The Lost Civilization of Man

Does the Vatican's secret library reveal the secrets of the extraterrestrials?


There is a underground library in Vatican City which called Vatican secret archives   It was first discovered in 1612. And it is believed that the library has been locked, up for more than a thousand years

the Vatican is not only an area or city, it is a completely independent state. Pope, Cardinals, Swiss Guard members and clerics receive passports from Vatican City It is surrounded by the Italian state of Rome today;   It has a banking system, a post office, a radio station, an observatory, an independent telephone system and whatever it has an independent state.The Vatican is currently the Swiss Guard of the Episcopal, most known as the Vatican Guard, and is essentially the role of the personal protector of the pope.

Now more than 75,000 exquisite and low-end books are in this library;   And more than 1 million and one hundred thousand books are kept

Since its discovery, the library has had the opportunity to spend a lot of time studying the researchers,   The secret and mystery of this library, due to the lack of many pictures and videos, has led to a lot of rumors about it. Some historical and religious events that have taken place in the past centuries are fully preserved in books in this library.   But they are not allowed to be studied by ordinary people or even by researchers. It is estimated that the Vatican's secret archives contain a shelf of 85 kilometers (53 miles)

Release of documents or publishing a small part of them is strictly prohibited. Since 1198, there is a complete archive of documents at this center. Existing documentation includes some interesting things; such as the UK King's Henry Eighth Appeal for the Revocation of His Marriage.   A handwritten report of Galileo's trial of atheism and apostasy. There are also letters from Michelangelo who complained about not paying his wages by working on the ceiling of the Sistine Church.

One of the most important documents kept in this library is the letter of Lucia sent to the Vatican in 1944.   Lucia, while very ill, sent the letter to the Vatican containing the third secret.   He strongly emphasized that the envelope would not be opened until 1960

Another book is the Book of enoch. dating back to the one thousand seven hundred years ago, which is kept in the Vatican series library.   A few of its pages were publicly displayed in 2004. According to several great European priests, the book says that the angels fell, and the Nephilim and the aliens fell on earth and gave the earth knowledge and knowledge.there is a question , Is this book related to the mysteries of aliens ?

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