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The North Sea and the Baltic Meet, but never mixed

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The city of Skagen is a very small town in northern Denmark with a population of about 10,000.   Grenen Beach is located on top of this city.

The most common reason for such a phenomenon is the salinity and sweetness of the sea, which prevents them from mixing. In fact, a physical force called "surface tension" causes the waters of two seas not to be mixed with each other.   The surface tension created by the difference in their water density acts just like a thin wall between them, preventing the mixing of seawater. Although there are large waves and strong currents in these seas, these seas are not mixed.

What we clearly see is the collision of these two seas, but there is no particular difference in the color of the two seas.   If there are some photos that are taken at close range, then the color of the sea is clearly different. .

But what is the current 2 colors of the seas in these images? The Copper River, which is more than 450 kilometers long, along with other rivers, passes the flow of fresh water from melting glaciers to the Gulf. Although it is not salty, it does carry abundant minerals and alloys that iron is an important part of it. The same mineral soluble compounds that have changed the water color.

Sometimes news or photos are completely different from one another and are published on a subject. The collision of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is one of the subjects that some people have shown that they show two colors different from the two seas, claiming that the Baltic Sea and the North Sea collide with each other without intermingling the waters of these two seas.  And some are called false and false. We traveled to the area today to closely investigate this event

What does this mineral come from? The water flowing from the glacier melting down the mountains and rocks on your path and, by erosion, separates the minerals from the rocks. These materials are also called rock powders.

When these micro-particles enter a larger volume of water, they are affected by ocean currents and transmitted through the Gulf of Alaska. In this picture, the flow of fresh water filled with mineral salts has reached free waters, and due to the sharp difference in the composition of the solutions, they can be seen with a distinct boundary, but this boundary is not permanent and unchanged. Gradually, the waters are mixed together and salts are spread across the ocean

Pictures that show that the colors of the two seas are different are not the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. This event occurs in many places, including large rivers, which are temporary   According to our findings, most of these images are from Alaska...

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