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Decoding the exact time of the end of the word


This article deciphers the western side of the Hendaye cross through the signs of the zodiac, tarot cards and Funcanelli book, and determines the end of this age and the entry into the age of Aquarius, and also through these findings and scientific documents, the exact time of the end of this world.

In the first part, we were introduced to the Hendaye cross, which is located in the city of Hendaye in the west of France. And we saw that on the east side of the cross was written "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" and on the west side there was an inscription that was written "Hail, O Cross, the only hope." But when we decoded the letters on the eastern side of the cross according to the instructions of Funcanelli's book and the inscriptions in Latin, it gave this meaning: "Igne Natura Renovatur Integra." That is, "with fire, nature is completely renewed."

And when we decoded with the tarot cards, the book of Funcanelli and the 20th chapter of Genesis in the Bible, we saw that the eastern part of the cross and the symbols on the base referred to the Age of Aquarius and the end of the 25,920 year cycle. Although this is just a decoding, the fact is that scientific findings really confirm this event. Here is an important example. In 1989, scientists started drilling in the Greenland ice until they reached the bedrock at a depth of 3029 meters. Then they examined the ice core layers and using the data obtained from the ice core layers, they were able to obtain the atmospheric condition and climate conditions of the earth up to 105 thousand years ago. Then Dr. Paul Laviolette published a book called Earth Under Fire in which he examined this data. These data show that every 13,000 years, a very rare platinum alloy called iridium is formed in the layers of the ice core, which unlike the earth, this alloy is found in space. In the first part, we said that this cycle lasts 25,920 years, half of which is 12,960 years. And according to this data, 12,822 years have passed since the last time this happened. With a simple calculation, we can see that we are about 105 years away from this event, and of course, this event is not sudden, which means that we will enter it slowly, and this means that slowly everything will start to change. If you look carefully, you can easily understand the changes that are taking place every year. And of course we said in earlier videos that: "now is the beginning and its peak will come soon." Pay attention to this: Ribonucleic acid, or RNA, is a polymeric molecule that is essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation and expression of human genes. Along with lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates, RNA and DNA form one of the four major macromolecules essential to all known forms of life. And we see a computer expert named Bill Gates unveiling messenger RNA vaccines to combat the coming pandemic. This, he says, teaches our cells how to make a protein to trigger an immune response in our body. Well let me translate this in simple terms. This teaches the new coding to the RNA molecules in the nucleus of the cells to express the genes in a new way. So that man can adapt himself to the great change that is coming.

If you have noticed, in the first part, we didn't pay much attention to the inscription on the western side of the cross, because we had to spend more time playing with letters. Have you ever solved a sliding puzzle? Yes, it's really fun. But isn't it possible that some people use this method to hide a secret? In fact, this is not a question because our surroundings are really full of mysteries, codes, symbols and hidden signs that all together show the way out. So let's decipher the big secret in this way.

What do you think the meaning of the writing on this inscription can be: "Hail, O Cross, The only hope." (Video above). Most of you think that it is saying: Christ is the only hope. However, there is a serious flaw in this sentence, and that is the place of "s" should be at the end of the down word, so that it can be read "Hail, O Cross, The only hope", but it is written incorrectly at the end of the above word. But is it possible that the creator of this column did not make a mistake and in fact this sentence contains a hidden meaning? And of course, with a little attention, you can see that this letter S and the letter S in the sentence below are not normal. These two letters are rotated to the right at an angle of 13 degrees. As if the creator is trying to draw our attention to these letters. And of course it is very unlikely that the maker of the cross mistakenly drew both S's upside down. Therefore, thanks to the letter S, which was deliberately moved, we understand that the inscription must be translated into a secret language, which means that it must be deciphered with the help of certain rules. This means let's move the letters that sound the same. For example: Pesvnica has a sound like Pesunica. Therefore, let's replace V with U. Although I think we know what to look for. Because Funcanelli in his book, when he writes about the entry into the new age, says this with reference to the cross of Hendaye: "where death cannot reach man in the terrible time of the double cataclysm." In my opinion, this sentence refers to a special location. If you read the book "Songe d Polyphile" written by Francesco Colonna in 1811, you will see that he explained the meaning of these symbols clearly. And of course, according to the clue we have from Fulcanelli, we change the C with S, which means exactly the two letters that are marked. C has the same sound as S in some cases. For example, Cent, Central, Cycle.

Now pay attention to the X mark on the top of the cross. Strangely, it is exactly parallel to the letter X in the inscription below. And of course, if you look carefully, you will see that the upper letters are 9 numbers, while the lower letters are 8 numbers. And again, with a little care, you can see that the lower letters from the left are exactly below the upper letters until they reach X. From there on, irregular letters are written. So, let's divide the words into two categories by where the X is. As you can see, we got four words, each consisting of four letters. Well, in philosophy, X is a sign to reverse or move, that is, to change the place of 2 things together.

So we have to arrange the letters by moving them. Just like a sliding puzzle. So let's do the reciprocal change and replace x with s, then we will change the place of R and C together. Now we sort the letters on the right side. We change the places of I and N, and move C from the end of the above word to the beginning. And we do the same change with the upper left letters, and place S between them. Now the words made sense. Cusco, Cave, Peru, Inca. Cusco is apparently a name. Cave means cave, Peru is the name of a country in South America. And Inca is the name of a tribe in Peru that was formed for the first time in the highlands of Peru. And of course, if we move the words, these words give us an address. Inca Cave, Cusco, Peru.

Now, with a little search, we can find out that there is a city in Peru called Cusco, which was the center of the great Inca empire called Tahuantinsuyo. In this city there is a famous Inca temple called the Temple of the Sun, which was covered in gold, and more importantly, in beneath this city there are mysterious caves called Chinkana that hide the entrance to the main Inca cave. In fact, these caves are a series of complex passageways and a network of underground galleries, which are called underground labyrinths. And in fact, these caves are said to be traps so that no one can find the entrance to the original cave. It is said that no one can go inside these caves and come back again. And of course, the government does not issue any type of permission for archeology or other searches.

But was this all that the cross of Hendaye refers to? Let's look at this cross again. This time, take the S, from the end of the word and place it at the beginning. And then separate the word from the letter X. Now write the word on the upper left from right to left in the Da Vinci method. Now we have 3 words, Urcos, X and Ave. And if we change the place of these two words and read the whole sentence, it means: “Hail to the Cross in Urcos.” But what does this mean? Well, with a little research, we can see that Urcos is the name of a very small and very beautiful city in the Cusco region. But in the northern suburbs of Cusco, at an altitude of 3701 meters, there are the ruins of a stone fortress called Sacsayhuaman, which was built by the Incas in the 15th century. The stones of this castle are cut in a strange way with a special delicacy, which is completely impossible with the technology of that era. And also the sculptures of human heads, animals and creatures that we don't know are all around the wall of the entrance yard. According to the natives, this city and castle are known as the navel of the world. But at a very short distance from this stone castle there is a lake, next to this lake there is a small hill and on the hill is an old cross. According to the natives, this cross has been here for centuries and no one knows the history or the reason for installing this cross here. In fact, we can be sure that the inscription on the Hendaye cross (Hail to the Cross in Urcos) refers to this cross. but why?

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So, in fact, at a very short distance from this cross, there is a concrete wall that is completely unnatural. Because this wall is among the stones of the body of a mountain. Although there is not much information available about this place, we found out that this is the entrance of a cave, which unfortunately the Peruvian government has blocked and no excavation is allowed. I'm sure this is the main entrance to the Inca cave. Now let's review our findings. In the previous video, we saw that the eastern side of the cross was written: "with fire, nature is completely renewed," and we saw that this writing with the carvings on the four sides of the base refer to the end of this era, which coincides with the end of the 25,920-year cycle. And now we see that on the other side of the cross it gives us the address of a cave in Peru and Fulcanelli in his book says: "where death cannot reach man in the terrible time of the double cataclysm." So, what do you think about this? Well, in fact, if you think that the message of this inscription is that human should take refuge in this cave during this disaster in order to survive, I must say that you are completely wrong.

Have you not noticed that the Incas were one of the most mysterious peoples ever known? They came over several centuries. And they disappeared with their mysterious gold treasure under the pretext of the Spanish attack? For decades, their remains, such as the Nazca Lines, Machu Picchu, the interstellar gate, or their mysterious temples, have occupied the minds of archaeologists. And more importantly, Leonardo da Vinci, the genius of the Renaissance era, mentions in his manuscripts a mysterious cave in the Inca Empire where the dome of the sky opens. Do you know in which cave Da Vinci disappeared for 2 years? Or do you know who sold the map of America to Columbus? The result of a research by researchers published on the official website of scientific research shows that Da Vinci not only discovered this great continent but also went there nearly a decade before Columbus arrived on the shores of America.

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