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Zombies - Get to know the truth behind zombies


Are you one of those looking for the facts? Do you know the truth about zombies? This article and video is the result of our research on the truth behind the zombies.

In the western world the Voodoo is the names of wax dolls, To which the needle is inserted them. and considered to be some kind of black magic. But Voodoo is actually one of the most ancient ritual in the world. Voodoo Religion is a blend of West African cultures, religions, superstitions, beliefs and magic that now is in Haiti and Central America . (part of the Greater Antilles in the North Caribbean, more than 95 Percentage of people are black). The Voodoo trace goes back to the early Africans who were brought to the island in the 16th century during the French occupation. Between 1664 and 1830, approximately one million and 650,000 Africans came to Haiti, most of them was from the "Dahomey" country. Which they called Afro-Haitians.  The religion of these people was the main source of creation of the "Voodoo" religion. that time, Throughout West Africa, people believed in the "Most Important Goddess" or "Holy Force". Mythology has rooted the origins of zombies to the Haiti's magic. In Haiti's indigenous culture, there are stories of people being resurrected after their deaths by black spells and referred to as "living corpses". It is believed that these living corpses are driven by a stronger force, and this creates fear in people who believe in zombies and their existence. The zombie actually means slavery; it has been passed down from generation to generation and has undergone many changes until it is transformed into what it is today we watching in the movies and stories. In the Haiti, zombies are said to be a person, who after eating some kind of medicine - called the magic potion - became slaves and worked at the sugar fields.

Felicia was one of the few who turned into a zombie, but again returned to her former status. The villagers screamed in fear and the circle of population suddenly disintegrated and everyone fled in one direction;   But a woman was still trying to follow them with slowly, dry steps. She had a dusty face and her eyes that looked like two holes in the night. But the villagers' fear was not just because of her scary appearance; they knew Felicia had died years before and had buried her. People did not recognize her in the first moments, and the reason they had gathered around her was just her Wrinkled head and face and her frightened eyes. But soon after, they recognized her, and remembered that she was Felicia Felix, the woman who was buried in 1907 and now she back to life. The scary Felicia Felix, from that day, became a true example of a zombie In 1936, an American writer named Zora Neal Hurston at the Haiti Psychiatric Hospital meeting a zombie woman describes Felicia Felix as: "Empty face with no eyes. Her eyes seemed to have been burned with acid.

Earlier, Europeans and Americans had heard the name zombies only from William Siebrook, who traveled there in journalistic attire to anthropologically research the beliefs of African captive slaves in Haiti. In his research, Sibrooke realizes that Satan captures the spirit of some physicians to with a magically medicine send their patients to deep sleep so deep that they appear dead and their relatives are persuaded to bury them. Then these doctors, by the devil's command, would take the dead out of the grave and awake them from artificial sleep;  But they had no choice but to be the devil's slave. During one of his anthropological researches in Haiti, Siebrook asked slaves (The doctors) one night to show him the zombies. The slaves took the young journalist to a sugar cane farm that night and ambushed. In his book, he writes, "We've seen the zombies! They had come to the farm! They walked slowly and dry. It looks like a non-lubricated metal machine that is in motion. Their eyes were much scarier. Their eyes were not like the eyes of the dead or the blind; they were stunning. Could what the slaves said in their legends about the magical powder of these doctors be a natural substance with such a property? Some researchers say it may have been derived from Haiti's native plants that deeply anesthetize humans. These predication and facts have not yet been verified by 100%, but there is official law in Haiti that prohibits changing human to the zombies!

Haiti doctors recall a suspicious but unconfirmed example of Clairvius Narcisse when talking about the deep sleep with herbal ingredients. In 1962, when he was forty, He suddenly had a mysterious fever and died. Two doctors confirmed Clarivius’ bizarre death and he was buried the next day. 18 years later, Clairvius’ sister was shopping from a store where she saw a man with big eyes. The man was similar to her brother, and oddly, the man said, "I'm Clairvius. Clarivius’ sister did not believe his words until he explained that, a doctor had given him a herbal powder, before the death, which apparently had caused his death. But after being buried he had come out of the grave again, as a zombie, and the masters had forced him into sugar cane farming for years. Many people did not believe what he was saying. Doctors asked him secret questions about his family's adventures, but he answered all the questions correctly. Some who were still suspicious, maybe scary stranger is lying, got permission from the church to open the coffin of Clarivius, but the coffin was filled only with stone

A researcher named Wade Davis Forced a local witch to instruct him to make a zombie spell.   One of the elements of this spell, he says, is the crushed skull of a human baby and crushed frogs in sea mud.   But the most important ingredient is a poison that comes from a kind of balloon fish called Tetroductosin.   This poison dramatically reduces the body's metabolism and vital signs, but does not kill the person. The researcher concludes that anyone who eats this spell looks like a dead person, so that the doctors can conclude that they should be buried while he will be resurrected after being buried. The fish is also caught off the coast of Japan, and there have been numerous reports of death and subsequent resurrection of poisoned people.   One of the most famous of these is the man who died suddenly in the morgue 7 days after his death and returned to life. Another element used in the magician's spell was a substance derived from a native plant called "Zombie Cucumber" that affected the victim's brain with forgetfulness, delirium, and indisputable instruction. Davies, according to the Daily Mail, described the results of his research in a book called The Serpent and the Rainbow. But scientists at the time did not consider it scientifically rational and stated that the theory needed further experiments. From this theme, the prominent Scottish actor Liam Neeson starred in an amazing film called After Life that challenges the minds of audiences.

Ophiocordisps is a fungus that attacks some insects in the African forests. The spores enter the victim's body and take control of his brain.  The fungus then instructs the insect to climb on top of a plant and stick to a foliage that is 25 cm above ground level.  Because of this, the victim dies after a while and the fungus begins to grow in the brain of the dead insect. After the fungus reaches its highest growth level, it releases new spores and seeks another sacrifice.  Do you think this fungus is likely to harm the human body? The story line of the computer game The Last of Us is taken from this idea.

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