ancient Iran or Mithraism, these three products had religious significance. And in the Zoroastrian religion, we see that the same 3 products of gold, frankincense and moor are offered to Ahuramazda.

But in Mithraic astronomy there is a special word for this great connection between Saturn and Jupiter. This word is: coming to life.

And the excellent Saturn-Jupiter bond seems to symbolically refer to that higher level of the next awakening, which is the next stage on the ascending ladder of Mithraism. If you are familiar with the law of creation, Fibonacci, then you have an important point. I suggest that if you have not watched the video of the secrets of Freemasonry, watch this video by clicking on the link above.

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